CP Island World Penguin Day Pack

It is now possible to obtain the World Penguin Day pack on Club Penguin Island! This contains three new emojis as well as a new item!

To get them, you simply need to change the date and time on your device to the 25th of April.

Update: They’re now officially out so you don’t need to change any settings! Thank you to Reggy04 for telling me!

Here’s a look at the emojis in-game!

Members can also wear the new rockhopper penguin hat. Pretty cool! In case you missed it, there’s World Penguin Day decorations too and an event at Times Square.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


11 thoughts on “CP Island World Penguin Day Pack

  1. Hey Torres, I got a BIG problem! I have so many very awesome friends at CP and before I saw them again CP was officially closed. And I think I saw some said that “maybe, maybe not” to playing CPI. Please help me. I have noooooo way to contact them. If I never see them again, I will quit CPI and even if CP Rewritten is a CPPS, I will continue my journey there.

  2. Ugh… I’m so so so so so so so so so so so so late in my last videos of Club Penguin. That I been working since Feburary….

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