Mountains Monday,  Real Life Photo

Club Penguin at the Mega Snow Coaster

Happy Monday! As part of the Mountains Monday schedule, you may have noticed that I cancelled the initial post to share igloo designs because it would clash with another community idea, however I’m very grateful to the very beautiful igloos that were submitted!

I’ve been toying with what to post on the fourth Monday of the month, and I think I’ve decided: it shall be a photo. It could be a completely one, but it’ll always be related to Club Penguin and it’ll feature something in real life!

Photo taken by Jason Neumann (left) & Judi Zienchuk (right)

Today, I’m sharing three random photos, two of which you can see above. I thought these were really cool adverts located at a ski resort in Canada; the artwork is super pretty, and it’s cool seeing the contrast in the art styles!

The second photo is the same Ski Resort, but it actually features Lance Priebe (or rsnail – the creator of Club Penguin) going down it!

Photo taken by Lance Priebe

So as you can see, some completely random photos, but that is the point of Mountains Monday! I hope you’ll enjoy this little series!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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