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SuperCPPS: Rock Puffle Celebration – QUEST GUIDE

The Rock Puffle Celebration has begun on SuperCPPS, and Delphine has tasked us with some important duties to prepare for the party! This post will provide a full guide into completing the quest so you can receive an exclusive reward!

I would suggest doing this quest on a Spanish server as you get this really cool stamp, but you won’t get it by completing this quest on an English server.

Thank you to rarai3546 for reminding me of this!

Firstly, head to the Mine where Delphine is located and click her.

Delphine will explain that she is waiting on a friend for a delivery, however they got lost so she will ask you to find them! Head to the Box Dimension accessible from the Boardwalk/Beach to do this.

On the entrance to the Box Dimension is a green note. Click it in order to continue with the quest and you will find the “Party Supplies Delivery”!

After doing this, head back to Delphine at the Mine. She will then ask for a portrait of Rory, which is very easy to obtain. Simply head to the Lighthouse/Hospital accessible from the Beach/Boardwalk.

Once you enter the room, a yellow puffle will immediately begin painting a picture of Rory. Within a few seconds, it will be complete and you would have found “Rory’s portrait”.

Once again, head back to the Mine and click on Delphine, where she will inform you that the party will need snacks. You can find these at the Coffee Shop/Brownies accessible from the Town.

The snacks are on the counter in-front of the seats and next to the book. If you click them, you would have found “Party Snacks”.

Head back to Delphine at the Mine and click on her. She will begin talking about the party, when suddenly a couple of things similar to fireworks appear on the screen. Delphine didn’t consider the risks of a party in a Cave!

During the process, Delphine realises that an ancient text about puffles has been discovered. She will then seem eager to want to discover and explore these puffles, perhaps even so we can adopt them!

At some point, it seems very likely that we will be able to discover the blue puffle on the ancient text! However, for now, you can collect a background as a reward for completing the quest.

This quest was really cool, and I’m excited for the future one in which we could even discover a new puffle! Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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