WARNING: Do not go to Mt. Blizzard 

Some users have found a way to go to Mt. Blizzard, an area that is technically supposed to be released next month. I’ve seen the pictures, which I won’t share, and it does look amazing, but it turns out that this could get you banned. 

Sniffybear2 kindly allowed me to embed his tweet of the warning. 

Club Penguin themselves have also responded to the issue. It seems there is a chance of getting unbanned, but do you really want to risk it? 

Literally ten minutes ago someone was asking me how to get there, the answer is don’t. The risk is greater than the reward of having to wait a month to fully experience the new area, though from the pictures I’ve seen, it looks incredible. 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


8 thoughts on “WARNING: Do not go to Mt. Blizzard 

  1. Well I have no idea why you get banned. But I have literally like 8-10 penguins in CPI so I will use one to go there.
    Yehaw will mantain safe.
    Dis dood Sunday6 won’t

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