Thank you for two million views!

Hey everyone,

Last night, Club Penguin Mountains reached over two million views, by over 350K people! I just wanted to make a quick post acknowledging this.

Although this post will be short, I wanted to express my thanks once again for all the support which made achieving this milestone possible! I never would have believed that this blog would’ve come so far five years ago, but I’m grateful that you’ve made it possible.

Thank you for all of the support!

Two million is such a huge number, and it always means a lot that people continue to find this blog helpful and enjoyable, so whether you’ve read just one post or you’ve been around for a few years – thank you!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

20 thoughts on “Thank you for two million views!

  1. Two million congratulations, young grasshopper, but remember, even a master must keep practicing, one day you will get ten millions views, untill then, NINJA VANISH!

  2. Oh my gosh Torres! Wow! Amazing! I’m so happy you’ve shattered such an incredible milestone, because in all honesty you deserve it! You’re active, loyal, and dedicated to serving the CPR Community by doing your best to keep everyone informed. I’m surprised you didn’t hit it sooner! Thanks so much for all of your help and congrats a million!

  3. Considering what you have been doing over all these years, you deserve this Torres. Waddle on!

    i mean, u too thanks

  4. my friend was playing catchin’ waves and he lost coins it said you got negative fifteen coins is this a glitch?

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