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Club Penguin Island 1.1.3 Update 

Just a quick update that as part of the fix of the major bugs on Club Penguin Island, there’s a small new update that doesn’t have any content but should hopefully fix all of these bugs which were reported with the 1.1.2 update. 

I should note that the app is significantly heavier, making me have to delete a bunch of stuff, but it’s worth it if the game actually works now! I appreciate the team trying to counter these as they were pretty serious! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


  • Cheesy Blues

    Since we are not going to get a major update anytime soon, I would love to share some games I made up that both non-members and members can play.

    Color Switch (Non-members)
    Players 2+
    Location – Anywhere
    *Have one player be the judge*

    How to play:

    Let one penguin be the switcher in which they have to pick the color all the other penguins have to switch to. The first penguin who switches first will then become the switcher.
    The game can go on forever as there is a chance to win for very round.

    Pizza Rush (Members Level 5+)
    Players 2-4
    Location – Anywhere
    *Have one player be the judge*

    How to play: Have you and 1-3 penguins grab pizza boxes from any shop
    The objective is to empty your pizza box before anyone else does.
    Usually they might be cheaters who put away the pizza box to try to win but the judge will ensure that the game is played fairly.
    Though that this is only for fun, the loser can give out a party blaster to make it competitive.

    Boardwalk Bounce Out (Members)
    Players 2+
    Location – Beacon Boardwalk
    *Have one player be the judge*

    How to play:
    Everyone must use the tube to try to bump others out of the ring.
    Last one in the ring wins.

    That’s all the games I have now, have fun!

    • Torres 126

      I like these games a lot, especially the third one! Might try and do some Club Penguin Mountains events with these ideas…this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

  • Yehaw

    I found a so funny glitch! Go to the beacon lighthouse, then jump off and in midair click the tube, and you will land so hard in the snow you will get buried! And maybe go below the world! (You can just see your name is underground)

  • Danar435

    Hmm, i may have found new glitch in the cove. Maybe i will share it with the first who help me. The void glitch…. YES, there is a portal that i found behind the sea cave entrance. YES, i was behind the sea cave entrance. Ofcourse, GLITCHING ON!

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