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Holiday Giveaway Winners

The Holiday Giveaway has now ended, so it’s time to announce the winners and share some of the answers to the bonus questions!

Sorry this took so long, it took me about three hours to go through the entries to ensure that there was no cheating and that it was all a fair giveaway! Let’s start with the Bonus Entries first.

Bonus Questions

Day one asked for the name of Cadence’s puffle, which was Lolz. Day two asked for the weapon used by Fire Ninjas in Card Jitsu Snow, which were the Fire Nunchaku. Day 3 was the bottom right of the Lava Rock Background. Day 4 showed a character in the background, which was Tusk. For Day 5, only the Bat Puffle was not adoptable, and the concept in Day 6 was an image of Tank.

Day 7 showed an image of the Limo. That appeared in the Hollywood Party, the SoundStudio Party and the Music Jam (the year wasn’t necessary).

If you managed to find the Bonus Prize, well done! You had to decode the word on the spy phone (SUPERHEROES) and then click the image of the penguin in the “Information” section to be redirected to a place where you could enter that code.

The Bonus Entry for that prize was very tricky (only one person got it, well done!) but it was Chip Maze, which was a Spy Drill, but you needed the exact name to be entered. The actual prize was a brand new EPF case, badge, cards, posters, stickers and a mini-figure!


There were hundreds upon hundreds of entries, and although eight is more than previous giveaways, I’m sorry that a prize can’t be offered to everyone. Thank you for participating though, I hope you enjoyed it. The winners are…

All the winners have received an email from me and should hopefully receive the prize soon!

Please respond within 48 hours to that email else new winners could be selected.


Q: How the winners picked?
A: All the entrants were put into a document, and had their name added twice if they got the Bonus Question correct. From there, people who cheated with duplicate entries were removed (if you used the same penguin name and it was fairly clear that you sent a duplicate entry with no ill-intent, that was fine) and all entries with inappropriate names were removed. After that, the names were randomised into a list and then placed into the “Fruit Machine” on ClassTools, which ultimately decided the winner. I decided not to post the lists of entered entries this time, simply because there were so many entries.

Q: When will the prize arrive?
A: That depends on the country of residence! It could take longer than usual due to the postal service generally being busy around this time, but I’ll follow up about this via email with the winners.

Q: I didn’t win!
A: I really do wish there could be prizes for everyone! There will almost certainly be more giveaways in the future, and there’s always a chance you could win then! Although there were eight winners, there were hundreds upon hundreds of entries, and I do apologise that means a lot of people didn’t get a prize.

Overall though, this giveaway has been fun to host! Even if you didn’t win a prize, I hope that you enjoyed it, and congratulations if you did!

Enjoy the rest of your Holidays! 🙂

-Torres 126


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