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Card Jitsu Cards Giveaway (20/01/20)

Welcome to the third day of Mountains Monday! As part of the schedule, today will be a Card Jitsu card giveaway, where you can win six cards.

I should note that these cards are physical ones, meaning they’ll be posted to your address. All of them are from the Water series, and for this week, they are:

  • Bamboo Forest Sketch
  • Elite Penguin Sketch
  • Destroyed PSA HQ
  • Ship Battle Adventure
  • Squid Lid
  • Puffle Washer (power card)

Condition: all cards in excellent condition! They’ll come loose.

The giveaway has now ended! As a reminder, the entry was Spot the Difference. I was very generous with marking, since it was clear when people spot the difference. I should note that several people mentioned a colour filter, but this was due to the image being compressed. There were six significant differences, so I didn’t count this.

First thing first, an apology. I accidentally closed this a day early, not realising the date. I’m genuinely sorry about this, I completely thought today was Wednesday

Two people found all the differences, though not many people entered at all, so there was a good chance of winning!

And now for the winner! As a reminder, how these work is after all the entires have been “calculated”, a list randomiser is used on the names. The first 50 names are then entered into a wheel, and whoever the wheel picks is the winner.

And the wheel has decided that winner is GraceLaughs! Congratulations, please check your email!

So a hopefully tricky Spot the Difference! As you may be able to tell with this giveaway, the emphasis is intended to be less on luck but more the question to enter, since you can get up to 10 entries by finding all the differences. This was by popular request, and I thought it’d be fun!

Best of luck!

-Torres 126

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