Waddle on, SuperCPPS & Vintage Penguin

Effective immediately, all blog posts regarding SuperCPPS and Vintage Penguin will stop indefinitely, meaning that I will no longer be blogging about these two servers.

Despite only blogging about these servers for around a month, they both have been really cool servers which I have enjoyed blogging about, but due to Club Penguin Rewritten returning, I will no longer be blogging about them. The explanation for this isn’t too complicated.

The whole reason behind me blogging about these two servers is because Club Penguin Rewritten closed, and I wanted to move onto another game since it didn’t seem like Pengur was going to release anytime soon. I deemed Vintage Penguin and SuperCPPS to be the best servers to move onto overall compared to other alternatives. This was a decision taken based on factors such as security, safety and content.

However, with Club Penguin Rewritten re-opening, there’s simply no need to “move onto another game”, as it’s CP Rewritten that I enjoy the most and am far more passionate about. Due to this, I have decided to end blogging about these two games.

SuperCPPS is filled with exciting content and beautiful decorations, and whilst I have had serious issues with the game within the last week or so, it’s difficult to deny that the in-game content provided is absolutely incredible with challenging quests to exciting storylines.

I’d really would like to give a huge thank you to the SuperCPPS team for doing this, as well as even supporting this blog by offering an exclusive code. I wish the game luck and from time to time, you may even see me online checking out the latest party!

Vintage Penguin is an extremely cool game, with lovely custom content, and was probably the most trustworthy game after Club Penguin Rewritten closed. For providing all of this, I would really like to thank the Vintage Penguin team.

The game will sadly be closing soon, and I wish the entire Vintage Penguin team luck in their next projects. You may still see me on the game every now and then!

Although I’ve only made 44 SuperCPPS posts and 13 Vintage Penguin posts, it is entirely possible that in the future, I could perhaps start blogging about one of these servers again as they are both really good! Only time will tell, however for now, I will remain to only blog about Club Penguin Rewritten.

I hope you will be okay with this decision and continue supporting this blog, thank you very much for reading and thank you so much to the SuperCPPS & Vintage Penguin teams for offering safe and beautiful islands.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


SuperCPPS: 5 NEW Codes (8 Items & 11K Coins)

Within the last two days, some new codes on SuperCPPS have been released, and redeeming them all will obtain you 11,000 coins and eight items!

In order to redeem a code on SuperCPPS, on the servers page, click “Unlock Items Online” and then “I’ve got a Code”. Once there, enter the codes in bold below in capital letters and you will receive the rewards!


  • Pink Skater Cap
  • Tree Costume
  • Yellow Boots
  • 3500 coins


  • Blue Cap
  • 1500 coins


  • Red Guitar
  • 2000 coins


  • Pink Skater Cap
  • Tree Costume
  • Yellow Boots
  • 3500 coins


  • Blue Face Paint
  • 1500 coins

You can also find several other codes to unlock lots more items and thousands of coins on this page here! Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: Fashion Festival & Earth Day – FULL GUIDE

The SuperCPPS Fashion Festival has begun, and it also heavily incorporates Earth Day decorations, including the introduction of the Recycling Plant and also a scavenger hunt!

Firstly, you will notice that there is a button on the top right of your screen, which allows you to take part in the Recycling Hunt! You simply need to click the item at their locations and once you find all eight, you will receive a pin.

The first item is the teacup located at the Coffee Shop/Brownies at the top of a plant.

The second item is located at the Pet Shop at the bottom left, beneath a skate.

The third item is a barrel located at the Boardwalk/Beach and can be found in the middle of the grass.

The fourth item is a Hot Sauce container. You need to click it behind the rock at the Dock twice.

The fifth item, the java bag, is at the bottom left at the Cove.

The sixth item, a newspaper, is at the top of the Ski Lodge, but you can find it at the Ski Village.

The seventh item, which is a pizza box, is on a counter at the Pizza Parlour.

The eighth and final item is next to the Mine and is a water container at the Mine Shack.

Once you have collected all eight items, simply click the Recycling Bin on the top right of your screen and click “Claim Reward”. I accidentally did this on a Spanish server, but it’s the same on an English server!

You will then be able to collect the Recycling Pin!

Along with this, the usual pin has been hidden on the island! For the next two weeks, the Earth Heart pin is available at the Lodge Attic on a table on the left.

Lastly, a globe hat can also be obtained for free by clicking the box available at the Mine Shack.

Whilst that concludes the main activities of this event, you can also check out the new Recycling Plant from the Cove! It isn’t custom, but it’s still a neat addition to the island!

If you enter the Recycling Plant on a Spanish server, you will also receive this medium-difficulty stamp!

Sadly, you cannot enter in any Fashion Contests for this event, but there’s still several beautifully decorated rooms across the island, which I would recommend exploring!

Furthermore, all donations made during this event will be given to protecting the animals, which is really cool! The next huge party will be in May, but I still really like this event! Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: Two Limited Time Treasure Book Codes & Secrets

As an apology for the slight Fashion Festival delay, the SuperCPPS team have released two codes which unlock exclusive items from the Treasure Book.

The code FASHIONFESTIVAL allows you to pick two exclusive items from the series 6 Treasure Book, as well as receive an extra 500 coins.

There are two secrets in this edition. On the page with the Dock, if you click the cloud, you’ll be able to obtain two more items.

On the Medieval themed page, if you click the dragon tail, you’ll be able to buy the Green Dragon costume.

The code FESTIVALDEMODA allows you to select two exclusive items from the series 17 Treasure Book, as well as receiving 500 coins.

There are no secrets which I found in this catalog. Both these coins expire on the 27th of April, though the Fashion Festival is due to begin very soon.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: Rock Puffle Pin Location (April 2018)

A new pin has been hidden on SuperCPPS for the next two weeks! This pin is the Rock Puffle Pin and it is located at the Park, also known as the Forest.

You can find it on a rock at the bottom near the trees. Simply click on it and then click “Yes” to add it to your inventory and your stampbook!

This pin is here in celebration of the Rock Puffle, and you can find a guide to the quest here. Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: Rock Puffle Celebration – QUEST GUIDE

The Rock Puffle Celebration has begun on SuperCPPS, and Delphine has tasked us with some important duties to prepare for the party! This post will provide a full guide into completing the quest so you can receive an exclusive reward!

I would suggest doing this quest on a Spanish server as you get this really cool stamp, but you won’t get it by completing this quest on an English server.

Thank you to rarai3546 for reminding me of this!

Firstly, head to the Mine where Delphine is located and click her.

Delphine will explain that she is waiting on a friend for a delivery, however they got lost so she will ask you to find them! Head to the Box Dimension accessible from the Boardwalk/Beach to do this.

On the entrance to the Box Dimension is a green note. Click it in order to continue with the quest and you will find the “Party Supplies Delivery”!

After doing this, head back to Delphine at the Mine. She will then ask for a portrait of Rory, which is very easy to obtain. Simply head to the Lighthouse/Hospital accessible from the Beach/Boardwalk.

Once you enter the room, a yellow puffle will immediately begin painting a picture of Rory. Within a few seconds, it will be complete and you would have found “Rory’s portrait”.

Once again, head back to the Mine and click on Delphine, where she will inform you that the party will need snacks. You can find these at the Coffee Shop/Brownies accessible from the Town.

The snacks are on the counter in-front of the seats and next to the book. If you click them, you would have found “Party Snacks”.

Head back to Delphine at the Mine and click on her. She will begin talking about the party, when suddenly a couple of things similar to fireworks appear on the screen. Delphine didn’t consider the risks of a party in a Cave!

During the process, Delphine realises that an ancient text about puffles has been discovered. She will then seem eager to want to discover and explore these puffles, perhaps even so we can adopt them!

At some point, it seems very likely that we will be able to discover the blue puffle on the ancient text! However, for now, you can collect a background as a reward for completing the quest.

This quest was really cool, and I’m excited for the future one in which we could even discover a new puffle! Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: Puffle Party Mascot Times

The Puffle Party is currently ongoing on SuperCPPS, and the team have now revealed mascot times for both Delphine and Rookie!

There are three confirmed mascot timings, all on English servers, however any of these mascots could appear multiple times randomly before these scheduled meet-ups.

Meet-up 1:

This meet-up has concluded. You can view it here

  • Mascot: Rookie
  • Date: Tuesday April 3rd
  • Time: 16:00pm (SuperCPPS time) / 13:00pm (PST)
  • Server: Blizzard (English)
  • Starting Room: Ski Village

Meet-up 2:

This meet-up has concluded. You can view it here

  • Mascot: Delphine
  • Date: Wednesday 4th April
  • Time: 17:00pm (SuperCPPS time) / 14:00pm (PST)
  • Server: Blizzard (English)
  • Starting Room: Mine

Meet-up 3:

This meet-up has concluded. You can view it here

  • Mascot: Rookie
  • Date: Thursday 5th April
  • Time: 19:00pm (SuperCPPS time) / 16:00pm (PST)
  • Server: Blizzard (English)
  • Starting Room: Town

Rookie and Delphine will likely have exclusive stamps and backgrounds, so I would highly recommend meeting them! You can find a Delphine tracker here and a Rookie tracker here.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: April Fools Event Mascot Times

The April Fools Party is currently ongoing on SuperCPPS, and whilst there are currently many pranks, this one is not! Some mascot times have officially been revealed on the blog.

There will be two events and Rookie will be attending both visits. Another mascot will also be attending, though it is not confirmed which one yet!

Here are the timings, all of these events take place today, April 1st:

Party 1:

This meet-up has concluded. You can view it here.

  • Time: 6:30am (SuperCPPS time) / 3:30am (PST)
  • Server: Nevisca (Spanish)
  • Starting point: Dock

Party 2:

This meet-up has concluded. You can view it here.

  • Time: 7:00pm (SuperCPPS time) / 4:00pm (PST)
  • Server: Yeti (Spanish)
  • Starting point: Cove

Rookie has an exclusive stamp and background by meeting him, so you definitely don’t want to miss him and the other mascot today! Be sure to check out the Rookie tracker here.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: Puffle Balloons Obtainable

Earlier this week, I made a guide for the Puffle Party which is currently ongoing on SuperCPPS, however I missed a really cool part of the party! Fortunately, rarai3546/tyzion has kindly informed me about this awesome addition!

If you walk any puffle and then click the puffle’s balloon on the island, you will obtain a balloon in the colour of the puffle which you are walking! The easiest thing to do is:

  1. Walk a puffle
  2. Head to the Town as it will always be updated with a balloon of the colour of puffle which you are walking
  3. Click the balloon in the top right next to the Gift Shop

This is how the White Puffle Balloon looks like as I was walking my white puffle, however you can do this with any colour puffle!

The guide has been updated to reflect this, however I would like to give a huge thank you once again to rarai3546 for informing me of this!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

SuperCPPS: April Fools Party – FULL GUIDE

The April Fools event has begun on SuperCPPS and it’s filled with decorated rooms, cool items, stamps and more! This post will offer a full guide to everything at the event!

Rookie is confirmed to be visiting for the April Fools event too! You can view a tracker for him here, however you can also find mascot meet-up times here.

This party is located around the Box Dimension! In order to get there, head to the Boardwalk/Beach and then enter the glowing purple box. You will then teleport there.

Update: starplatnum has kindly informed me that by clicking the spring underneath the Blue Propeller Hat, you will be able to obtain the item! Thank you to starplatnum for informing me of this!

Firstly, Rookie will greet you and offer you a free background and a free pin. Simply click “Collect” in order to obtain these!

He will then introduce the new things at this party! A “Box Store” will also be available by clicking the icon on the bottom right of your screen when in the Box Dimension.

You can then click the “Box Store” to bring up a variety of boxes. The Portal Box will allow you to travel into the Box Dimension from your igloo, even when this party is over. There are no secrets on this page.

If you would like to obtain any of these boxes for free, say the following commands which are in italics in-game:

  • Large Box – !af 526
  • Medium Box – !af 527
  • Small Box – !af 528
  • Portal Box – !af 529

If you open the Box Store on a Spanish server, which I highly reccommend you do, you will receive an easy stamp. Please be aware you won’t get this if you play on an English server, you’ll only obtain it by opening the Box Store on a Spanish server!

The next place to explore is the “Lost Dimension”. Simply waddle into the portal in the middle of the Box Dimension and you will be teleported to this really cool room, filled with animations!

If you click the locker on the bottom right of your screen, it will open. If you click it again, you will be able to obtain the Delivery Outfit for free!

Also, upon entering the Lost Dimension, you can obtain another stamp, except this time it’s an extreme-difficulty stamp! Once again, you must be on a Spanish server, you won’t obtain this stamp or the other stamp on an English server!

That concludes all the activities for this cool April Fools event! The Puffle Party is also ongoing and the Rock Puffle Celebration is due to begin soon as well. Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126