Spike Hike Pays a Visit

If you’ve been part of the Club Penguin journey for the last few years, Spike Hike is probably a name which will instantly cause some nostalgia; he was the former General Manager and one of the many icons of the game.

Just a few hours ago, Spike Hike made a return to the community on Twitter, after over two years of hearing little about him. He said he missed the community and left some kind words.

“Club Penguin kids, I’m proud of you. You continue to make the world better, I see it every day. Remember, this world is what you make it. You can fill it with anger or joy. Choose joy, if nothing else it’s a lot more fun! #WaddleOn”

-Chris Heatherly (aka Spike Hike)

I’m sure that a lot of you might remember him, so I thought that this would be worth sharing, especially since he’s not been around for so long.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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