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Club Penguin’s Spooky Jazz

For a while, the first Monday of the month has been an interview, but this generally is difficult to schedule, and so I’ve been trying to think of something else. As a result, I’ve decided to dedicate the first Mountains Monday of the month to sharing a classic tune from Club Penguin!

This one is a little less known Halloween Party tune, but I still think it’s a really cool one: it’s called Spooky Jazz, which is fitting for the ongoing party, but it also uses some instruments that aren’t typically associated with Halloween. Despite this, it works really well, so feel free to give it a listen below!

If you have any other Mountains Monday ideas, I’d love to hear them and I’m constantly open to feedback! In fact, this idea stemmed from a conversation with Cassar, but I think it’s a really fun one as there’s so many Club Penguin tunes that aren’t well known but sound fantastic.

I hope you enjoyed this tune, waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • vincent

    torres i was playing club penguin rewritten and i went into the town and i said “BOO DONALD TRUMP” and it said: banned you are banned for 24 hours for inappropriate behavior. like it’s so annoying and they need to make mature servers. please help.

  • SpookBat

    Suggestion for maybe not Monday, but, hey, you probably get more readers in an hour than I’d get shouting on every server for a day? A very useful trick for mascot meetings: if you open your buddy list and select the “Penguins in this room” list, you can open a mascot’s card far easier than trying to catch them in the usual fray πŸ˜‰
    Like this:

  • SpookBat

    The bane of knowledge, hmmm? It seems so basic, it goes without saying – yet people think you’re a magician!

    I only learned about the “Penguins in the room” list because I was involved in a “Party Host stamp” train and got very interested in knowing how it’s possible for somepenguin to count all penguins in an igloo – at all, much less so quickly! They answered, I ended up taking over the counting using the basic “8 penguins per page, if we’re over 3 pages we’re nearly at 30, since 30 is 3 pages+6 penguins” formula and had spent a good few hours at it. (Turns out that a keeping running total does a lot to keep a stamp raid going, especially when the number is growing.)

    Judging by the number of questions to the tune of “How many of us here?” and “How do you know?”, few people even know about that list.

    Using it, making the jump to “Hey, I can easily find and click a person on the list!” after finding out about the list, took me two days – me, who spent half a day in that list for counting people and getting to the next penguin’s igloo*, which is far more attention to pay to that piece of UI than most penguins do πŸ˜€

    That, and cries of “People, get away from the door so that we can actually click Sensei!” last time I was Sensei-catching – I really don’t think many people know about the list and know how to use it to bypass the crowd.

    *By the way, did you know that in igloo village penguins are sorted in “All first capitals alphabetically, then all first small letters alphabetically” (i.e Alpha, Beta, Zed, avocado, zoo) and in other rooms first caps and first non-caps are mixed together (Alpha, avocado, Beta, Zed, zoo)?

    • Torres 126

      Yep, the Penguins in Room list is extremely useful for that! I didn’t realise that people were unaware of it, in all honesty; I may try promoting it on the tracker since it’s helpful when a room is crowded and people are trying to click a mascot. And yep, I noticed that about the Igloo List!

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