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Card Jitsu Cards Giveaway (24/10/20)

Hi everyone! Usually, I tend to do only one of these Card Jitsu Card giveaways each month and I’ve already done one this week. However, given that Club Penguin launched fifteen years ago today and a large number of people entered the giveaway earlier in the week, I thought it’d be nice to do another one!

As such, this “bonus” giveaway is a way to celebrate it being fifteen years since Club Penguin launched, so there’ll only be a short chance to enter!

They are the following cards:

  • Pizza Chef
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Snow Castle
  • Shark
  • Avalanche (power card)

The giveaway has now concluded – lilfuze178 has been randomly selected as the winner! [screenshot]

Update: 29th October – the previous winner has requested not to receive the prize, so a new winner has been randomly picked. That person is lilfuze178! (the previous winner was Linkld)

In regards to the Entry Question answer, hat A was the one released on classic Club Penguin, and 80% of people answered correctly.

The giveaway will last for less than 24 hours as it ends at 7pm GMT, but I hope it’s enough time to allow everyone to enter!

Have a lovely day!

-Torres 126


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