Sending Club Penguin Postcards

Last night, I promised a mechanism to send my Club Penguin postcards around the world in order to spread just a little bit more joy before things start to fade away. I want to outline what they are today, but please bear in mind that this involves sending a physical postcard to your address, so only enter if you’re comfortable!

#1: I’ll be picking 5-10 people who consistently managed to answer the Bonus Questions for Mountains Monday giveaways correctly over the last year, and reaching out to them in order to offer a postcard.

#2: If you’d also like a postcard, please leave a comment on this post with a sentence or two about how Club Penguin has shaped your life. After 24 hours of this post being published, I will pick 10 people randomly to receive a postcard, so please make sure you enter your email address in the “Email” field of the Comments section (this won’t be public, but it allows me to reach out to ask for your address).

Update – 15th April: it’s been a privilege to read all your wonderful stories, and I have read each one – even if there are too many to respond to! I wish that I could send a postcard to everyone, but I have picked eighteen people who you can see below. Please check your inbox if your name is listed.

  • Leo4580
  • Pinkie Spark
  • Nathalia R.
  • Candice2905
  • manschizoid1
  • Mireia
  • Kristalli
  • Vincent
  • StarmanTim
  • Nikol
  • ulasgazi09
  • Dragonetta
  • Zio
  • Isabella
  • Kisaa
  • Arthur Allan
  • Lirri
  • amendoiim111

#3: Since I mentioned this possibility yesterday and people were interested, if you’d be willing to cover the cost of postage, I’d be happy to send you a postcard too. See below for the option to buy one!

Update – 16th April: I’ve removed the option to purchase a postcard now. Thank you very much if you bought one – it’ll be dispatched before the end of this month, and I’ll email you once it has!

Club Penguin has been a special part of many lives, and if that includes you, I hope that a postcard would allow you to have something to commemorate it – I’ll also write a little message on it. You’ll know if you’ve won a postcard this week, and I’ll mail them out by the start of May. Thank you very much.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • David

    How do i start? Club penguin was a big part of my childhood I used to show to game to everyone in my school and work hard in my exams so my parents would get me the membership! As I got older I grew apart from the game as I taught that I was too old for it now. CPR re-lit that spark that was waiting to be ignited inside of me bringing me back to a time in my life where life was so much simpler, in contrast to the highly complex life I now lead as a teenager. CPR represented the child in me that I was desperately grappling to as it allowed me to get a hit of nostalgia everytime I logged on! You will truly be missed!

    • Gelatto

      when i first played club penguin, it was st patricks day 2008. i remember seeing an ad for it on disney channel where it showed the pizzatron, and after that it was history. club pwnguin taught me to roleplay, it gave me a new way to be creative, andnmost of all was a great escape for me. i loved all the characters as if they reqlly /were/ people! (and still do, gary is still a favorite of mine!) although i dropped off after the prehistoric party, when i heard it was closing in 2017 i immediately came back and played every day until it closed. i got into cpi for a shortwhile, but even though i enjoyed it it wasnt the same. made an account on cpr, and i just kept coming back no matter how consistently i played. compared to some of the mmos i played growing up like panfu, club penguin is surprisingly well written and (the majority) still holds up today! even after what happened with cpr, i still want ro create fanart because this game gave me so much joy, and i want to give it back.

      • PGPUFFLE

        This is all so horrible, Club Penguin was so fun, and I never got to play the original. That being said, this game was extremely great. I made so many friends(some were just people who liked my costume, but, uh…), and when they were on, I just bombarded them asking to go play and talk or decorate igloos or whatever. All those friends, the game itself, were great the way they were. I would’ve played the game if there weren’t even any events or even a clothing feature. Just friends. But now, a site Disney hasn’t cared about for years, is getting. shut. down. At least Disney is probably going to boot up a new Club Penguin. I hope…but either way, you did a great job documenting all of CPR’s history. And just being there to talk(er, type) to. I hope that you can have a new blog if Disney makes a new CP. But it wouldn’t be the same as this. I just have one message.”Waddle on!”

      • Aiden

        club penguin was such a staple to my childhood, I have so many amazing memories of the EPF missions, racking up as many coins as possible for Coins For Change, collecting every puffle I could, looking out every day for rockhoppers ship at the lighthouse, trying yet again to tip the berg, mastering my card jitsu elements (and then mastering them for my brother on his account shdgd). even through uni with club penguin rewritten it’s helped me a lot to have some downtime with friends when I’m stressed or stuck isolating due to Covid. it’s been a massive help to me throughout the years and I have nothing but good memories attached to it. waddle on <3

        • Sunny

          WOW, said uni friends who play cpr with you seem absolutely amazing! i would love to meet them, or even be them and get to play with you

    • hafsa ahmed

      Club penguin helped me really bond with my cousins when I was younger. I remember my cousin telling me and my brother about club penguin and for a while it was all we played and talked about. After the original club penguin shut down, my cousin told me about club penguin rewritten. It had been a while since I had played the original but I was so happy to be able to relive the memories, and to this day my cousin is still one of my brother and I’s closest friends

  • Filipe Azadinho

    Club Penguin has shaped my life in a lot of aspects! I still hold on to my original cp magazines and merch so i never forget the good times i had there. I even won a drawing competition and won one year of paid membership. I remember being so happy about it, good times.. Waddle on!

    • Ayaa Aljasem

      Club penguin has been the game i go back to whenever i felt like the real world was getting a little too real. I’m going to miss waddling as a little penguin with no worries besides mining and grinding away to get those hidden items and expand my little cottage. Going to miss the chaos of trying to meet the mascots. The friends and memories i made in rewritten and the original will always be a happy place to remember. Thank you <33

  • Ashley García

    When I was 10 I used to play club penguin those were the happiest years of my life when it closed down I didn’t think there would ever be another quite like it but I was wrong cpr actually brang it back they kept it original yet creative and fun I’ll miss it very much but I’ll cherish the impact it had and still has on me, bringing back your past childlike wonder when your adulting is one of the best ways to rid yourself of stress and anxiety, it gives you an escape to a virtual world that is pure and joyful.

  • Candice2905

    I like club penguin rewritten very much, it is the only game I play nowadays and I feel very bad it came to an end. I am literally in tears right now. I wish it comes back.It was my only entertainment these days, what will I do now?
    I like chatting with other penguins and it took my stress away. I started playing club penguin original years back but it came to an end then only CPR gave me the same feel as the original. I will miss club penguin rewritten so much, hope it comes back. My penguin will always be remembered by me.I hope I receive a postcard as a memory of CPR. Thank you.

    • cool printer

      club penguin was a huge part of my childhood! i would spend hours just playing games & making friends, and i had so much fun doing it. club penguin rewritten was a great way to relive that fun and make new memories. waddle on 🙂

  • Zio

    Every Saturday morning for years my cousins and I all joined a call and deliberated over what game we wanted to play. Sometimes we chose Binweevils, sometimes we chose 8 Ball Pool, but the majority of the time we all chose Club Penguin since it was our favourites.

    We all used to join the same server and waddle around the Island and have fun. We would play Sled Racing, Cardjitzu (however many hours we spent trying to defeat Tusk I’ll never know. But it was a lot!) and we would dress up and pretend to do lots of little different jobs over the Island. I remember having so much fun on that game and every time I play Club Penguin Rewritten again it brings back so many memories. I really hope it doesn’t get shut down for good again.

    Club Penguin has been a massive part of my life and it still is to this day if I’m being honest. Those Saturday morning were honestly the highlight of little 9 year old Me’s week. Maybe they were even some the best times of my life. I wish I could go back sometimes.


    • Anna

      There are so many memories wrapped into this game that on the surface, just looks like it’s about puffballs and penguins. But for me, it’s so much more than that. I was introduced to this game so many years ago by this girl who would go on to become my best friend. I fell in love with everything about it, the charm, card jitzu, and above all else, puffles. I played it basically everyday until it was announced it was going to be shut down and I was heartbroken. It wouldn’t be until years later where a friend sends me a tiktok about club penguin rewritten because she knew how much I loved the original. I got to fall in love with the game all over again, this time just a little bit older. I was an escape after tough tests in school, a place to have fun after the passing of my dad, a way to connect during covid, and more. This game saw me at my best and worse times, watched me grow from a kid in elementary school, to now being in college. Thank you so much to the club penguin team for creating a place where I have so many fond memories <3

  • Caitlin Morrisey

    Club Penguin Rewritten has changed my life, because I’ve made so many friends. I’ve made so many memories, and had so much fun celebrating with my friends.

    • SugarCrum

      Club Penguin OG was truly a happy time in my childhood, but CPR shaped my future in so many ways. I studied game dev and illustration because I could see how hard the team worked and how amazing the outcome was. Thank you team and all those who helped build the community 🐧💙

  • MarioFan2021

    Thank you for everything you have done for the community. I couldn’t be more happier. I appreciate everything you did for the game too. It’s disappointing that a childhood game had shut down. I still have a lot of things to do in the next few months. Without this game, I would be very bored in my free time. Time to say goodbye to my puffles and my 1 year old penguin. I will remember this game in my heart forever. ♥️ It is time to move on, waddle on penguins! 🐧

  • Mireia

    Honestly Club Penguin Rewritten was one of the best things I could find online that let me experience the nostalgia of being a kid and playing Club Penguin on the afternoons, it all felt like it was alright again. I used to hang out with my school friends and we’d always pick an hour and a server to do that – truth is, CPR allowed us to do that again (with older, different friends this time). I’ll be eternally thankful as well for the memberships for every single penguin, it was something I did not get to experience on Disney’s original game. Thank you so much for everything, both Club Penguin Rewritten and Club Penguin Mountains – for all the fun times and your mascot trackers, which were always much needed.

  • Ameeth

    there is no game like club penguin i would miss it every day i was so happy that puffles were released but now i will never see mypuffles ever all good things come to an end

  • Bilal (club penguin : miloud4)

    Club penguin is part of my childhood, I remember when I was younger I dreamed of having a subscription, my parents gave me one and I was so happy, I spent hours on the game, I met people, I won a lot of badges and above all I really liked the lore, the penguin universe, the EPF missions, …
    The day the official game closed I wasn’t there and I was so sad that I didn’t have a trace of a character, I had the case with club penguin online (before the server became …) and now with club penguin rewritten, I love the universe and it has relaxed me enormously at times when I needed it, Club penguin I love you <3

    • Naneomi

      Club Penguin really is one of those things where you don’t know how much it means to you until it’s gone…

      It really is that thing that helped me through a lot during this year. There was no notice, one day I was playing happily, the next, BAM! no more.
      It is the one thing that gave me some routine in my life, and now I’m trying to fill it up, but it’s quite difficult.

      Torres, have you heard of the “new club penguin”? It is another private server… Perhaps you can switch to covering them?
      Thanks for the blog btw, I’ve never been this excited about a community since Minecraft.

  • Anonymous

    And I can’t find any other browser based virtual worlds. Well, thanks Torres, I’ll miss you.
    By the way, where do you think you’ll go without this blog? After the legal process is done, we won’t have any game. All we can do now is hope whoever got arrested gets off easy. And pray I find a “close enough” browser game involving flightless birds in a virtual sandbox with monthly events. Because this is bad for my dopamine levels!

  • Alexis Bishop (Glendie)

    Club Penguin has made an impact on me since I was 9 years old, logging on to play with school friends and make new international ones. I played for years even as an adult and was logged on when we got the fateful last popup at the shutdown 5 years ago. I’ll never forget tipping the iceberg, lyric videos, Card JJ, raising puddles, or completing missions that I replayed over and over. I still use my penguin name in all my social media (Glendie). CPR was a place of nostalgia and peace on my bad days, and I’m gonna miss it so much.

  • Kit

    Club penguin has let me relive my childhood, and it is sad to see it go, I hope that Club Penguin will be brought back up again soon. My brother played it, gave his account to me which allowed me to play it and unlock almost everything. I will miss Club penguin as it was a big part of my life.

  • ulasgazi09

    I was 7 when I discovered this game. I spent tons of hours, just by customizing my igloo and my penguin. I’d play minigames all the time. My favourite was Pizzatron 3000. I made tons of good friends just by playing this game, including you, Torres. Sadly, I wans’t around when the original game shut down, but this one, hit me hard. I loved this game, it has a big role in my childhood, and I’ll always remember it.

  • Máté Lehoczki

    Club Penguin made me new friends that I would have never found in any other game, and also made me discover that there is always something good in life when everything is going terribly bad. After CPR, everything went bad, but then I remembered that if there is at least 1 private server stillup, that will keep Club Penguin alive. And Club Penguin Island’s offline mode will always exist. TY CP. – Matt, ZedKGaming

  • Anonymous

    I joinded Club Penguin in August 2012 with my cousins and friends. It was so cool, all the awesome parties, and events. We all played there together on the weekends and after school. We would meet on a server and visit the parties. I still remember log in in the first hours of Prehistoric Party 2013 and there were bugs everywhere haha, we couldn’t access the prehistoric time. My favourite parties were obviously Operation: Blackout, maybe Hollywood Party for its special vibe, and so much more I’m sure.
    It is very sad for CPRewritten, I still remember joining in April 2017. So much good memories…
    I hope they will win their case. 🐧💙

  • Lauren (Sunsetswift9)

    Club Penguin has always been a big part of my life. I played the OG club penguin and was so sad when it closed. However, I eventually found CP Rewritten. I was so happy to be able to feel like a kid again- playing all the games I love. I no longer live at home but this site gave me a way to connect with my siblings- they even threw me a virtual party for my birthday! I loved being able to design cute outfits and igloos, meet mascots- something I didn’t get to do a lot on the OG one, and most importantly meeting friends. My heart is broken that we lost CP Rewritten over nigh with no warning- I was excited for what was to come. I’m so grateful for the time I was able to spend on CP Rewritten and hope one day it will be back. I’m extremely grateful for this site, as it always provided me with so much valuable info- especially with mascots and party guides. Thank you for the site and thanks to the developers for allowing me to relive my childhood for a few short years. Waddle on forever- Lauren, sunsetswifr9

  • Pinkie Spark

    I thought that club penguin had shut down until search it up on chrome and saw they have created one more i was very happy about it. I quickly created an account. i have been playing it for one year now . It really helped me in the lockdown. I got to know there are so many kind and frindly people in the world. It brcame an important part of my life .My penguin’s last wish on club penguin was to become a black belt. As I opened my laptop to play it today i saw what happen i was almost going to cry.

    P.S Sorry if there r any spelling mistakes i am a ten year old .

  • James

    IDK where to begin, when I was much younger ( like 5 ) I would love when my older siblings let me watch them play club penguin. I never got an account, because I didn’t really understand it much, but I can still say that CP was a part of my childhood. I downloaded CPR 2 years ago, when I first heard about it, and I was really excited to play it. I would always compete with my twin brother on stamps, in a fun way. ( We each needed 4 more stamps to max our stamp books when the game shut down ) I would say my 3 favorite CPR memories would be 1: Catching the rare mullet without even going for it. 2: The fair 2020. 3: The fifth anniversary party 2022.

  • Biscuit 323

    Hi Torres. First I want to say that without you and your dedication to making fans of this game informed of news and little things about the game, I would not have enjoyed cpr nearly as much so I am truly grateful for you. I have been a fan of club penguin rewritten ever since the og days in original club penguin. To me it wasn’t just a game it was a community of amazing people who that made me feel happy and secure. So when original club penguin shut down I was extremely distressed. I thought nothing could compare until I saw club penguin rewritten was a thing. I was so happy club penguin was back that I spent months grinding the hardest games such as puffle launch, ice fishing, and catching waves to get all of the stamps. I can’t express how disappointed I am that all of those hours were for nothing and it is gone forever. Club penguin rewritten has impacted my life so much and made me happy when I needed to feel better. Torres I wish you the best luck with whatever is to come with the website. You deserve so much for everything you did for this community. Thank you Torres and thank you club penguin rewritten for years of many enjoyable moments that are now memories that will live forever. Waddle on.

  • Leo4580

    I played club penguin since I was 6 years old (since 2009) and in those 13 years it helped me a lot to learn english as a second language, it was one of the only places where I could practice my bad english and people (or penguins) would not mock me for making an error (lol). And I loved to talk and learn about other countries and this shaped me in a way that it influenced me on what college degree I should take (it was one of the reasons).
    And I recommended the game for my real life friends and they played with me a lot, I remember to really enjoy that Marvel party and others with them, and them also played CPR. During the pandemic it was awesome to play with them online, while we could not go outside.
    So, Club Penguin was the place where I could learn (my mother was really proud of me when she saw that I could talk and understand others in english) and have loads of fun.
    Torres, I will continue to visit your blog if you continue with it, there are other games that are cool, like AQW (Adventure Quest World) which is old but still has a large community.
    So, Waddle On.

  • Anonymous

    This game has been with me through some of the hardest times of my life. Jumping through hospital beds and being alone through my early school life, club penguin has always been there for me and helped me forget about my day. When I got the EPF game on ds I played it religiously, and did the same for the wii party game. This brand is a symbol of my childhood that I will always look up to.

  • george:) (@sleeportrait)

    club penguin was something that, from the very first time i got a membership on christmas 2011, became core groundwork as to developing as a child on-par with something like lego. that microcosm and representation of childhood nostalgia became the map for club penguin, something that put me at ease in recent years – returning to find the same piano in the pizza parlour or deck chair at the lighthouse beach brought a real sense of irreplaceable comfort. i only hope one day in years to come when the all-watching eye of present-day capitalist disney sleeps, someone will be able to revitalise the old servers of the late 00s-early 10s and usher in a new generation of young penguins. -george

  • Arolasiel

    I found Club Penguin when I was about 6 years old, and my brother and I played it everyday for years. Our games together soon included Club Penguin as well – we pretended we were secret agents going on missions, apprentices to PH, penguins stranded in wilds having to get back to civilization, etc.

    After my brother passed away very suddenly in 2017, Club Penguin was the way I felt close with him. I was 16, but the game brought me peace and helped me to remember him. When Club Penguin shut down just a few months later, I was absolutely devastated, but I quickly found CPR. Through the years, CPR has helped me to maintain that feeling of closeness with my brother as well as shown me a whole new meaning of community and friendship and inspired me to start making art again.

    I owe so much of my life and my continuing healing to Club Penguin and Club Penguin Rewritten.

  • Nyafi007

    I first started playing Club Penguin in 2017. I remember playing hours and hours with friends and family, enjoying the parties, searching for pins, discovering secrets and more. It gave me meg a huge motivation to learn English, especially the newspaper and the secret agent missions. Club Penguin was part of my childhood, I will always remember it. And I’m very thankful to CPR too for the nostalgia, and having a great community.

  • ellis - lasagna lovr

    Man, I never played club penguin until the last few months, but it was such a blast. I logged in with my boyfriend every morning, we’d stay up all night for the rockhopper chests to open at 4am est, compare, laugh at eachothers’ and others’ crazy fits. He taught me how to play cart surfer and I grinded my mind out of that game, wanting to get better and better. I’d almost always have the site open, whether dancing in the Town hoping somebody would come check out my iggy, or mining for coins, which was always a blast. Nothing was more entertaining than the penguins in the mines, I loved chatting with them and going on twitter to see No Context CPPS and cprexposed post what they read in there. As a college student with severe bipolar, club penguin became a constant and a comfort for the 54 days I got to play. I was one of the last 10 penguins on Blizzard’s town and ended up joining a discord with those who had never logged out when the site got seized, and that group and I became quick friends, another thing I’ll always be grateful for. Thank you club penguin for being a ray of light and for the all the laughs

  • Ari

    When I started playing Club Penguin, I was a big role player and loved to play with my friends. Of course, then the original shut down, and I started hopping to different servers, many of which also went down. Eventually me and my sister came across CPR, and it had the best community out of all the ones we went through. The best part about CPR was my friends and everyone in general, always spreading kindess.

  • Katherine

    I was very young when I first started playing Club Penguin. I think it was in 2011 when I created my first account! I remember falling in love with the mini-games, puffles, and the overall idea of the Club Penguin. I spent countless hours playing with friends, and it was my favorite game. When I learned about Club Penguin Rewritten, I was ecstatic to unlock a piece of my childhood! I created a new account that I’ve had for almost a year, and I enjoyed the igloo challenges, parties, fashion shows, island events, and even the Halloween staff party last October! I’ve spent many hours playing CPR, and to me, it was the perfect stress-reliever. The sudden shut-down has made me very sad, but I know that great things can come out of a strong community, so I still have some hope that CPR returns in the future. Thank you to the Club Penguin Rewritten team for making millions of people smile with the recreation of the iconic game! <3

  • zenhaa

    (this will be long just because yeah, if you don’t want to select the message because it doesn’t fit to the “one or two sentences” rule I understand)

    This game has been in my life for almost as long as I remember touching a computer. It was a really popular game when I was in elemental school, and everyone I knew played it. I remember reaching all of my classmates during the break to ask them what their penguin nickname was so we could add each others and play together, I used to do this with a notebook to write down the names.
    I spent a good amount of years playing it with my two best friends, we used to start running to the desk and turn on the computer the moment we got home, it was so much fun to open the list of servers and see the yellow smiley face on the server that we used to hang out, meaning that they were there!
    Not only it was fun because of the amount of friends I had to play, but also the diversity on the parties, the secret items on the catalogue and the necessity of collecting stuff, not only the coloured Puffles, but also the ninja belts, the outfits, the stamps… that game was filled with enthusiasm! Waiting until the next banner over the “Play” button changed to announce the next party, the newspaper changing and reading through what’s happening and the TOP SECRETS.

    Club Penguin made me happy for a long amount of years, and the comeback of rewritten pulled that happiness related to it out of the void , hopefully things will be okay, and I wont have to say goodbye to Sonic1842 again.

  • pickle

    For me, CPR was so important in that it provided me routine and familiarity. When I moved and switched schools, I had to start from the beginning, but my friends and I from my old school would play CPR together just to stay connected. I always loved the community CPR fostered and am so sad to see it go, but we always have to remember to be thankful for the good times we had 🙂 Thank you Torres for always updating us on anything CPR related 🙂 <3

  • Francesca

    Everyone already has their sob story here, so might as well add mine.

    I’m very young, but still old enough to have experienced the OG Club Penguin. I remember asking my older sister if I could have a turn after watching her figure out how to play the game for the first time. My sister was my safe space whilst living in a very scary home situation, and after she introduced me to club penguin, I finally had a second safe space for when she wasn’t around.

    I’d log onto club penguin every time I was scared or felt unsafe, so I was devastated to find out the original Club Penguin servers were being shut down.

    I’m living in a better environment now, but I still hold Club Penguin very dear to my heart. That’s why I was so excited when I first found CPR. Again, since I’m quite young, I didn’t necessarily get to experience the first few years of Club Penguin. CPR was a different story however.

    It was like I was getting a whole new safe space when I logged onto CPR for the first time. Everything was so new and it made me overwhelmed with joy.

    I’m sad I won’t be able to go back to my safe space, or see my Club Penguin friends ever again, but I’m glad I got to experience the game at all.

  • Rachel Ali

    Honestly, Club Penguin Rewritten was a source of stress relief for me. I’m in college and I would play during class when I just couldn’t pay attention anymore or felt overwhelmed. My sister and I live far away but we could play together and have fun on CPR. I’m so sad that it’s gone now since I put so much time into it and now have to find another source to get not worry about my anxiety and stress. The people I met on CPR were always so funny and nice and I can say it really impacted my life playing the game as an adult. RIP Club Penguin Rewritten 🙁

  • Parrot

    My love for Club Penguin goes waaay back. I remember as a kid in the early 2000’s playing CP because one of my closest friends played it and we would log on for hours to play mini games. For me, the thing I loved most about CP was the mascots. I loved them so much and treated them like real life celebrities. At one point, I even emailed the CP staff and asked them questions about how to meet mascots like Sensei and Rockhopper (they gave me some tips and were so friendly!). CP gave me tons of happy memories, from meeting mascots to playing mini games to meeting people from all over the world. No game has even come close to making me feel the childlike happiness that CP did. Thank you CPR for giving me the chance to relive my childhood, even if it was for a brief moment. Waddle on folks!

  • Dragonetta

    Club Penguin was truly a great way to destress for me. Growing up became more and more difficult for me as time went on, and the game was not only a great way to preserve my creativity skills with igloo building, but interact with others online and maintain the happiness I got from childhood nostalgia. I realize now that I don’t have many mementos from my childhood and that’s why I want to try to physically document and put up reminders of things that make me happy. While I mainly only built igloos, Club Penguin, in this manner, forced me to think outside the box and challenge myself!

  • Tyviebrock

    Club Penguin has helped shaped my life by allowing me to make friends I could talk to. Back when I was in school, I really never had any friends and was constantly bullied. No one was really there for me, so I endured it and remained silent.

  • derk4pres

    Where do I start? Club Penguin was likely my first game, starting around 2008 or so. My sister, a couple years older than me, helped me set up my account, choose my very first name, and get logged in to a world that would shape my entire childhood. Every day for months on end, I’d spend hours a day looking for visiting mascots (there were plenty of fake, unreliable trackers back then, but I believed them all), grinding out stamps and coins, or just hanging out with my friends. My love for the game didn’t stay contained to the website either; I became the owner of at 6 puffle plushes, several books, both DS games, and a handful of Card Jitsu cards. My interest in the game decreased as I grew older and the site became more “Disney”-ized, with the collaboration parties such as Frozen and the Muppets, so I wasn’t around much in the fleeting years of the site. this definitely isn’t a “sentence or two,” but this really did give me time to reflect on my love for this game, so thank you for this opportunity.

  • WaddlesGary

    My club penguin adventure first began when my aunt said there was this game she used to play called club penguin. I thought I recognized the name so I gave it a search and there was no club penguin. But there was a club penguin rewritten so I made an account and started playing. It was a blast. So many games and things to do. And thanks to the help of your blog I was able to learn so much more about the game. I would log on almost every day to mine for coins or play with friends. Club Penguin Rewritten has truly changed my life. It made me more social and surprisingly I learned some lessons such as it’s always best to be early, especially if you want to meet a mascot. Now that it’s gone it feels like a part of me is missing. Club Penguin Rewritten will be missed by many.

  • amendoiim111

    Hi, my name is Liguile. I discovered Club Penguin in January 2012. My cousin showed it to me on his computer and there I was, a five year old kid, amazed by that minigames, clothing and rooms. Since then, Club Penguin has been part of my childhood. I saw the game changing. The game saw me changing. Back in 2017, I couldn’t believe that all those years having so much fun on a such a simple browser game would just disappear. One long year later, I wondered if there weren’t any ways I could relive those years of pure joy and nostalgia. On May 27th, 2018, I discovered Club Penguin Rewritten. There are no words to describe the happiness I felt that day. I could own puffles again. I could play Card Jitsu. It was like I unburied an old treasure, filled with memories and tasted like good times. Since then, I’ve been surrounded by the most welcoming and lovely community ever: the CPRewritten Community. These people have brought me back all the good feelings I felt when playing Club Penguin as a child. Today, I cannot play the game anymore, but the community will always be there, for me, for you, for every Club Penguin lover, making it impossible to forget how special was this game for millions of people.
    Thank you Club Penguin Rewritten, for everything.

  • Sarah

    Club penguin was a game that I played throughout my childhood. I loved playing the mini games and trying different challenges to earn stamps and interacting with other penguins. When it shutdown, I was literally devestated but then I found club penguin rewritten and it honestly made my life better again. Now that I’m on college cpr was like an escape for me whenever I get too stressed with school or work. Just like before, this game is very dear to my heart with all the memories I’ve made from it and I’m gonna miss it a lot.

  • Koby

    I actually made good friends out of CPR! I remember this game what’s what helped me get through the pandemic and I would be playing almost everyday. One day I stumbled across a group of penguins and we now still keep in touch and hang out. I even got to meet up with them in real life when I went to their hometown for vacation. It was an amazing experience and I can’t believe the only reason this was possible was because I met them on CPR.

  • Neelyak

    Club penguin has connected me to friends who I knew in real life and friends who I have and now never will, meet in person. I love this game so much. It was a safe haven for me and I knew I could always expect a loving group of players. I am going to miss it so much.
    Thank you Torres for everything. I have been a frequent flyer on this blog for years now and I am just so heartbroken. I am so glad I got to ‘meet’ you in on of your meet ups on the Migrator! When we became buddies on CRP it was so cool, like meeting a celebrity! Thank you for everything.

    • Erin Harting

      From discovering CPR in July or August to now I’ve realized club penguin has always been a huge part of my life. Getting to meet new people, be part of an awesome community and experience those good ol’ days is the best parts about it. The game was unique and I felt there was an overall happiness with everything. Club penguin is what got me away from the stressful things I dealt with everyday. Even though I draw and talk with people occasionally, it wasn’t enough to satisfy me like club penguin did. I hope one day it returns with the whole community following behind it!❤

  • Alana Ortiz

    It was the year 2007 when I discovered the game that would change my life forever. I’d spend hours playing the game, I learned so many things and made so many friends. The shutdown of CPR has been incredibly sad. Hopefully, we meet again. Waddle on!

  • itsdoofus

    gosh, reading these comments is such a melancholic feeling.

    As a kid, Club Penguin was my main obsession. My parents couldn’t afford any consoles, good internet plans or decent computers, so my older sibling introduced me to Club Penguin in 2007. It’s because I couldn’t talk to classmates about COD or GTA, or any modern games honestly, I made most of my school friends through of Club Penguin. We’d hang out roleplaying secret agents, or after the book fairs we’d all share Club Penguin books.

    Anyway, I’d create a Rewritten account with the same name maybe a month after the original shut down, just to say I did, and I’d occasionally log on, but I was pleasantly surprised to find how the community matured, I noticed everyone was an adult reminiscing and it was super wholesome and hilarious at the same time. I had my love for Club Penguin reinvigorated for the two years leading up to Rewritten’s closure, and I thankfully made make few friends on before it also shutdown. For me and I’d assume many others, CPR was my way of reconnecting with my childhood, and I’m extremely grateful for the team that made it possible.

  • Charity

    Memories. That’s the one word I would use to sum up Club Penguin Rewritten. Me and my two younger siblings, (as well as our two cousins), are just so sad at the loss of Club Penguin. We will dearly dearly miss it. I don’t even know what to say except that it gave me several of the best friends I have ever ever known. Club penguin was so special to me and my brother especially, ever since we joined in 2019. We would sit for an hour talking about upcoming parties as compared to previous ones, and would rate them based on music, nostalgia, things to do, decorations, and countless other thigs, even going so far as to download literally almost all the Club Penguin music from every party we could find on our MP3 players. I will have that music on repeat for a long time. CPR allowed me to engage and become close during this crazy time with new friends from all over the world, especially a very dear true penguin who was my best friend. Leenyrooo, this comment is for you girl, wherever you may be at in your life right now, you are beautiful and me and GingerSpice2 love you. We will always love you and be thinking of you. You are my fondest memory on CPR. We love you Club Penguin Rewritten! Thanks for being one of the fondest memories we could ever have! 🙂 Sincerest Farewell,

    • leenyrooooo

      aww skylor!!!! UWU <3 i still visit newcp at times if you’re interested! and thank you too skylor! for always been a great friend to me on cpr <3 both you and gingerspice <3 keep being amazing queenss!! <3

      • Skylor33841

        Leenyrooo!! 😉 Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I created an account on club penguin chapter two, and might create one on new cp maybe, so I’d LOVE to meet up with u again girl! Love you so dearly!! If you want, we can exchange emails and see when each other are on? But I completely understand if you don’t want to for privacy’s sake! Just let me know! Hope to see you soon girlie! 🙂 😉

  • Vincent

    Even though i didn’t ever play the original Club Penguin, i still made memories on CPR. every time a mascot came on, i instantly got on to the server to meet him/her. i made some good friends on it, and one time even made a stamp raid on the server Blizzard called the “water gang” and had maybe about 50-80 people. thank you for your blog, i probably would never been able to meet a mascot or find the pins or the secrets for the Penguin Style. CPR was a masterpiece.

  • Lirri

    Club penguin has been a constant in my life for a past year or two. Since Rockhopper’s Treasure ads came out, I’ve been maintaining a 206 day streak (it would be 207 when it shutdown) and I’m really disappointed that it’s been shut down. I’m really introverted so I haven’t really connected to friends like other penguins have, but I’ve loved their igloo decorating and contests. The creativity shining through everyone’s designs is something I look forward to browsing when I have time to jump into different people’s igloos. CPRewritten’s style is the one I like the best compared to the other fanmade servers I’ve been to. It’s been a joy and I’ll really really miss it!

    P.s. All my puffles are homeless now, I’m dedicating this message to my dear puffles who I’ll never be able to hug goodbye or see again :'( With love to Soren, Faylin, Luxana, 707, ne, Fervor, Jinx, and Sun-Y.

    P.p.s. I was looking forward to seeing the winning ninja igloo designs.

  • Arthur Allan

    I have never felt so sad or broken from any kind of news compared tot this one. Club Penguin was literally my Childhood while growing help, those little penguins were the key to making me feel big and supported. It makes me sad they have to punish millions rather than understanding it wasn’t all our faults, just those three and now a big company, Disney, is taking it all away. I was so excited for my Orange Letterman Jacket and now I’ll never be able to wear it again. All the sadness beside, I want to thank you Torres (I don’t know your gender and I don’t want to assume, so I’ll remain neutral) for everything that you have not just done for Club Penguin Rewritten, but for the fans {not CPR fans, but your fans} and all the years you have been doing this. You have done so, so, so, so, so much and your are a interstellar human with wondrous and incredible with your efforts to help inform players for their penguins. You are not just a website or words, you are a symbol of hope, a symbol of light that continues to shine every time you made a post. You will never be forgotten, and I hope you know that personally, because I really enjoy you, and the efforts you have given. Waddle On Torres, and I hope you continue to be the amazing and loving person you are.

  • Skuooshh

    Club Penguin has been a continuing part of my life – from when I was little, and up til now at 22. When I found out there was a way to relive the experiences and memories Club Penguin provided post-shutdown (the original), I was estatic. I told all of my friends, proudly posted pictures of my igloo makeovers, was just OVER THE MOON when I managed to meet Klutzy (the first mascot I was able!); I kept the names of all of my puffles on a physical piece of paper next to my computer when the switch from Flash to HTML5 happened and they had to be reworked -so I would never forget. I plan to keep it as long as I can now. My friends didn’t join me in coming back to Club Penguin, but still when I told them the news that it was being taken down, they were sad with me because they knew how happy it made me to be able to go back. I would love to receive a postcard – I truly don’t want to say goodbye yet. Still though, the memories were good. I didn’t much use the chat feature, I didn’t make friends through the website -it was just for me. It was something special that I got to do alone. It’s always special when you get to have something like that.

  • Yasmine

    I’m a (young) adult but I still love Club Penguin as much as I did when I played as a kid back in like 2007. My fave part was always buying clothes so CPR was awesome since I didn’t need membership. Loved all the minigames and I enjoyed meeting the mascots so much, I still have screenshots! I always play with my sister and we can spend hours on it. I used to make tracks in the nightclub back when it was available and they were such good jams 🙂 This game has been such a huge part of my life and the only computer game I still kept up with since it was always so exciting. I hope one day it’ll come back. I’ll never forget the memories <3

  • Nicole

    I remember joining Club Penguin during the Water Party of 2008, and the game was such a staple of my childhood growing up. I often say it’s the defining thing of our generation, and it’s so specific since other people who were born 10 years before or after me often have no idea what Club Penguin is. This game is what connected us all together, and when I found CPR, I was so happy there was a close to authentic version of what Club Penguin was like. On CPR, I played games with my sibling just like we did over 10 years ago, and I’m so grateful that CPR allowed us to relive that. I’ll really miss CPR, but I guess it’s better to enjoy it and lose it than to never have experienced it 🙂 Millions of people will miss Club Penguin and CPR. Thank you for bringing it back to us while it lasted!

  • Peachie ;)

    I just wanted to say that the friends I made on Club penguin saved my life and I will forever be grateful to them.

  • Kacheek360

    I’ve been playing club penguin since the winter fiesta of 2009 and that’s where the obsession began. That was third grade for me and from there I had played it to high school. I never really stopped playing it and as time went on the more I did or it. I had almost all of the waves of puffles (you have no idea how much room they take up!) as I’m a collector it kinda got out of hand lol. Even now I’d play rewritten consistently because it brought me back to my childhood, it always brought me joy and made me think of how easy it used to be and the friends I’d play with and also make on there. I’m still wishing I could try and contact my old friends from the original club penguin as we’d actually have some good talks as we got older but I didn’t think about it until it was too late. I hope one day we can all come back to this because this has saved my childhood and made me feel like I can always come back to what I loved. Thank you all for keeping that spark and keeping our childhoods in tact. I appreciate the team and everyone I’ve met on the way.

  • Caoimhe Baldwin

    Indeed where to begin, we’ll a good start would be that I met my now fiance on Club penguin as well as some of my best friends. Being an introvert all my life to this day when this game was a big part of my life when learning life lessons from it when I never had a good authority figure to fill that spot. Club penguin all around was where I could go to when I ever felt like nothing, and I love to reminisce about the only good feelings the game gave me over the years, there was always something to be done and I’ll always be grateful for the creation of this game 🥰

  • Anonymous

    Torres 126 I friended you in CPR before it shut done. I really wanted to make memories with you. Thank you for everything. Thank you torres and Gravix and Moo. Thank you all for the memories you have brought to me. I also want to say that if you have the chance Torres, could you make a whole new site dedicated to New Club Penguin with the mascot tracker and news and everything? It would still make other people feel better. Besides, anybody who is reading this, that includes the CPR devs, could you kinda take control of the website? Also, who are the three people that got arrested?

  • Rdoodler17

    club penguin was only a part of my life for 2021-2022. back in 2021 I wasn’t able to see people anymore and missed just hanging out with people. I figured I should look for a website where I could hang out with people and have a good time. it was then that I discovered club penguin rewritten. I tried the game and enjoyed it! my favorite thing to do was roleplay at the pizza parlor. I met some nice penguins there. then I gave up the game for a while until September 2021 when I saw a streamer playing it. I decided to give it another try. I logged on and I had such a fun time that I played for 207 days in a row. I met so many amazing people. my favorite item in the game was either the pink electric guitar or the blue hair and headphones. then yesterday I came to keep up my log-in streak when I found out about what happened. I hope this isn’t the end for club penguin rewritten but it probably is.

    • Kristalli

      When I first joined Club Penguin, I didn’t even speak English yet. It was around 2011 when I saw an older kid play it on a computer and sick wanted to join, and the game had a big place in my heart and mind ever since. I’d wander around the island, learn the minigames by heart, and create little stories in my head about each one. I fondly remember the EPF missions, even if I didn’t entirely understand what was going on in them yet. I played it often, and even when I didnt play it often anymore a few years later, I still logged on, every once in a while. It was a safe space of sorts for me, and when it finally came back in the form of CPRewritten, I found myself playing it intensely. Whenever I was feeling down and needed comfort, retiring to CPRewritten was such a simple kind of joy. I loved watching the passionate community here, and loved seeing all the people who’d found something in this game over the years come together. It wasn’t something I thought could be maintained for this long.
      Thank you to everyone who made this journey special. Waddle on.

  • Claire

    Club Penguin was a game I played throughout my childhood I am now a college student, but I still logged on to play with my younger brother and to enjoy the nostalgia. I introduced CPR to him since he wasn’t old enough to play the original Club Penguin its sad to see the game is getting shut down.

  • Joeli Klopfenstein

    aaa this is so nice of you Torres! <3
    umm well iv only known cpr for about a year but iv known og club penguin since idk when! and iv loved it ever since! im not exactly sure how it shape my life but i know i wouldn’t love penguins if it wasnt for club penguin, dont get me wrong peguins are pretty beautiful but they were never my favorite animal until club penguin lol. anyway club penguin was a pretty rad game!! (btw i totally understand if i dont get a postcard ^^)

    • Me. Octopus

      Club penguin was the first time I really connected with my brothers, we used one account for the three of us and helping each other find different object, grind coins and earn the belts is one of the best memories I have, seeing rewritten go is sad but I’ll always cherish the moment club penguin created.

  • Joeli Klopfenstein

    right now, i just feel like everybody that worked on club penguin rewritten (and even the players) need a hug <33

  • Iman Colclough

    Club penguin shaped my childhood, not only the main game but the spin-offs on the wii and ds. While i had limited time to play on the family computer, i would spend hours daydreaming about penguins and making up my own little stories with them. I even snuck it into my education, drawing comics all over my work and writing stories about it for english. once the teacher read out what was essentially club penguin fanfiction to the class and my classmates recreated it. embarrassing at the time but shows how much it took over my mind
    i cried when it shut down as many did, but ultimately i think club penguin rewritten was better. i never had a membership, but now i could do everything i always dreamed of as a child. from clothes, to games, to hidden areas, and my favourite thing-puffles

    i would constantly play cpr, especially throughout quarantine. it was always fun and relaxing and was an amazing escape from the world, as well as being a great way to spend time with friends when that wasn’t possible

    i miss cpr greatly, and i thank the people who made it greatly. it was better than club penguin and those generous people deserve nothing they are receiving.

  • Zoe

    I started playing when I was probably in second grade. I bonded over Club Penguin with my best friend and we even made a club where we had meetings. Club penguin was my favorite after school activity. Once it was gone, I wasn’t too sad as I had grown out of playing it. I started playing the rewritten version in college when I was lonely or homesick because it distracted me. I graduate in just a couple of weeks from college and move onto the real world. Club penguin brought back so many happy memories and helped me get through the stress of so many finals, assignments, and even a few heartbreaks. While it is gone, it will not be forgotten. Maybe one day down the road, Club Penguin will come back. Until then, thank you for all you have done and thank you to the creators and artists that spent so much time making club penguin an even better experience this time around. Also, please sell them! I would love to buy one as a memory if I don’t get chosen.

  • Rykneld

    I remember playing club penguin as a kid, and how devastated I was when it shut down. I would play it with my mum, who’s the account originally belonged to before giving it to me, we would do all the events together. Then when I found rewritten, it brought back so many of these memories, and let me relive some of them. It’s hard loosing this 2 times now.

  • Lasse Rasmussen

    I just cant belive this is also coming to an end.. Club Penguin was the place i got to if i felt down and sad in my childhood and even today, a very big part of my life has come to an end and i will never forget about it <3

  • Isabella

    For a long time, Club Penguin has been a happy place for me to relax and escape. I will always remember it as a beautiful and sweet online world with fun games, storylines, and opportunities to hang out with friends. I am very sad to see CPR shutting down, but I am grateful for the extra time the remake gave us CP fans. Thank you Torres for your hard work on this blog; you have helped countless players achieve their goals in the game.

  • Super107

    I started to play club penguin about 3 years ago and at the time I was a lonely guy at school, when I first started playing I would play every day , later on I told other kids about CPR and they started playing with me, if it wasn’t for that game I wouldn’t know a lot of my friends I have today. CPR brought joy and happiness in my life, making friends everyday and trying to meet any mascot that would pop up online, CPR would always cheer me up when ever I was down. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for that game. Thank you Torres for giving us the latest cpr info!

  • Anonymous

    Club Penguin wasn’t the first game that I played and I never paid much attention to it in its first years. My favorite game as a kid was Petpet Park (which not many people know of, surprisingly). When it shut down in 2014 I was heartbroken. I searched for other games to play to cheer myself up and decided to try out Club Penguin. I still remember making my account with my mom, and the password we decided on was so funny that we still laugh about it today. I was heartbroken again when I heard of Club Penguin shutting down, but when I learned of Club Penguin Rewritten I immediately made an account with the same username, and I even got the same Puffles.

    It’s a shame that Disney decided to pull the plug on Club Penguin Rewritten. It’s been an incredible experience waddling around the island and making new friends, but everything comes to an end eventually. BIG thank you to the Club Penguin Rewritten and Club Penguin Mountains teams for your hard and selfless work over the years and for spreading happiness to millions of people. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    At least we have new club penguin but it isent the same. I mean torres could just run the site for new club penguin and the devs would be working on the game. the site i imagine would be basically the same as the CPR site club penguin moutains with the same stuff in it but its related to new cp. Torres do you want to do this? And everybody who wants this to happen just say yes but more importantly its for torres to decide. Torres if you want this say yes and everybody say yes if you want (=

  • StarmanTim

    I’ve played CP since 2010, I was 8 then. I became so obsessed I learned English on a pretty advanced level for my age just so I could understand the game better and better! Ah, so many memories… Meeting the mascots, roleplaying, playing games, enjoying the parties. I made tons of drawings, filled entire notebooks with stuff related to the game, bought toys, books… The game will always have a place in my heart.
    I played CPR too. Not so much, since I’m older now, but I still did fairly often. In the recent months, I’ve checked your blog daily to see if there’s anything new going on. Thank you, Torres.
    Anyways, I will miss the game. And I hear the cries of so many people… I am crying along with you. But we will get through this. Nothing lasts forever, unfortunately. Sometimes there comes a moment when you have to let go 🙁 Even though it’s hard.
    And I hope that you, Torres, will have the strength to let go and find peace and happiness. You’ve spend a lot of energy on this blog, building this up. Even though it’s fading away, I’m sure you’ve learned a lot and I know you will do many other great things in life (you already have, I remember your New Year’s post!). You have a lot going for you.
    I wish you the best, Torres. And I wish the best to the community. Thanks for the memories and waddle on. Have strength, we will survive!

  • tacocat54893

    I love CPR
    I started playing CP og a couple months before it shut down, and I loved it. But sadly, I payed for a $20 membership and the next month it shut down, so I was super excited when CPR came out. I have been playing since 2019, and I love it. I love how it has grown to over 8 million! I am so sad that the London Police are taking it down, and I wish Thorn and anyone else good luck.
    Waddle on!

  • Tianna Treichelt

    I only joined Club Penguin Rewritten a little over 2 years ago. The pandemic had just started and I had also just started dating my current boyfriend. We joined CPR 11 days after we started dating and we played it nonstop together since we were forced to be long distance. He was in North Dakota and I was in California. CPR allowed us to make so many memories and grow love for each other even though we’ve been miles away from each other.

  • Nikol

    OMG there is much I can say about Club Penguin but in sum, this game was my entire childhood and it really changed me as a person. This game taught me love, respect, courtesy towards the others and socialization. I remember one of my friends from elementary school introduced me to this game back in 2007 when I first started playing Club Penguin. I never had membership because I knew how expensive it was and I preferred that my parents keep their money. With Club Penguin Rewritten, I had the chance to experience that and I am beyond grateful & thankful for all the team, mods, admins, other staff members who put an insane amount of hard work into recreating the original game just to make us happy again. It really broke my heart when I found out that not only did the original game shut down but also Club Penguin Rewritten. I was so depressed yesterday after I learned about the news and I wish all the best for the team & a great continuation in life! Rip my penguin Ch324 that was 1837 days old on CPR and to my puffles! I had so many mascot backgrounds, wonderful clothes, a gorgeous igloo, so many stamps, coins… all this is now gone but what will always remain are the memories and this sweet community that we are so lucky to have! CPR will always hold a special place in my heart, it was my favorite game!
    Much love and health to you Torres, thank you so much for doing this for us! You’re very appreciated!! Take care! xox

  • Alan Lopez

    I’ve played club penguin for over a decade. I’ve really learned to value the moments where I’m having genuine fun. Even if I’ve aged and nobody around me remembers this game, I still have that relaxed and joyful feeling in my heart when I play. In recent years, my friends and I have kinda gone our own ways. So logging on to club penguin was just great for fooling around with other people. I’ll always cherish the memes, mini games, and community that came out of club penguin. <3

  • Bre1003

    Hi! I’ll happily buy a postcard if you’re willing to send one! I’m in the USA! I’m sorry, I’m not sure what the best way to contact you is.

  • Rafa (@ragoba08_rafa)

    I played Club Penguin since I was 8 years old (this was in the year 2008) till it’s closure back in 2017. Club Penguin helped me to go through a lot of difficult things that happened in my puberty-adolescence stage. Right now I am about to get my college degree in gegraphy (if everyhting goes right, this will be by the end of the current year), I may not have been the same person I am right now if it weren’t for club penguin, I don’t know if a better or worst person, but I am sure very different.

  • Laggycat

    When I was a lot younger, I played the OG Club Penguin for years. I eventually dropped off some time before the game shut down, but the memories stayed with me. During the pandemic, I found Club Penguin Rewritten, and rekindled my love for the game! It breaks my heart to see the game I cherished leave me again, yet the great experiences I had will never go away. I still have all the plush Puffles!

  • manschizoid1

    Hello Torres.

    I just found out about it… opening you website… And then I started scrolling, and I thought it was joke, but of course you are Torres, the master of Club Penguin guides and mascot trackers, immediately I started to breathe heavily thinking: NOT AGAIN! PLEASE, NOT AGAIN!

    Well Torres… since you ask… I was a happy kid, year 2006, I think October or November, playing along with my neighbors soccer on the street, everyday doing fun stuff, until one day, I rang the door bell, and his mother opened up, and so I asked: where is my friend?, so we can play soccer, she said smiling: he is playing on the computer, come on in. So I saw him along with his friends on the computer playing a funny looking game, so I asked: what are you guys playing?, they said: a new game called “Club Penguin”, I said: what is that?, and they told me hold Log in and all that stuff about the game, so he said: come and sit, play with the mouse and keyboard, so i got an instant crush to the game! And so on!

    In my life, i never received a physical letter or a postcard!

    Please, let us remember you that you, Torres, you made our lives much fun and easier, and don’t think that your cycle has ended, because you have helped millions of people around the world, so yes, you have made a global impact!

    Thanks a lot Torres, and this is not a goodbye…

    As I did before in my previous comments in your other posts… I wish nothing but my best wishes and I really thank you for all your love and dedication to this game! 🙂

    A Club Penguin fan since 2006

  • Acacia

    Club Penguin taught me how to be inquisitive and how to have fun. As a shy only child Club Penguin is one of the first places I started making friends and learned how to express myself. My favorite Christmas present from my childhood was a one month membership. I felt like Club Penguin was educational in disguise. The missions taught me how to be resourceful and clever and were my favorite part of the game. Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed and Ruby and the Ruby had the best secrets, and I learned how to type faster with Lime Green Dojo Clean. As a result of Club Penguin and like worlds, I decided to pursue computer science in university, and am about to graduate from my program. Club Penguin Rewritten these past years allowed me to revisit my fond memories and meet new friends, and I’ve enjoyed following the devs as well as they go on their own journey recreating our favorite game. I wish it could have lasted longer, but I’ll keep on listening to the Dojo and PSA/EPF soundtracks as I code 🙂 Thanks for all the stamp parties and fashion shows and all the work that was put into the coolest of igloos. Waddle on! <3

  • Nathalia R.

    Wow, thank you very much for the chance, well, where do I start? Tbh club penguin has been present the majority of my life, I remember coming back from school and playing with my friends, sending postcards and making last longing online friends. Also when it started to become super famous I would save all my allowance (at my country know as Domingos) to buy the membership. Since it the official site shut down I was devastated I get why but, there was no day I didn’t play it. Now I’m a kindergarten teacher and every Friday is toy day and if one of my students forgets their toy I lend them my pharaoh blue puffle plush and they love to play with it. Also, here at México, there are stationer’s shop where they still sell club penguin official stickers, wish I could enclose some fotos because they are so pretty and once every end of the month my students choose one of those stickers and they absolutely are fascinated by them, and the girls always ask me where they can buy a pink puffle to bring for toy day. It’s somehow heart-filling knowing that even if they didn’t play the game it still forms somehow part of their lives. I have been playing CPR since it started an it’s heart breaking that two days ago I was still trying to get my Pizza Master Stamp and now I can’t even get it. This has been bitter sweet because I have so many good memories but welp, I guess is time to waddle on…

    PS: I want to thank you for all the work you have done for this community and help me find all the hints and secrets inside each catalog, know the pins location and the mascot tracker that even if I was 849/1096 in line to join I always got the costume background. Thank you for all, I really appreciate it :)))))

  • Brittney (Robo)

    I played club penguin all through out my childhood. I spent many hours as a kid playing after school, and made many online friends in Club Penguin. As an adult, I started playing CPR a little while before the pandemic started. Next thing I knew, I was playing CPR daily again, and it felt just as special to me as it did when I was a kid. I have club penguin plushies, a tapestry of the map on the way, and a lot of new memories! The CPR community really helped me through hard times, whether that was just going to a fun igloo party, or it was receiving a lot of mental health support from staff and community members in the discord. I can’t express how grateful I am for this community, and how much less alone it made me feel through out the pandemic. Thank you to everyone in the community who reads this, each of you have made me, or another community member, feel very happy 🙂 Waddle on!

  • Gabby

    The one big thing that Club Penguin did for my life is giving me confidence to be myself. I’ve always been the shy kid in school but Club Penguin allowed me to come out of my shell to talk to people online, which gave me the confidence to start talking to people in school. I’m so glad CPR was able to bring back the nostalgia of Club Penguin, which greatly shaped my childhood. Though CPR is now gone, I’ll always cherish it and look back at it fondly for the memories it gave me. Thank you Torres for this giveaway and all that you’ve done for this community and best of luck for the future!

  • Riccowed

    (Don’t enter me for this giveaway. I’ve entered enough giveaways of yours, so let some others win 🙂 I also wrote this comment before this post was made)

    Where do I begin? I first played Club Penguin 15 years ago, soon after it released, not thinking much of it. Yet through the years, through all the homework, games and websites out there, Club Penguin has always stayed. The ingeniousity, creativity, freedom of Club Penguin is what kept users staying week after week. One didn’t play Club Penguin everyday, but that was the beauty of it. There was no need, no stress, no worry to login everyday. Nothing would be lost. Just a casual play every fortnight made Club Penguin the great game it was. Some days I would get by school just excited to come home and explore the latest party. Other times I’ll totally forget about it and only login a few months later, yet the art style, the games, the timeless decorations of the rooms, kept me coming back. From getting 1st in the Minecart Leaderboard, to meeting all my favourite mascots (including Torres), hunting for stamps (315/325), to staying up late or waking up early, to roleplaying and having fun times with random penguins, to being featured in a Thinknoodles video. There’s just countless memories from Club Penguin. It’s been a blast reading all these other comments, seeing just how much Club Penguin played a role in their lives as well. As many, I too am in shock and can’t really believe this. I don’t comment very often on your posts Torres. But do know I read every one of them. Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put in this website. It’s really more than what people think. From the graphics, to trackers, to giveaways, to catalog cheats, to just a simple post that puts a smile on my face. Thank you Torres. It’s been a wild ride.

    Waddle On 🙂
    – Riccowed

  • Poppamunz

    I first started on Club Penguin when I was six… It was my first hobby as a kid, and I remained obsessed with it for years to come. I owned so much merchandise, and multiple of the books, and I always talked my relatives’ ears off about the latest game, or catalog, or whatever was new and exciting. Nowadays, it remains a source of shared nostalgia for me and several friends of mine who played it… I’m going to miss re-experiencing that nostalgia in Club Penguin Rewritten. I’m so sad it’s gone.

  • Kisaa

    Club penguin was my favorite game of all time, out of all games i have ever played this was the only one i have never quit playing. I remember playing it with my friend and she always used to say some stupid stuff like ” Good morning everybody, i have a fish on my head!” that always made me laugh so bad lol. I loved all the mini-games, card jitsu was my all time faaaaav, even tho i always did lose haha. Every time i was sad or had a bad day club penguin always made me happy. I remember my computer working so sloooow b cuz i had all the mascot trackers on at the same time, and when some mascot came on i logged in as fast as i could, my sister would think I am weird, rushing to log into this game cuz some random guy came (mascots are random guys according to my sister lol). I cant imagine what I’m gonna do with all my free time without this game, there is no other game as fun as club penguin. Even if disney will turn the game back on but it will be theirs, I wont play it. It would not be as fun. I feel bad for all the people who have never played this game and missed the opportunity, they will never know what is a fun game. I don’t have enough words to explain how much club penguin meant to me, so i guess I’m gonna have to end it here. Thank you for all the happiness <3

    • Erik

      Made my best friend, N on the original club penguin. I started playing at around 10 years old. Next year I began talking to my best friend on penguin lodge. I’m now 20 and she is 21. We still talk every day. In fact we used to play CPRewritten together until the shut down and reminisced on our old memories as children to adults. So I guess in the end, we really did waddle around and meet new friends.

  • BashfulWolf

    Honestly, just want to share my love for Club Penguin. I joined the og Club Penguin wayyy early on, I think maybe around a year after it was public? I had no irl friends at the time, being very young and antisocial for multiple reasons, and so these online games were extremely important for me. It allowed me to make some friends, interact with people, and helped me make characters I still use to this day (heck, some of them are being written in a book right now). Although the og game started to decline in quality, I made sure to be there til the end. Sadly, I didn’t find out about Club Penguin Rewritten until 2019, the day after my dad had died. My boyfriend had found it, and suggested we played together, and oh boy was I hit with intense nostalgia. It was very bittersweet, I used to play the game on my dad’s laptop as well so all of those memories came back. The game will always be held very near and dear to me, it had gotten me through the worst of times, and some of my most fond memories are from the og game. It’s amazing how much a simple game can affect you.

  • Arthur Allan

    Hey Torres I forgot to use my email instead can I use my personal one instead? I’ll type it cause the one I used might not work anymore- thank you

  • Sabrina

    Im just gonna say it…. im 22 years old, my twin sister and I started playing this game when it was first realeased in 2005 (we were 5) i was obsessed with it growing up i bought the books, the puffles, loved all of it. it shut down sometime aorund my highschool years and i was devistated. When club penguin re written opened up i was so excited to play! my sister and i being older then the inteded group promised to only make friend with each other and to play as often as we could. we used club penuin as a platofrm to stay connected as we are both away at college seperated by about 9 hours, as identicle twins whove never been apart it was an extreme comfort to have. If anything just wanna say thanks for the years and for the memories. Much love ~ Sabrina and Grace

  • Blue0331

    Hi Torres 126,

    I have PayPal’d you money for a postcard. If you could email me using that PayPal email (it starts with a “d” and ends in an “n”; Gmail), I’d love to be able to keep in touch and maybe even buy more Club Penguin stuff.

    Thank you so much for everything! As you would say… Waddle On!

  • Brittney (Robo)

    Hi torres! I placed an order for a card 🙂 its under Brittney. I would love a little message, but if you can include my penguin alias robo in there somewhere I would appreciate it! thanks <3

  • Shannon

    Club Penguin Rewritten has help me so much and i have Autism and Autisic and it would help me every day and night if i have a meltdown or get upset it help me so much and make me happy and smile and laugh and giggle and silly and club penguin rewritten has help me so much and i would play it everyday and night i wishes it was still here right now i would be play it and i rember on the bottom of you website you said just a fan page not try to own clubpenguin and not apart of Disney just try to have people enjoy play Penguins i hope they see that and it can come back club penguin rewritten and it make me so happy and smile and i have been do the food pantry for food and i am so thankful for but it was nice that you game was free and it means so much to me you games was so much fun and i wishes you could make a new penguin one please and thankyou and you are the best and take care

    • Torres 126

      I don’t know if there will ever be a new penguin game like this, but I’m glad to hear Club Penguin made such a positive difference in your life. I wish you all the best going forward. 💜

  • Bronwyn10

    I guess it’s starting to sink in that club penguin rewritten is gone – it’s really strange to actually think it. I played the original club penguin from 2013-17, so I really wasn’t an og member, but that time really helped me to get through some tough years in my life with illness and friendship troubles. As soon as it ended, I joined club penguin rewitten, so I think I played some version of club penguin for almost 9 years! It’s honestly hard to imagine not just having it there, in case I felt like playing. Towards the last few days of cpr I played less, and I wish I’d been on for the last moments (instead of being asleep because it was probably 3am where I am), and I will miss it. I hope that the community, in whatever form it takes, will continue to live on. All I can say is Waddle On.

    • Glow 000

      Club Penguin was a massive part of my life for 11 years! I collected as much of the merch as I could through the Club Penguin Mix n Match, the magazines and those epic books. I absolutely loved it and it’s finally been passed on to my little sister whose now just as obsessed as I was. Thanks so much for your blog, its helped out a big time along my journey. We have definitely made memories worth keeping. Waddle On.

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