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Pengur: “Full Focus” on Coral After Christmas

Some news has been revealed about Project Coral, which although being teased over nine months ago, not much has been said about in recent months.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like it’d release anytime soon as priority was always taken away from Pengur onto Club Penguin Rewritten, but that seems to fortunately be changing at the end of this year.

After Christmas, I won’t be involved with Club Penguin Rewritten development as much. I believe stu, Joee and Thorn will carry it on. However, Flippy and I will be putting full focus on Project Coral

-hagrid, Club Penguin Rewritten & Pengur administrator

I’m actually really pleased to hear this, and I’m also a lot more hopeful that Pengur might actually release (probably next year), since the content looks incredibly promising! Flippy is a Pengur administrator, and she also said the following, which is very exciting:

We sure will share more sneak peeks once we get started again; now that the full focus is Coral, we’ll have a lot more to share
-Flippy, Pengur administrator

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • SamHooves

    While it is a bit of a shame that hagrid won’t be as involved with CPR, at least he’s working on pengur, which means he’s still an active part of the community!

  • TheTruMinerYT

    I don’t know how I feel about this.
    First of all, Club Penguin Rewritten updates are usually a few days late, and making it even later is meh.. Also the quality might drop for events like April Fools 2019.
    Second of all and finally, it will probably be a few months after January, maybe May, April, etc. I would highly rather they put their most focus on CPR because even though it would be a few months later like August, September, or July but we would still have high quality parties, and wouldn’t be any more days late than it already is.I would be fine if it was a 50% of their focus while still have 50% on CPR to even it out and even though it may a few days/hours later I would rather have Coral coming early as possible but CPR is also really good.

    • Torres 126

      When Club Penguin Rewritten returned after the shutdown, it was promised that Pengur would still be worked on. It wasn’t, and that was disappointing, I’m sure, to both the community who was hoping for it and Flippy, along with the Pengur team. As such, I’m glad that priority is finally being focused on Coral, and hopefully that won’t be too detrimental to CPR as some big things are coming according to the team, but I get what you mean! I guess we’ll see though! 🙂

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