Memory from the Past,  Mountains Monday

Club Penguin’s PSA & EPF Merger

Given all the talk about the EPF and PSA lately, I thought it’d be a little fun to use this Mountains Monday to consider the history of the two agencies! Neither were actually formed specifically to combat Herbert; he arrived to the island a few years early, having floated on an iceberg seeking a warm and peaceful land. Instead, after a perilous journey, he found Club Penguin! Much to his disappointment, it was cold and noisy; this became a grievance which made him resort to evil…

However, the Elite Penguin’s Force first mission was not to combat Herbert! In 2008, the organisation was formed under orders from the Director. They became involved in rescuing Gary after his mysterious disappearance, and defeating the villainous Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000. It’s never been known for certain what prompted this decision to split the organisations, even though they remained closely linked together. Some theories suggest it was a “back-up”, but that prompts the idea that the Director was familiar with an active plot against the PSA. Other fan theories suggest it was necessary due to avoid corruption and leaks orchestrated from within the PSA.

Protobot: the EPF’s first big opponent

In May 2010, Herbert successfully managed to achieve his aim: Rookie had accidentally provided him with a PSA spy phone, and Herbert used the phone’s teleportation technology to plant a popcorn bomb in the PSA HQ. It would become the last event which the PSA would be involved in. The popcorn bomb exploded a few minutes later, irreversibly damaging all technology. It was following this explosion that the Director ordered the PSA and the EPF to be merged; all PSA agents were transferred to the EPF, and the PSA was effectively abolished.

Popcorn explosion of May 2010

There was never any inquiry into how the Popcorn Explosion could’ve been prevented, and it was largely forgotten about until Herbert struck again as part of Operation Blackout in 2012. His ability to destroy the EPF then resulted in the Command Room being destroyed for several years! But by then, the EPF and the PSA had already been irreversibly split.

This post was a little different, even for Mountains Monday, but I hope that you still enjoyed it!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    so does the epf game take place between waddle squad and veggie villain or earlier since Herberts base is deserted in the game?

  • SpookBat

    Since Discord wants a phone number, I can’t say anything to the CPR team, but maybe you can?

    Making EPF and PSA a single group is fine with me, but not by an unexplained “abolishment”!

    The last-seen PSA (or was it EPF? I’m speaking from other penguin’s words, I haven’t caught this event 🙁 ) mission was a mission where the two groups’ NPC penguins met for the first time. It was hinting at further development of relationships between the two. So it would make perfect sense if an event happened and a mission was added where the two groups work together to thwart Herbert’s plans* and eventually decide that the time loss and misunderstanding that happens at the groups’ “walls” is not practical and they should merge.

    Event would be fun for all sorts of reasons an event is usually fun for (whether it turns out to be a twist on the Prehistoric Party of “it’s Herbert who’s turned time backwards trying to go back to equator” sort or Operation Swarm outcome). A PSA mission would keep continuity for future players who are new arrivals and can study Herbert’s story from the missions only.

    It’s such an opportunity for “let’s work together” plots (maybe after “we’ve nearly broke everything trying to keep our secrecy and not cooperate”, if that’s applicable, sort of plot), it’d be a crime to just write things off! :/

    *I still don’t see why we can’t send poor Herbert to Tahiti, besides the obvious of “we’ll have no-one to fight”?

    • Torres 126

      Hi! As a matter of principle, I refrain from communicating with the team on behalf of others, but you could potentially email them:

      I think your idea is pretty cool, and it would be nice to see greater co-operation between the two agencies! I must admit that I’m not certain which event you’re referencing though.

  • Evan

    And then the PSA was recovered in 2017 and ran until now when it was merged with the EPF. Also, you say there was never any enquiry into how the PSA was destroyed. Simple, just partly blame Rookie for giving Herbert his Spy Phone. I think he should have been fired after that. I don’t know how he even ever became an Agent. Sorry to say this, but I don’t really like him. Am I the only one because he seems really popular. I stan G, Jet Pack Guy and Dot though. And obviously the Director.

    • SpookBat

      It’s all there in one of the missions, I think – how he lived on North Pole, decided it was too cold, boarded an iceberg to go to tropics… and slept through the equator, so went all the way to the (even colder) South Pole.

      Eventually the iceberg crashed on the Penguin Island’s shore, so Herbert was saved by a miracle (Klutzy fished him out) and is now stranded here. And friends with Klutzy.

  • Your old friend SpiderPeep

    I recognize the second picture, its from the scene in the DS game where you find gary imprisoned in the ultimate probot, the robot that the test bots were working on when they were stealing objects from different places around the map! When i think of the test bots i think of jet pack guy as jetbot, weelbot as rookie, and snowbot as….well really idk. The weelbot looks kinda like rookie and the jetbot looks kinda like jet pack guy if u think of it. Wondering y im not commenting often when i used to comment all the time? Well i got addicted to youtube so now thats all i do for most of my free-time😅. Im trying to play CPR more now tho…..

      • Who's coming back? Your Old friend SpiderPeep!

        Heh, yeah. Me reading the last sentence: “Well I mean I kinda already know im correct, I play the game. =_=” Lol 😉 I AM still trying to play more often tho!

      • Guess Whos back!

        I also play the quests over again since im at 74% and I think the only thing I need now is the final badge i dont have for snow trekker and the 2 impossible to get badges for the dancing minigame. I dont have the best memory so obviously i do terrible on the mini game lol. Snow trekker is pretty cool though….it should be in the actual game! I also tried to get the Herbert’s Revenge one for my birthday but they accidently got the one I already have lol. Hope to see u around!~

        • Torres 126

          I remember the Snow Trekker mini-game! It was pretty cool, and there were a few of those mini-games which I enjoyed a lot when I was younger. If I remember correctly, Grapple Gadget from Herbert’s Revenge was one of my favourite.

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