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A Look at Club Penguin Island 1.3 Update NEW Blueprints

Courtesy of the amazing MikeyMichael, we have some information on the new clothing rewards coming for members in the new Club Penguin Island 1.3 update on the 25th May (date not confirmed). The names are:

  • Toque About It
  • Casqueade
  • Bottomless Backpack
  • Glider Rider Go To O2
  • Sturdy Stompers
  • Fresh Lid
  • Whats Cappennin
  • Tunes On Tubes
  • Two layer Tank
  • Zipup Hoodie
  • Denim Dancer
  • Viking Help
  • Beardiest Beard
  • Stealthy Cloak
  • Fantasy Football Pads
  • Wizard Robes
  • Unicredible Outfit
The unicorn blueprint

The things which make sense and most people are excited for are for the backpack, zip-up hoodie, baseball cap and wizard outfit blueprints! These will all be coming in the 1.3 update though non-members will not be able to wear any of the clothing listed or any at all for that matter.

Once again a HUGE thanks to MikeyMichael for the information. Be sure to check back for the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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