Megg Believed to have Left Club Penguin

Our Club Penguin Island community manager, Megg, is believed to have left the team after a tweet from Polo Field was made. Polo is the former community manager of Club Penguin, though many people aren’t certain if this is true. We do however know that Deamama has left. 

Megg said she would be on an “epic adventure” after players became suspicious about her no longer making blog posts. Players then became even more suspicious when it turned out she was still in Canada and I think many of us would like some reassurance of Megg still being around. 

On a slightly more positive note, Deamama left a really beautiful post and a message before leaving. You can read her farewell letter here

Earlier today I made a post on the problems with Club Penguin Island but those problems could increase as many players really like Megg as a community manager, including myself. We don’t know the details yet and I will update you when I know more. 

Waddle on, 

-Torres 126 


6 thoughts on “Megg Believed to have Left Club Penguin

  1. Megg left… well I would not really care because this is New CP, but Megg did awesome Waddle On and Island Insider vids. Even that she asked for a Music Jam last year.

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