Club Penguin Beta Test Party – #WaddleOn (New Series)

12 years ago today, for only four hours, the first party took place on Club Penguin. It was the Beta Test Party. The concept was simple, to try and test the servers before releasing the game, and the reward was an “ugly” beta hat, plus an opportunity to hang out with some of the staff.

On September 20th 2005, the team released a post titled “BIG PARTY!!!!”, inviting everyone to the first ever party. It was revealed in the New Horizons Documentary that the team needed some way of trying to be able to test the servers, and this seemed like the best way to do so. 155 penguins were online at the same time during the day.

There were two separate parties, one suited for people in Europe and the other suited for people in North America, each one lasting two hours each. Although twelve rooms existed during this event, one of the most famous screenshots is from the Book Room. In it are Screenhog and Billybob, both playing Mancala.

A significant part of this party was indeed the Party Hat, an item that was made to be hopefully undesirable by combining two tacky colours (pink and yellow) on a classic cone-shaped hat. It didn’t work, and was quickly regarded as the rarest item in Club Penguin. You could see it in the Gift Shop, the Coffee Shop on Club Penguin’s anniversary and if lucky enough, on a beta tester.

This series is cancelled

So the reason I post this isn’t really because of this party. I’m starting a new series, which may seem familiar to you from three posts I made the day Club Penguin closed. The new category is…


The idea is to randomly post about some events (usually parties) that happened a few years ago, most of which I enjoyed. I felt this would be a good party to start with, as it is the basis for the whole party concept as a whole. Classic Club Penguin had some incredible parties (and admittedly, some not so great ones) and I’m really excited to go over those again.

I hope that you will continue to read the new series as time goes on later this year, and I’m probably going to revisit some really epic parties starting with Operation Puffle. Remember that one? It feels like ages ago now, but it was amazingly well decorated with some great adventures, so I hope you’re looking forward to that. Thank you very much for reading and don’t forget to check back for CP Island/Rewritten news and guides too!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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