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Card Jitsu Cards Giveaway (20/10/20)

It’s the third Monday (okay, I’m a day late – sorry!) of the month, so it’s time for another Card Jitsu Cards giveaway! This one will run for just under a day with a single challenge. I should stress that, as always, these cards are loose physical ones, meaning they’ll be posted to your address.

All of them are from set one and you can see them below.

They are the following cards:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Soccer
  • Halloween
  • Black Puffle
  • Captain Rockhopper
  • Thin Ice (power card)

The giveaway has now ended! The winner was Appnanas; please check your email! If you didn’t win – no worries, there’ll be more of these in the future. [screenshot]

In regards to the riddle, which you can see below, the answer was Skip! I accepted any answer which included the word “Skip” or “Bellhop” (since that was ultimately his role). He was present at the Halloween Party in 2014.

48% of entries contained the correct answer.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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