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Club Penguin’s 3D Remake of Card Jitsu for Mobile

Back when classic Club Penguin was around, some big plans were made for Card Jitsu! You may remember the discussion of a new Card Jitsu Shadow game, and towards the end of 2015, Spike Hike announced that the team had been working on a “3D reboot” of the game.

We have a new Card Jitsu game that is basically a 3D reboot [of the game] that we’ve done a lot of work on, but for a lot of reasons we had to put it on hold. Hopefully we’ll be able to pick that up.

-Chris Heatherly, former General Manager of Club Penguin speaking in 2015 (Spike Hike)

Since that interview was conducted, a lot has changed. Sadly, Card Jitsu never received any additional major updates before the game closed in 2017.

It never really was revealed what the 3D reboot was going to be like, until last night, where Spike Hike shared a clip of the game. He confirmed the speculation that it would’ve been ported over to mobile devices as well.

Ran across this in old files. We never got to finish it, but we had a whole 3D remake of Card Jitsu in the works. Would have been mobile too!

-Chris Heatherly, former General Manager of Club Penguin (Spike Hike)

The design, animation and gameplay really do all look absolutely incredible, and definitely reminiscent of other games! It’s genuinely such a shame that this was never released, but it’s also amazing to have a clip of what might have been.

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