Club Penguin Island Indoor Rooms Confirmed

Club Penguin Island will have different rooms inside areas just like the classic version of the game according to Megg. She liked this tweet on Twitter:

The fact that the team can confidently say this just a few days after launch is surprising and exciting! Many players are thinking that we will be able to go inside the Lighthouse for some sort of EPF operation. Others believe that we’ll have stuff like the Coffee Shop make a return. 

Either way, this is awesome news! There’ll be new areas coming next month and now we know that indoor rooms could be coming anytime now, maybe in the new adventures coming this month! Be sure to keep reading for the latest news! 

Have a fintastic day, penguin pals! (I just really wanted to say that…)


17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Island Indoor Rooms Confirmed

  1. The desinger is kinda like an indoor. I mean when you enter it, the loading bubble changes into the boardwalk and another small bubble with the desinger in it. But there are still no indoor rooms to waddle. Speaking of waddle, GLITCHING ON!

    • Hi, thanks for your interest. I’ve recently just chosen a new author, Yovas, and I’m currently only choosing specific authors with notable experience and a decent interest at the moment before opening up a “Join” page.

    • I dont think thats a good idea. I mean if he allow you, you have to create wordpress account. Also i saw on one post, that someone else wants to be, torres said, that if he ask again, he would never have access to CPMountains. I wonder if he say that to you…

      • Woah, you’ve been looking at my old comments! Those are embarrassing but I remember at the time the person who asked wanted to be an administrator, which is the top rank and even gives that person the ability to delete this website. He asked frequently and I said no every time, eventually it annoyed me.

        But yes, you do need a WordPress account and a method of me to contact you. But it’s not a bad idea.

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