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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 24/04/17

Although I’m a few hours late due to school, there are some new Daily Challenges out on Club Penguin Island! As always, here’s a guide on how to complete them.

World Penguin Day!:

This challenge has already been completed so just log on and claim your reward! If it wasn’t, you’d need to open gear in your inventory and drill on the Dance Floor, like this!


You need to activate the disco ball in the Party Submarine! The first thing to do is head to the Sea Caves and jump underwater. Dive in and stick to your left ensuring that you follow any signs to the Party Sub.

Once you’re there, simply waddle up to this lever and tap the orange interactive button! If you pull the lever near the radar, all that will do is cause confetti. You will then be able to claim your reward!


Sub Went Blub Blub:

You very simply need to find the Party Submarine and swim over to it. To do this, head underwater in the Sea Caves and go slightly down but stick to your left. You should be able to get to it easily and quickly plus it’s where you need to be for the previous challenge!

*Picture taken from before the update


What Tubes up Must Tube Down:

Head over to the Anchor at Boardwalk and go on your tube. Go to the right of the steps and jump up them, then go down the Waterslide, all with your tube on. Then simply claim your reward!

Today’s Style Challenge:

Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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