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SuperCPPS: Puffle Balloons Obtainable

Earlier this week, I made a guide for the Puffle Party which is currently ongoing on SuperCPPS, however I missed a really cool part of the party! Fortunately, rarai3546/tyzion has kindly informed me about this awesome addition!

If you walk any puffle and then click the puffle’s balloon on the island, you will obtain a balloon in the colour of the puffle which you are walking! The easiest thing to do is:

  1. Walk a puffle
  2. Head to the Town as it will always be updated with a balloon of the colour of puffle which you are walking
  3. Click the balloon in the top right next to the Gift Shop

This is how the White Puffle Balloon looks like as I was walking my white puffle, however you can do this with any colour puffle!

The guide has been updated to reflect this, however I would like to give a huge thank you once again to rarai3546 for informing me of this!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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