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Club Penguin Rewritten: Mountain Expedition – Full Guide

The Mountain Expedition has begun on Club Penguin Rewritten, and it’s possible to climb the Toughest Mountain as part of the adventure! This post will provide a full guide to the event, including the items and details on reaching the mountain. Gary will be visiting throughout the event; he will have a new background in a few days, but his immediate upcoming visits will still provide this one. You can view the Gary tracker here.

The main parts of the event begin at the Ski Village, where you’ll see a little entrance to a new area at the top of the room. Once you’ve waddled through there, you’ll be brought to a new room! There’s a catalog which can be opened by clicking the icon on the bottom right of your screen, but there aren’t any hidden items here.

Although there’s no hidden items in the catalog, you can still pick up the Chilly Trek Hat in this starting room; it’s located towards the bottom left of the room in a little crate next to a wooden barrel. It’s free!

In order to continue the expedition, you then need to continue onto the next room. It’s here where you will face your first challenge: a series of icicles will prevent entering the next room!

All you need to do in order to open this entrance is click each of the eight icicles. It doesn’t matter which order you click them in provided you’ve clicked all of them, and then the entrance will open so you can continue the expedition.

The next room doesn’t really have anything in it, so you can just continue up the path! In the room immediately after that, you’ll have a little trouble continuing to follow the path, so you need to use the axe to chop the tree. However, I should note that it’s possible to enter a secret room from this area.

All you need to do is click the icicle at the bottom right of your screen, which will open a new entrance to another room! There’s nothing special (eg. items) within this room but it does have a pretty design.

In order to continue with the Mountain Expedition though:

  1. Click the axe when it’s in the ground
  2. Click the axe when it’s next to the tree
  3. Waddle over the new path which will emerge

That’s the last challenge preventing you from reaching the top of the Toughest Mountain! Once you reach it, you should receive the Mountaineer stamp. There’s also several free items which you can obtain:

  • Red Flag: located on the mountain
  • Picnic Basket Pin: located next to the Fishdogs stand
  • Top Of The Mountain Background: obtainable by clicking the camera on the mountain when located in front of it

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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