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Disney Issues Takedown Notices to Club Penguin Servers

There’s been a lot of rumours going around recently, and I feel that they are finally worthy of their own post as the information becomes more clear. For a Club Penguin blog, it’s very difficult not to discuss an issue as serious as this.

Firstly, I ought to make clear that I know that this blog is about Club Penguin Rewritten. The official word from the game is this.

There’s nothing to address – don’t worry yourself; if we were shutting down, we’d say.

-Thorn, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

As such, this is less a post about Club Penguin Rewritten but more just a general update about what’s going on in the community generally; I think that this is a severe situation which there is a lot of misinformation about.

In order to fully understand the story, it must be understood that the two main private servers are Club Penguin Rewritten, and another unnamed one. I say “unnamed” because I’ve never wished to promote it on this blog; the accusations against them are authoritative, extensive and damaging, indicting the owner of the most horrible things. Those allegation received wide media coverage over the last few months, to the point where many suspect Disney’s attention was caught.

From today, that private server, one of the largest Club Penguin ones to ever exist, has announced closure by the end of this month. It follows SuperCPPS, a Spanish private server which you may recognise as I used to post about it before, confirming that they had received an email from Disney demanding the “immediate termination” of the game. It is alleged by this server that Club Penguin Rewritten has received an identical email, though this has been denied by the team, and I must stress that the email doesn’t necessarily correlate to closure.

Although this isn’t related to Club Penguin Rewritten, it is highly within the community interest to be aware of the precedent caused by Disney seeking closure of servers. The timing is likely not coincidental; the Club Penguin brand has been damaged by the accusations spread widely relating to this unnamed server, though the reasoning for going after SuperCPPS is unclear.

There are many rumours going around now, but I believe it would not be wise to discuss what isn’t already confirmed. I will, of course, keep you updated as more is revealed, and hopefully it’ll be lighter news soon.

Best wishes,

-Torres 126


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