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CP Island Desktop Version Rumoured & More

A credible source who accurately shared unreleased information of the 1.5 update has suggested, amongst other things, a Club Penguin Island desktop version coming soon as an explanation as to why there have been so little updates recently. 

Whilst the desktop version is the most notable information, we also learnt that halloween things will be coming soon along with non-member activities. 

I’d like to thank SammylikesPizza for the information who also gave some more details about what Healthychoices said about the desktop version. 

Since there’s been a lack of content recently, I do think that a desktop version will benefit Club Penguin Island greatly and I’m pretty certain that this information is true, though it’s not been 100% confirmed yet! Be sure to check back for more Club Penguin Island news and guides! 

Thank you to Sammy for the information and to you for reading! Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


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