Sorry for the inactivity over the last few days…

Hi everyone,

As you’re probably aware, with the exception of the mascot trackers that are updated by several people who I pay immense tribute to for their significant assistance to so many people, the content part of the Club Penguin Mountains “machine” is effectively just maintained by myself. In other words, whenever I’m not around, you won’t be finding any new posts, and that’s definitely been the case for the last few days.

For that, I just wanted to take some time to properly apologise, and I’ll catch up on the missed content along with the unapproved comments today and tomorrow. In all honesty, it’s effectively the result of me feeling pretty despondent and utterly exhausted – not helped by a pretty bad inability to sleep – over the last few days, which has caused me to neglect some of the things that I usually enjoy most, such as blogging.

A cute comic by Chibird that I’ve always found helpful

I’m always conscious on how to approach these topics, and you’ll likely be aware that mental wellbeing is something that I frequently discuss, and given the scale and diversity of this blog’s audience, I feel a lot of responsibility in doing so correctly. It’s an important subject, and I think that’s particularly the case with a lot of younger readers too, and this year has been especially strange due to the pandemic. It also only seemed fair to give an honest account about why I’ve been a little quiet, especially given some of the messages of concern lately, which I appreciate a lot.

If you’re going through a tough time, I just want to say: hang in there! – optimism is important, even if it’s sometimes difficult to muster! But I wish everyone luck, and I’m proud of those who have overcome their difficult battles lately.

Best wishes,

-Torres 126


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