My friend Danar435 wrote a very cool post showing that even non-members can use a tube! This is something I really want to share as it’s so cool. Check it out!

Club Penguin Island Secrets

GUYS, INSANE NEW GLITCH!!! As you may see on the picture, i ride a tube, but wait, thats not all, im not a member! Oh, wanna ride a tube? Ok, warning – this glitch is hard. And reques LAG, so please, try to do this when open the app for the first time today. Anyway, the steps:

  1. Open the app, or open and close settings.
  2. If your interface does appear from the sides, and you look at your locked tube button, first it is unlocked. Press it FAST!!! If you press it before it lock itself, you will be on a tube. If it open “About MEMB”, go back to step one.
  3. DONE!

Not really needed these steps, but i like doing that 😀 . Wait, did you do it? If not try again, until you do it. And one more tip – try to be on a server with…

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14 thoughts on “TUBES FOR NON MEMBERS!!!

    • I do not really need the glitch since I play from 10 days ago and every month I’m gonna try to buy one of those cheap memberships

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! cuz I’m a itty bitty kid (jk) I have parental locks and they will not let me visit that orange Penguins (Danars) blog. *cries on wall*

  2. Hey torres, you said that if i need some help i can always ask you. Well, i need help lol. Our known friend named Yehaw couldn’t access to my brand new shiny well looking website. IDK what exactly he said, but he said something about lock. If he reply here and say what’s happening it would be great, but what do you think that might be?

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