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Puzzles for Prizes: Cadence’s Concert Call

Another Puzzles for Prizes has begun! For those unaware how it works, each day for three days, I’ll be posting a new puzzle to solve, and the winner at the end shall receive half a dozen Card Jitsu cards. If you’re interested or bored in this isolation period, check it out and have a go!

In these three puzzles, Cadence needs your help with putting on a concert!

How does it work?

As many people are currently bored and have no school, I’ve decided to host some puzzles! To note, these replace rather than complement the Mountains Monday giveaways. You can check back at 07:30am GMT here each day to find a new one. There will be three puzzles until the winner is announced. By successfully completing the puzzle, you’ll receive some entries, and at the end of the week, a giveaway winner will be selected.

The prize will always be Card Jitsu cards that shall be mailed to you. I should note that there are many delays with the postal service, and it has been suspended in a very small amount of countries, so it may take a bit longer than the usual week to reach you.

Prize: six Card Jitsu cards

How are winners picked?

  1. By entering and correctly answering the puzzle, you’ll receive some entries
  2. Once all three puzzles have concluded, all of these entries are inserted into a random generator
  3. The top fifty penguin names are then inserted into a wheel, and the winner is whoever the wheel picks

In simple terms, basically just have an attempt at the puzzle each day!

You do not need to enter all the puzzles to win the prize, but the more you enter and answer correctly, the more likely you are to win!

Feel free to try the puzzles for fun even if you don’t wish to enter the giveaway!

The giveaway has now concluded, and the winner is Rae x! Congratulations, I’ve sent you an email – please respond within the next few days! If you didn’t win, don’t worry; there’ll probably be more of these Puzzles for Prizes contests in the future!


Puzzle 1 – F (it’s the only colour which isn’t attributed to a record in DJ3K)
Puzzle 2 – Covered in snow (from Cool in the Cold)
Puzzle 3 – D (there’s an extra grey outline in the middle diamond at the top of the microphone)

I’m hoping to be able to do more “exciting” prizes, like magazines again, in the future, but sadly it’ll have to be once the whole virus situation is over – I’m pretty limited on stamps too now! I hope that you enjoy the puzzles though.

Best of luck!

-Torres 126


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