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Club Penguin Island’s Website Updated

I’ve been debating whether or not to make this post for a few hours now, and I’ve decided to do so as I promised that I would keep people updated about the ongoing situation with Disney’s takedown requests and I’ve seen a lot of rumours spreading about this issue. The only reason why this is relevant currently is because of the timing.

When Club Penguin Island, the official mobile app managed by Disney, closed, the website redirected to the Disney homepage. The main news here is that as of a few days ago, the site no longer redirects, and the domain was updated as shown below.

This seems minor, but I’ve seen many people drawing conclusions about Club Penguin Island returning, and these rumours have spread rapidly. Unfortunately, I wanted to make this post to prevent such optimism spreading without a solid basis. There’s two points I’d raise.

Without getting too technical, the main “evidence” appears to be from the website’s markup of a meta tag that says “revised”. I understand why some may assume that this denotes the name of the site; in reality, it doesn’t.

Secondly, there is no solid evidence that Club Penguin Island is returning. The site doesn’t have anything installed, there are no job advertisements, and no trace of the game’s return online. It is possible that this was just a coincidence that the change occurred at the same time as the takedown requests were filed. As such, please don’t think the official Club Penguin brand is returning since the evidence is virtually non-existent, even though I’ve seen many people assume this when it’s almost certainly not true.

I just wanted to clarify that as I do believe it’s important that at a time of so much uncertainty, everyone is aware of what’s going on! Once again though, if any new information does emerge, I’ll make sure to post an update!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • maincoonYT

    I really hope that all cp private shut down.And Disney will come back.And bring back cp island, because I personally I really enjoyed cp island.But I play cp rewritten because its all I have. Because you know I’m not going to play “UNNAMED SERVER”. I love reading your post, stay safe! -maincoonYT

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I must say that it’s interesting that all this has happened within days of each other. Unlikely as it actually is, maybe (hopefully) Disney recognizes how popular the game still is, and might want to knock the others off, so there’s no competition if they were to decide to reopen.

    • Torres 126

      Yes, that’s true, the timing is definitely very close. I also hope that too; that’d probably be the ideal solution out of all this, but it doesn’t look likely sadly.

      • voldemort10

        hey torres maybe disney knew about the servers and have been working on re-releasing the original club penguin and have been waiting until they were ready and who know maybe cprewritten will make some deal and transfer the accounts over with all items and the same penguin.

        • Torres 126

          It’s very unlikely that either of those two things are true, sadly; CPR is a private server and it’s definitely fairly implausible Disney would strike a deal with them.

  • TruMiner

    Personally, I think that its not a coincidence it all happened. First off, go to, it doesn’t redirect to anymore. Second, the twitter was un privated for a few hours a few days ago, but im not sure how true this is. Third, they renewed their website, which i dont have proof, but why would they if they werent going to do anything?

    • Torres 126

      Disney will likely ensure that the Club Penguin domains don’t expire long into the future, especially when the brand still has relevance to prevent further impersonation. The Twitter wasn’t unprivated for sure, sadly – I’ve checked this with multiple sources!

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