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Club Penguin Island Version 1.8 – FULL BREAKDOWN

The Club Penguin Island 1.8 update is officially out for everyone, containing igloos, a desktop version, many new items and of course, the Holiday Party! In this post, I’ll be sharing the main things in the update!

The first new change are two new redesigns of the login screen! These look super awesome, especially the Holiday Party in the background! All images taken are on the mobile version as the desktop version isn’t compatible with my device!

Upon logging in, you will receive a bunch of Holiday gifts, including items, blueprints, decals, fabrics and even music tracks to play in your igloo!

When you enter Island Central, Aunt Arctic will greet you with the latest Holiday Party information. A feast is being prepared and you need to return to her on December 6th!

That’s all the Holiday Party has to offer so far, but the main fun begins on December 6th so be sure to check that out! The other huge feature is igloos!

Igloos & Interiors is now open, selling lots of different kinds of furniture at a fairly cheap price, as well as a few different kinds of igloos! You can also access this catalog directly from your igloo.

You can access your igloo with the igloo tram and others igloos with the Friends List! This igloo by Tech70 is definitely one of my favourite so far!

Although I think that this is an amazing start, I’d love to see more developments to igloos! Hopefully we’ll receive new furniture frequently and I’d quite like to see a map appear when you open the tram, with the stations being igloos which are unlocked.

The other main feature is the desktop version of Club Penguin Island, as well as some updates to the website! You’re able to download the app on the official website here!

A “Membership” page has also been added to the website! For the first time on the island, you’re able to select between three different plans to buy membership at a cheaper monthly rate.

The final change to the website is that you are now able to view your profile! This tells you some basic information such as how old your penguin is, your penguin’s level and how many coins you have collected.

The other new feature is Island Live! I personally am strongly disliking this phone update and prefer the old one, but it’s cool to be able to tell when an event starts! For example, it will tell you when the next Dance Battle begins.

Olaf’s Adventure (Frozen) and Big Hero 6 have also come to the island! Both Disney shops have been decorated and now stock these items, and there’s a new Snowflake collectible.

That’s all for now, thank you very much for reading! I’m sorry that this post is a few days late, I’ve been super busy recently. Be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Perrythepal

    I have started to play CPI again for the first time in MONTHS. The desktop version runs surprisingly smoothly on my laptop with only minor issues, and is what I’ll be using from now on. There were a lot of things from previous updates I hadn’t experienced yet, such as party games, which I find fun, and, of course, igloos. I feel like CPI’s igloos are an improvement over CP’s, which is rather nice. I have a membership now, so I’m going to try to catch up on everything I missed.

    I didn’t like CPI at first when it launched. There wasn’t much to do, even for members. Now, months later, and things seem to be getting much better. Obviously, we have a long way to go before CPI becomes AMAZING, but the game is fairly fun right now, and that’s fine considering it has only been released for a year counting closed beta.

    I do hope new levels, minigames, or puffles come in the next update, though, which I’m guessing is in January.

    • Torres 126

      Hey! I agree, CPI’s igloos are an amazing starting point and I can imagine it only getting better! Non-member features have also significantly approved, I agree! I also hope for new levels and more features in the next update, but it’s likely this will be in February, which is still some time away. But hopefully as time progresses, the lack of content and update frequency increases! 🙂

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