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Aunt Arctic Foreshadows Yeti Villain on Mt. Blizzard

Aunt Arctic has conducted an interview with Rookie on Club Penguin Island! I thought it was pretty interesting and something you might miss so I may as well share it here too!


AA: Ah, very loud—yes. So, Rookie, you told me your Yeti theory—
RK: Yeah! The other day my ham and cheese sandwich got stuck in a tree, and then—

AA: How does this relate to the Yeti?
RK: Anyway, Jet Pack Guy FLEW to the top of the tree and got my sandwich! SO COOL!

Rookie never did get to his Yeti story, but he certainly has energy. Let’s hope that serves him well in the future. To read the full interview, head to your “Island News” tab in Club Penguin Island!

In this interview, we keep hearing Rookie refer to a Yeti and this can’t be a coincidence. I reckon that this is foreshadowing a Yeti in Rookie’s Adventures who will be the main villain, which seems pretty awesome!

What do you think? Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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