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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 18/04/17

Although I’m a bit late (school) to post these, there’s a new set of Daily Challenges for us to complete! As always, here’s a guide on how to do. Let’s get straight into it!

Swim with the Fishes:

Head over to Beacon Boardwalk and go to the place where you land once you log-in (near the hot spring and the cannons). Jump straight into the pool! Use the swim button at the bottom right of your screen to move.

Press this button 25 times whilst in the Boardwalk’s sea to complete this challenge and unlock your reward.

*This image (along with the next two) was taken before the new update! It’s the same challenge though.


Out for a Bite:

Firstly, you’ll need to have a shark costume. You might have this from a previous challenge and if you do, simply wear it. If not, tap the blue button at the bottom of your screen, go to “My Designer” and buy a shark costume. Decals and fabrics don’t matter! Next just put it on.


Next, head over to Coconut Cove and jump into the water. The Floating Deck is the square with 3 mats on. You can’t get to those mats unless you take the Zipline. Simply swim around this. You might need to do it a few times before being able to claim your reward because that’s what I had to do!


Mind the Gap:

Head up to the Crow’s Nest of the Migrator. You can either take the Zipline from Picnic Hill or use the springboard at the right (east) of the Migrator. From there, you need to waddle carefully and slowly across the line. I can do it pretty easily but it might take a few attempts for you to be able to do it!


Once you’ve got finished waddling across the line using your trackpad, you should be able to claim your reward.


Loiter Logs:

You need to simply stand of 5 logs in Coconut Cove by simply just jumping on them. Here are the ones I chose:

  • On the little island where 3 chairs and buoy 2 are
  • To the left of where the waterfall drops
  • To the left of the lifeguard station
  • Next to the campfire (X2)

Today’s Style Challenge:

That’s all for today! I hope this helped!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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