Club Penguin Island

First Club Penguin Island Pin

Club Penguin had a history of giving staff an exclusive pin whenever something “big” happened, like whenever the CP app got an update. These pins are extremely rare to find and many players want them, yet usually only staff and CP HQ visitors get them, though an exception has been made recently. 

The first ever Club Penguin Island pin was given to staff last week, except this isn’t in the game – it’s in real life. Megg shared this image of hers on Twitter:

Firstly, Club Penguin Island want to get millions of players. Ambitious, but a good sign! 

Secondly, this pin is incredible! It’s a simple Club Penguin Island logo with presumably two Mickey Mouse holders in the back. Basically, other than stickers, this is the first piece of Club Penguin Island merchandise, though we shouldn’t be expecting to get any soon. 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


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