CP Rewritten: Card Jitsu Fire – FULL GUIDE

Card Jitsu Fire has made its way to the island, and there’s a lot to be excited over, from a whole new game, to stamps, to new items! This post will provide a guide to everything about the game. πŸ”₯

Sensei is confirmed to visit in celebration, and you can view his tracker here.

Card Code

The first thing worth mentioning is that a new code has been released, which unlocks you some Card Jitsu cards! You can use this code by clicking “Unlock Items Online” on the server page, and the code is CARDFIRE.

How to Join a Game

In order to play, you’ll need to first become a ninja. Once you’ve done that, waddle into the Ninja Hideout and purchase the Amulet, which is also now available. 

You can find it in the Martial Artworks catalog for 200 coins.

Once you’ve done that, you can click the slab of stone in the Ninja Hideout to open the door to the Fire Dojo. From there, simply waddle through.

You’ll be brought to the Fire Dojo, which looks awesome and currently has a few special decorations in celebration of the game just releasing! 

Although you’re in the Fire Dojo, you won’t be able to play just yet. You’ll need to first waddle over to Sensei, who’s at the top of the room, and talk to him.

He’ll speak to you, and give you a Fire Deck to get started! Although he’ll ask you to challenge others, it’s best not to because there’s currently a bug preventing it from working. You need to use the mats to play.

A guide to playing

Card Jitsu Fire is still a new game, so there might be a few questions on how to actually play as it’s been a while since most players have played it! So here’s a quick rundown.

Each person starts with 6 energy, and when you reach zero, you’re out of the game. When it’s your turn, some tiles will glow yellow. You can click any one (it’s random what happens next) and a further two tiles will appear. Here’s how it works:

  • Fire – all players to play the highest fire card you have
  • Water – all players to play the highest water card you have
  • Snow – all players need to play the highest snow card you have
  • Rotating three elements – whoever’s turn it is can pick whichever element they wish
  • Two cards – whoever’s turn it is can battle whoever they want in Card Jitsu
  • Land on same square – Card Jitsu battle between those two penguins
  • Card Jitsu battles are the only ways to gain energy, as winning gives you +1 energy – normal rules apply except there are no power card abilities

The idea is to play the highest card you can, and those who play too low will lose an energy until they’re out of the game when it reaches zero. At first it might seem a bit like luck, but there’s quite a bit of strategy involved.

Possible Strategies

You might just want to play your highest cards straight from the start, and this could work, but you may wish to consider wasting your bad ones whilst everyone competes to use their highest.

Also try to have a wide variety of cards, so you’re not stuck on one element! If your energy gets too low, you might wish to battle someone in Card Jitsu by either landing on the same square as them or selecting them when landing on the square with two cards. This is the only way to gain energy.

Rewards & Stamps

Card Jitsu Fire comes with a whole load of rewards after winning games, and you can check your progress by clicking the card symbol at the bottom right in the Fire Dojo.

The Fire Suit can be unlocked, and there’s also a variety of stamps!


When Card Jitsu Fire was announced, the team expected that bugs will appear which weren’t present in testing. This has been the case, and the team are already working on fixing them.

These are some of the ones they’re aware of already:

  • “Earn your Belts” via Sensei dialog doesn’t open a game (use the mats for now!)
  • Sometimes turns get skipped
  • Disconnecting sometimes appears in-game
  • When a player quits a match of three or four, the whole game freezes, and timers also disappear
  • Countdown lasts forever

Official Promotional Video

Card Jitsu Fire is really awesome, and I’m glad we can now play with everyone! Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

69 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Card Jitsu Fire – FULL GUIDE

  1. I am really enjoying CJF, but I don’t have the stamps in my stampbook! It’s like the stamps don’t exist.

  2. I am really enjoying CJF but I realized that my stampbook doesn’t have the stamps. It’s like they don’t exist.

  3. i have an idea, in a different post someone asked if you could make a tracker for all the penguin band members, and you said it would be hard if they were all on but in different rooms/servers (or something) but if you can put them all right next to each other (a different tracker for each member but on the same page) it might be easier. just an idea and idk if it is possible

  4. There is this one glitch that keeps happening to me where when i choose fire and the other player choses ice they win somehow. FIRE BEATS ICE RIGHT? OR AM I JUST CRAZY

    • It depends, does this happen during a Card Jitsu round in CJF? Remember that if your opponent has to play a card from a specific element but doesn’t have any, they can play any element and it will automatically lose! πŸ™‚

      • I think you mean “Choose an element,” which is different from a CJ round. In a CJ round, fire should beat snow. In “Choose an element,” if you choose snow and your opponent does not have a snow card, he will lose no matter what (even if he picks 12 Fire). There is a power card in CJ wherein snow beats fire but I don’t think it applies in CJF nor do I think that card is available atm.

  5. the stones that you choose to move (the ones numbered 1-6) are predetermined and actually NOT random even test it yourself by using 2 accounts (you have to use different browsers though)

    • I believe that this was fixed recently, could you please try clearing cache and getting it again? I’ve had a check and others have got this stamp so far. πŸ™‚

  6. I have a question a little bit unrelated to this blog post. Remember the How To Become tab on your blog? Can you add Fire Ninja? Some people don’t know how to play, and some don’t know how many wins you need to get certain items. Also kind of unrelated but can you have a stamp section on your blog? Maybe you could make a tab that showed all the games on CPR and how to get the stamps.

    • The “Become a Fire Ninja” page will be added soon! There’s four main reasons why I haven’t added it yet:

      1) I’ve been really busy recently
      2) I still need to become a Fire Ninja myself!
      3) I’m waiting for all of the bugs to be fixed
      4) For now, this post kind of serves as that basic guide, and it’s currently sticky

      I’ve looked into a stamp section before, but unfortunately, it’s just a bit too time-consuming to do, and I’m not even that great at stamps! There’s plenty of resources for stamp guides out there though! πŸ™‚

    • Maybe I can help answer part of your question. You progress 2% when you lose and 5% when you win. You can check how close you are to the next fire suit item by clicking the 3 blue cards in the lower right corner of the screen. There is a stamp for winning 10 games (Warm Up) and 50 games (Fire Expert). Keep in mind that you will have to play more than 10 or 50 games to get said stamps, as it would be nearly impossible to win legitimately every single time. Also, those two stamps are not currently working, so even if you collect all the other items, you might have to start your journey from scratch to obtain those two stamps once they are available.

  7. My stamps are bugged, I already have the complete clothes and I won several times, but in my book of stamps I did not win the seal of ten matches!

    • I’m honestly not sure. Technically, yes, he should, since he was confirmed to visit by stu on November 28th in celebration of CJ Fire, but I’m surprised he hasn’t visited yet.

  8. Is the Max Energy stamp broken? I won three energy points in a game and I never received the stamp. Wondering if its a possible bug?

    • I’ve just checked and it seems the team fixed that stamp, though it was broken at first. It also seems that the instructions on earning that stamp are a bit vague, and that you need to score three points without losing any points at all. πŸ™‚

  9. in CJF there is a bug that in the 4th mat when there is only 2 left the game automatically say that i already win, also when i’m in a battle of 4 sometimes (most of the time) the game just freezes, i mean the penguins are still moving but nothing happens. ps:i have something is bc i’m not from a speaking english country.

  10. that bug that i mentioned happens on blizzard, in sleet when go to the 4th mat it disconnects you,in marshmallow the 4th mat is broken and the 3th mat when only 2 persons enter the game just begins without 3 persons, and in blizzard (again) when you go to the 3th mat it disconnects you. Thats all. i can’t send an email btw

  11. and in a battle of 4 when all choose their card the game lags a little bit for a litttle moment. Is that something normal?

  12. and also when you aftr someone choose and beat them it just freezes like the way i said before on the 1 vs 1 battles ps: sorry for so many comments

  13. and now in sleet the 4th is working BUT appears a count down and when theres 10 seconds left the game says that i already win

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