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Easter Egg Hunt 2021

In a couple of days, it’ll be Easter, so I thought that it’d be a little fun to hold an Easter Egg Hunt here on Club Penguin Mountains! Similar to last year, there’ll be a merchandise prize that will be mailed to your address, but this hunt will actually take place around the whole site. I’ll explain the details, but firstly, here’s the prize!

The prize is a brand new Club Penguin Spy Pack Kit, and there’ll also be some cards included. The pack contains a variety of things, particularly a case and stylus intended for the Nintendo DS, but it can really be used for anything, and it adds nicely to any Club Penguin collection! You can see an image of the prize below, and it’ll be mailed to the winner.

There are five eggs hidden throughout the site! They could be on the homepage or any other page, but not on any old posts; to clarify, pages are the links which you can access from the top navigation menu, such as the Playercard Generator or any of the Mascot Trackers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Look for the eggs below on the site using the riddles beneath the image
  2. If you see one of the eggs below somewhere across the site, click it!
  3. Type out the secret word which will appear after clicking the egg into the form at the bottom of this post

However, I recognise there’s many pages, so here’s some hints! (Location of each egg)

  1. You’ll find this egg somewhere to do with drilling (Earning Coins page)
  2. This egg is located next to something which has been missing for quite a while! (Field-Ops widget on the sidebar)
  3. Find a stack of books, and you’ll see this egg there (Become a PSA Agent page)
  4. This egg is located where Sensei might’ve been… (Become a Ninja page)
  5. You may be checking this page regularly already, waiting for them to appear, but where is this egg located there? (Dot Tracker)

Winner: The winner of the Easter Egg Hunt was MeredithCW – congratulations! If you didn’t win, don’t worry; there’ll always be more competitions in the future! [screenshot]

Statistics: 84.1% of the 297 entrants successfully found all five eggs!

The Eggs:

The winner will be revealed on April 4th! I should also note that, assuming the winner is international, the prize might take a few weeks to arrive after that since it’s a parcel and it’ll be sent through International Economy.

Good luck!

-Torres 126


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