Club Penguin Island

A Look at Club Penguin Island Level 15 Rewards

It is now possible for players to hit level 15 on Club Penguin Island and I have! As such, I feel like I’d share with you the rewards you get for this. Let’s take a look!

New Emojis:

Players can unlock 6 new emojis, which are all pictured below! They look pretty cool, and emergency service/criminal related. Take a look!

New Party Supplies:

Fireworks XL:

Here’s a look at the XL fireworks, which you may have seen in chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures. It makes a few small images, like a fish with glasses, and costs 20 coins each.

Hydro Hydrant:

This sends you and the players very close to you up into the air for 25 coins!

Above is what it looks like on the ground. Here’s the actual effect of what happens when you launch it:

New Gear:

Level 15 players can now use the Stop Sign gear. Here’s two of the three things you can do with them:

New Tube:

It is now possible to use the “Lifesaver” tube! Personally I prefer the one you get from Aunt Arctic’s Adventures as it looks cooler and feels like it goes faster, but here’s a picture of the new one!

New Clothing:

There’s a bunch of new clothing but it would be hard for me to share all of it. I think I’ll keep this as a surprise!


Thank you very much for reading! I don’t think I missed anything other than the clothing but I will update this post if I do. For players level 15, enjoy the new rewards!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Danar435

    Hydro Hydrant was their huge mistake. It is cool and fun, but it is made for glitchers. You can climb the exchanger with it (thx cheesy blue), the stage, the cove’s lighthouse, above the waterfall, and then behind it (the second portal in the cove), and even a brand new glitch that makes you swim on the throne room’s roof. This was HUGE mistake for disney…

    • Torres 126

      I completely agree. But I don’t think that Disney is too bothered about these glitches, though they’re super cool.

      I’m definitely gonna check out the Cove ones! By the way, I’ve seen people do the Throne Rome glitch before the hydrant came out.

  • Cheesy Blues

    It was always possible for players to reach level 15 ever since the launch of 1.2

    What they did was not complete any Aunt Arctic adventures and reach level 6 from dailies alone.
    After that, they completed all chapter 1 and 2 Aunt Arctic in one go on 1.2 launch day and were instantly level 15.

    If you don’t believe me, calculate all the xp from all of the Aunt Arctic adventures.

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