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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 23/04/17

There are four new challenges for us on Club Penguin Island! As always, here’s a guide on how to complete them:

The Lunch Rush:

Gather 7 penguins and head to the Foodtrekker. Have 2 penguins sit on each bench so that both tables are full! If the area looks like this, you will be able to claim your reward!

Flower Power:

Confetti flowers look like these blue ones and there are only five of them in the area, though they will keep respawning.. Waddle over to them and tap the orange button!

If the community harvests 2000 of these, you can claim your reward!

Stains on Main:

Head over to the Migrator and go towards the springboard on the right (east). There’ll be a little vase which will flash. Waddle over to it and tap the orange interactive button!

Next head back to the centre of the Migrator, which is around where Rockhopper is standing. Use the blue mop button at the bottom right hand corner of your screen to wipe the floor. Wipe it three times then claim your reward!

Follow the Light:

Head over to the Sea Caves and go as far down as possible. Head past the Throne Room entrance, down the tunnel and go into the Glow Grotto. Once you’re here, claim your reward!

Today’s Style Challenge:

Thank you for reading! I hope this helped and be sure to check back for the latest CP Island news and guides.


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