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NEW Level 15 Items at SS Convenience

Hey there penguins!

Earlier today, I went diving in the Sea Caves to collect some treasure! While doing so, I noticed that one of my penguin pals, SGT Sparkles had been using a new item. It appears that this new item is a fire hydrant and blasts your penguin upwards.

img_5004I had not seen this item before so I asked SGT Sparkles if it had been new or not. They said that it was a new item and that it had been released today, April 19th.

This is not the only new item, though! There are also new fireworks that come in XL. Both of these new items can be found in the SS Convenience shop located to the left of the Sea Caves entrance. These items also do require your penguin to have reached level 15. Here are some pictures of what these new items look like!



I cannot wait to use these new items! Which one do you think you will be purchasing first? Let us know in the comments.

Signing off, Yovas (for the first time EVER!) (@yovasCPI / Twitter)



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