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Club Penguin Rewritten Music Jam 2020 – Full Guide

The Music Jam has begun on Club Penguin Rewritten for two weeks and is filled with new items and content, including some super pretty rooms with a sunset sky!

Both the Penguin Band and Cadence shall visit for this event. You can find Cadence’s tracker here and a member of the Band’s tracker here! For full clarity, each band member’s tracker will show the location of the rest of the band too.

The first thing to note is the new interface which you can find at the top right of any room! Each day at midnight PST, you’ll be able to obtain a new item, varying from backgrounds to furniture. Some really pretty and sparkly items will be obtainable through this interface each day too!

In some of the main outdoor rooms, you’ll also find a catalog in the bottom right of your screen. After flicking through it, you can purchase the All Access Pass in this catalog for fifty coins. I’d recommend doing so as it’ll grant you access to further parts of the party.

There will also be new items available in this catalog for the second week of the party!

At the Dock, you can find DJ Maxx! I should just clarify that this isn’t actually him as a mascot, meaning you won’t get a stamp. Furthermore, DJ Maxx will not be visiting for this party. Despite this, you can still click his penguin to receive his first background that he gave away as a mascot.

With the All Access Pass, you’ll also be able to click the curtain at the Dock to head Backstage.

At the bottom left of the Backstage, you’ll find a box of instruments. When clicking them, the Music Catalog will appear. There’s a variety of instruments which you can purchase here, but there is also a hidden item as well.

If you click the word “Music”, you’ll be able to buy the Drum Sticks and the Blue Snare Drum.

The All Access Pass will also grant you the ability to visit the Night Club Rooftop! It’s accessible from the Dance Lounge. In this room, you can find the Boombox at the top left of the room for free.

Some other exclusive party rooms you can access are the Music Maker that can be found at the corner of the Snow Forts. You can also visit the Casa Fiesta from the Ski Lodge. Once again, these are both some really pretty rooms!

Although that concludes the bulk of the party, there’s a lot of really amazing rooms which I’d recommend exploring! The only other thing to note is that there are some new sweet emojis.

They were originally intended for the concert that was initially planned with this party, but I’m personally hoping they will stay permanently.

There will be more context next week, and we still can look forward to visits from the Penguin Band and Cadence so stay tuned for that! Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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