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SuperCPPS: Puffle Party 2018 – FULL GUIDE

The Puffle Party has begun on SuperCPPS until April 6th, and it’s filled with beautiful decorations, cool items, transformations and more! This post will offer a full guide to everything at the party!

Delphine is confirmed to be visiting the island for this event, you can view her tracker here. Rookie is also visiting, you can view his tracker here. The meet-up times for this party can be found here.

Free items:

There are several items which can be obtained in this party, including some visible across the island! If you head to the Ski Village, you will be able to pick up a hat for free.

At the Ski Village, you will find an entrance to the Puffle Show. Head there and click the camera near the photo booth and you will receive a free “First Prize Puffle” Background!

If you walk a puffle and head to the Town, click the balloon on the top right. You will then receive a balloon in the colour of the puffle which you mentioned! I’d like to give a huge thank you to rarai3546 for informing me of this!


Many rooms across the island are decorated in celebration of a specific puffle! If you adopt and walk each colour puffle then travel to their domain across the island, Delphine will reward you with two cool items in the colour of your puffle!

For example, by going to the Ski Hill (which is the domain of the white puffle), you will be able to collect these two items: a hoodie and some slippers.

In order to buy a puffle, head to the Pet Shop located in the Plaza. From there, you’ll be able to open a catalog and choose which puffle you would like to buy. There are twelve choices!

When walking any of the listed puffles, head to the room listed and you will receive a reward:

Red  Cove
Yellow  Lighthouse/Hospital
Orange  Box Dimension (accessible from Boardwalk/Beach)
Green/Green Dragon  Beacon
Blue  Forest
Pink  Iceberg
Purple/Ghost  Dance Club
White  Ski Hill
Brown/Reindeer  Coffee Shop
Black  Underground Cave
Golden  Mine Shack
Rainbow  Snow Forts

For example, taking a red puffle to the Cove will unlock you two cool items!


In order to transform into a puffle, head to the Puffle Play Zone located at the Ski Village. You may see some signs for it across the island!

Head through the little door located in the room and you will be offered the choice to become any of twelve puffles!

Once you select a puffle, you’ll be able to enter this exclusive room! You can also change back into a penguin at any time by clicking the button on the top right of your screen.


At the Beacon, if you throw 50 snowballs at the target in the green puffle’s mouth, you will receive a stamp if you do it on the Spanish version!


There are several other activities scattered across the island, such as a course at the Puffle Show, as well as lots of cool decorations to check out! However, this concludes the actual guide of the party.

On March 30th, there will be more content, including a Rock Puffle Celebration, so be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides! Also, don’t forget to redeem the code “CPMOUNTAINS” for some cool gifts!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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