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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 26/04/17

There are some new Daily Challenges for us on Club Penguin Island! I’d like to start by apologising me not posting yesterday’s one. Times like this will happen where I was just really busy and tired but I’ve got some cool posts planned for today. Let’s take a look!

Sign Challenge:Head over to Coconut Cove. To complete this challenge, you need to waddle over to the three blue arrow signs. These are located:

  • On the right of when you enter the area
  • Next to the Power Station which is to the left of the Stage
  • To the right of the Sea Caves entrance steps

Keystar Star:

Members need to head over to the stage in Coconut Cove. There you should grab the black keytar by waddling up to it and tapping the orange interact button. Once you’ve done this, simply press on some buttons on the bottom right to be able to claim your reward!

*Image taken from before the update


Hide and Sneak:

Head over to the Sea Caves and waddle behind the pillar. Your penguin should be where I am in the image below, then you can claim your reward!

Cannonball Fun:

Head over to the ice and waddle to a cannon, located to the right or left of the Hot Spring. Simply go to it and tap the orange interactive button to blast yourself into the air! Then do this again but with the other cannon to be able to claim your reward.

Today’s Style Challenge:

That’s all for today! Be sure to check back soon because I have something really cool planned!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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