The angle glitch!

Whilst I do like to inform you of everything going around on Club Penguin Island, my friend Danar435 is a passionate player and has his own blog which focuses on glitches. He recently posted how to complete “The Angle Glitch” that provides a method on how to change angles in the game. I’d definitely suggest checking it out as the glitch is really awesome! Waddle on! 😊

Club Penguin Island Secrets

Hello peeenguiins. Today I have a glitch that we finally figured it out a few days ago, but this glitch is yet older. Smileytylee was so amazing to tell us the method. It changes your view angle, and you can see the world like never before! But sadly I am non-member and I can’t show you the glitch images.

  1. Go to a shop, and buy a smoothie tray, if you don’t have one.
  2. Walk somewhere where the view changes, like the Migrator.
  3. Get out the smoothie tray. Press the action button so the tray is out for people to get.
  4. JUMP!
  5. Put the tray away.

Now if you start walking, the view stays at one position! You can do, whatever. Explore the island in different angles and make wonderful movies. No wonders why I didn’t figure it out. I’m not a member, haha. Okay, that’s it, sorry again that…

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