CP Island 1.3 Max Level to be Level 18 with New Gear

With information courtesy of the amazing MikeyMichael (thank you!) who has been very trustworthy with previous update information, I can say that version 1.3 of Club Penguin Island is almost guaranteed to come out on May 25th and max level will be level 18 due to Rookie’s Adventures. 

The new gear will be:

  • CPSN Camera
  • Red Pom Poms
  • Blue Pom Poms
  • Gary Gear (?) 
  • Yeti Rescue Kit

This is very exciting stuff and I’ll be sure to keep you informed about what we know about the Club Penguin Island 1.3 update as it happens. Once again, major thanks to MikeyMichael! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


8 thoughts on “CP Island 1.3 Max Level to be Level 18 with New Gear

  1. Mhmm.. Torres, i think yeti will come, and i have found 2 caves, where he could prob live, and a mark from his paw, in the center of the mountain, and a mini hospital where you will prob get the kit. But i also have found mines in the mountain. There are some carts and entrance on one mountain, also when Riyita ride the tube on the slide, his camera go below, and there you can see lava, minecart, and wooden support! And there is an anvil near Gary’s lab, also when you ride the slide, there is golden pickaxe logo at the end. And finally, i think Gary’s wab is observatory… THATS IT! WATCHING YT VIDS ON!

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