Thank you, and waddle on…

Hi everyone,

Even now, it seems a little surreal since we’ve been here many times before: when classic Club Penguin closed in March 2017, Club Penguin Rewritten in February 2018, then Club Penguin Island in December 2018, and when Disney issued takedown notices in May 2020. It’s difficult to accept that this truly is the end of an incredible journey – and even though there may be other smaller servers still out there, I’m afraid to confirm that it marks the end of my journey.

This will be the final post on Club Penguin Mountains, and I’m not exactly sure how to write it. I’ve never really quite put it like this before. Over the last couple of years, there have been less than a handful of active Club Penguin blogs, and even fewer which are still running today. So it’s strange to imagine that when I first signed up to the game back in 2010, there were – literally – thousands and thousands of them. I still have fond memories from back then, from purchasing my first membership at the local ToysRUs to reading the Shadow Guy comic book on the plane when I moved to South Africa for four years. Given that so many people have been sharing their Club Penguin story over the last few days, I wanted to take a final opportunity to reflect very briefly on the journey of this blog one last time.

My involvement in the community really began with the Penguin Lodge chat, which I’m sure some people will have memories of. Penguin Lodge was a “cheating site”, as it was called back then, but it had a thriving community. The IRC chat was effectively the precursor to services like Discord, and it was the first time that I was really able to connect with people about Club Penguin outside the game. It was where I spent much of my time, and I still remember the night in December where I was hired as a moderator for that chat – that was a big deal back then! But it was really through that chat where I saw people creating their own Club Penguin blogs, and I was inspired to do so myself.

With so many blogs already existing, it would perhaps seem odd that I chose to make my own – creatively named “Club Penguin Torres 126” – in September 2013. I had no experience other than trying to work on a similar blog with a friend for a month or so earlier, but I loved it. There was something extraordinary about the idea of being able to upload content online, even if only a handful of people read it. Strangely, I think that feeling remains as strong today as it did back then. I remember returning home from school, excited to see my site’s Dashboard. The one thing which still amazes me about those times is just how young we all were. Much to my embarrassment, all those posts are available to read on this blog today – and they’re not exactly sophisticated! I hope the fact that I was nine years old will make that explainable, but most of us in the community were young – too young, perhaps. It almost certainly wouldn’t be possible today, not with the clampdown on underage accounts coming with the British government’s online safety reforms. But looking back, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Look how young!

I suppose that the next development came in November 2013, where I joined the Club Penguin community on Twitter. I think that my first tweet was embarrassingly asking to be added by Tommy 234 56, a “famous” blogger at the time. But signing up brought with it a wider community, all connected by Club Penguin. I don’t think that I can explain the magic of waking up at 6am during a school holiday, scrolling through overnight tweets as the community woke up (back then, it was common to tweet “good morning” without fail!) while working on this little blog. Every blogger back then had so much pride in what they published, from the little widgets on the side of the blog to the many different pages which people wrote – and I was certainly no exception. Those pages and posts may have been poor quality, but I remember having so much fun writing them. In many ways, 2013 was a golden year filled with beautiful parties and exciting updates.

In early 2014, “Club Penguin Torres 126” became “Club Penguin Mountains”, although a two-year hiatus meant that nobody initially knew that. Incidentally, I still vaguely remember the night where I came up with that name – again, only ten years old, but it’s amazing how recognisable it would subsequently become. After that hiatus, from 2016, I began posting again; it was during that year where people kept holding hope for “#ProjectSuperSecret”, which would later become Club Penguin Island, but many felt the game had already started to lose its charm. It was probably a combination of the increasingly irregular updates, a perceived disconnect with the team, and skepticism for the unknown project. In retrospect, I think that we – as a community – were probably a bit too harsh. The team were played a difficult hand, and one not made easier by the closing of global Club Penguin offices a year earlier, although I still question the wisdom of many decisions taken back then.

And so, as we approached 2017, Club Penguin Island came along. The disappointing response to it has already been well-documented, though I still find it unfortunate how it ended at a point where there was genuine potential for the game. Needless to say, my blog posts about it didn’t last particularly long, and the venture to Club Penguin Rewritten soon began. Over the last nine years, I’ve blogged at some point about six different games, albeit for varying lengths: Club Penguin, Club Penguin Island, Club Penguin Rewritten, SuperCPPS, Vintage Penguin, and Pengur. Each brought its own joys and challenges, but it’s been wonderful to see the community continue for so long, even after the official franchise closed.

Although this will be the final post, the 3768 previous ones have contained altogether just under 600K words. I’m not sure it’s possible to explain how a Club Penguin blog can contain so many; my teachers have sometimes asked what I actually write about. I’ve never been be particularly it explain well, and I’m not sure that I could now! Writing up party guides, putting together catalog secrets, tracking mascots…they might all seem slightly odd individually, but altogether, it’s been an incredible experience.

Being in this community has shown me much of human nature’s best, and a fair amount of its worst too. Like much of society, there’s a sad story to be told about antagonism and greed – one only displayed too clearly by Disney’s latest actions, and some of the responses to it. There will inevitably always be some bitterness about the way events have unfolded, and it’s undoubtedly painful to see Disney so viciously defend the intellectual property of a brand which they were only too happy to relinquish. I want to put on record my horror at seeing private servers being effectively treated as criminal enterprises. Beyond Disney, it’s made clear the capacity of human nature for cruelty, from those that seek to sow division to the hackers and crooks that have sadly disguised themselves in our community for too long. There have been some strange characters over the years! I have no doubt that it has also exposed some of my own frailties too.

But running this blog has also given me the huge privilege of seeing how a virtual world can mean so much to so many, and how people really can brighten others’ lives. I’ve always been pretty open about my attachment to Club Penguin, including in real life, and there can sometimes be a tendency to disregard it as “childish” or “just another game”. Many of us will know both of those things to be false, and it’s been moving to see all the comments over the last few days proving that by providing stories of how Club Penguin really has shaped so many lives. It’s tempting to go through the most memorable parties – from the thrill of EPF operations to the cheer of the Holiday Party – but for me, it’s much more than that: the last few years have been strange, especially during the pandemic and successive lockdowns. Club Penguin was a source of connection, even for people who had never met before, and I hope that’s helped bring even a little bit of comfort for you when you’ve most needed it.

Like all islands, I’ve learnt that being a virtual one hasn’t exempt Club Penguin from its own politics and history. I’m sure that people will have their own judgements about the debates of past, from the seemingly never-ending disputes about “takeovers” that dominated Spike Hike’s tenure as General Manager to the decisions behind Project Super Secret. It’s funny how irrelevant and distant those seem now. I still hope that the history of Club Penguin will one day be pieced together in its entirety; though much of it has been scattered online, it’s an incredible story that deserves to be told. Some of it has been (see the New Horizons documentary below!), but not so much with the later years. I’ll always try to keep Club Penguin Mountains available to read in order to serve as an archive for that reason, or even for if you just wish to have a wistful browse of old posts one day in the future. There’s very few online communities that can truly display the proud history which this one can, with such a remarkable story, and I hope that history will always be available to find online.

No farewell post would be complete without five important messages of thanks, so I hope you’ll bear with me. Firstly, to the many wonderful friends who I’ve met over the last nine years – I’m not sure where I’d be without you. Many of those friends have come and gone, and I’m still extremely curious about where the people who I knew all those years ago are now; there are names of friends like “Pinkypink363” or “euston” which I still recall, without a clue of what’s happened to them. As an only child, I’ve spent incalculable amounts of my time with online friends – and I’m extremely fortunate to still have some truly amazing friends, and to have some lovely shared memories to smile back on.

Secondly, to the incredible people and teams who have made the Club Penguin experience possible. That includes everyone who worked on the original game, from those in Support who put up with my incredibly annoying emails when I was younger (!) to the countless people needed to make the content which we all enjoyed. I still have a card on my wall filled with the signatures of the team in Kelowna, and it never fails to remind me how much the team went above and beyond anything they were ever paid for. There are very few other Support teams out there who would try to actively create a conversation with those emailing them. If you have a couple of minutes and haven’t seen it already, this Ted Talk by Lane Merrifield (Billybob) will not fail in conveying just how incredible those folks were.

That thanks extends to those who worked to ensure we could continue our experience, even after the Club Penguin franchise officially ended – we may have had our disputes, but your dedication and commitment has always been commendable.

Thirdly, while I’ve been the sole blogger on Club Penguin Mountains for well over half a decade, there were several who worked alongside me when I was just starting out. The two who really come to mind are Nathan76877 and C0mputerguy, but I’m grateful to all of you for your assistance – wherever you are now. That thanks definitely extends to the people who have helped update the Mascot Trackers over the last year, whose help have all been invaluable – both to me and the community.

Fourthly, perhaps the people who are most overlooked by bloggers, to the incredible WordPress team behind the software which powers this blog and literally thousands of Club Penguin blogs in the past. I’ve had the privilege of coding alongside some of them over the last few years, and they truly are the unsung heroes of the Club Penguin blogging community. There’s something incredible about the fact that I could launch a blog at the age of nine with barely no digital experience, and the people who made that possible aren’t given nearly enough credit.

Lastly, to you. The stats tell me that 1.79 million people have viewed this blog in over 175 regions, with over 16.4 million views. It’s impossible to compute those statistics, but I want to thank you. The fact that you’ve chosen to spend your time reading this blog is such an incredible privilege that I have been deeply touched by. It sometimes feels a little surreal that people would choose to read the random and silly things which I write online! I hope that you’ve enjoyed doing so, whether you’ve found this blog helpful for something related to in-game content or just checked it routinely to see what’s going on. I will miss blogging greatly. From reading all your comments, tweets and emails to figuring out the updates so I can share them with you, it’s been a bit of a routine that losing will take some time getting used to! I’ll the miss small things too, like writing a post at the turn of the New Year or packaging merchandise for giveaways. But I’m always acutely conscious that none of this would have ever been possible without the incredible support of the community, and for that, I am more grateful than you may ever know – or may even believe.

If you are hoping to continue your Club Penguin journey on different servers, I hope that you’ll consider the safety tips which have been on the sidebar for a while. I wrote them almost half a decade ago, but they are as relevant now as they were then:

  1. Always use a different password for each of the accounts you own
  2. Consider having an email that does not give away personal information and use that to sign up on different servers
  3. Ensure you are on the correct URL/website of the game which you want to play
  4. Avoid servers which are run by a bad team

For me, although this marks the end of my journey with Club Penguin blogging, I’ve been really fortunate to have learnt so much from this experience. I’m not naive enough to think that any of my future projects or works will ever gain nearly as much attention as this blog, but it has taught me much from writing to coding; the other website which I created, the Latin Vocabulary Tester, simply would never have been possible without the skills that I picked up on this journey. The next month will see me attempt some challenging public exams, but if all goes well, I’ll hopefully be going to university to study Politics and International Relations later in the year. I’m still not sure at all what I hope to do in life, but I’d like to think that the things which I’ve learnt on this journey will make them easier. I’m sad that Club Penguin won’t still be the constant throughout any future experience, given that it’s been there throughout when I’ve switched schools and even countries, but it’s provided me the opportunity to learn and try so many wonderful things.

The one other thing which I’d like to say is that, although this marks the end of new posts on this blog, I will always try to be around. Please always feel free to reach out, whether that be through the comments section below (I’ll keep notifications on for this blog!) or through sending a message via email or Twitter. I hope that I’ve been accessible throughout, and I’d like to continue to be. And just in case there ever will be a new post published here – perhaps a personal update every now and then – feel free to subscribe via email as well.

Join 11.6K other subscribers

I don’t think it’ll ever be possible to truly convey the magic of Club Penguin: the sheer joy of logging on for a new update when you were younger and being greeted by a beautiful soundtrack; the memories of meet-ups with mascots and moderators, scrambling to receive a postcard in the frenzy; the anticipation and excitement for an event as sneak peeks were released. Club Penguin is special. The countless articles about the game’s closure shows that the world knows it. In the bottom of our hearts, we know it too. We are the greatest community online.

So it has been a privilege and an honour to have played a small part in that magical story. There probably is no perfect way to finish this, but I’m going to end with the quote that appeared when the Iceberg tipped for the first time at the Waddle On Party back in 2017. I think that it encapsulates everything that was so special about Club Penguin: the tangible difference made by Coins for Change which funded 50+ schools and 40+ libraries, the iconic backstory behind tipping the Iceberg, and the community that formed when so many doubted the project all those years ago.

Together we can build a community, change the world…and even tip an Iceberg. Waddle on.

I’ve been truly very blessed to have had the most phenomenal audience, and I wish every single one of you the best, long into the future. I hope that you’ll fulfil your dreams and ambitions, no matter how big or how small, and maybe – just maybe – this little snowy world may play a small part in helping you do so. Above all, I hope the future ahead will be filled with joy for you. There will undoubtedly be difficult times, but I hope you’ll be able to overcome them. Take care. I’m eternally grateful for your support. It’s been a blast.

Thank you, and for the last time after nearly nine years of blogging…

Waddle on!

-Torres 126 (Aurorum)


  • Zuko

    been reading your blog since late 2015. Thank you Aurorum, your blog has helped the community so much. Wishing you the best for your future! <3

    Once A Penguin Always A Penguin!
    Waddle on!

      • Jetranger

        Wow Torres, or should I say Aurorum. I’m getting teary and completely shocked. This journey has been important to me for a long time. I have been Club Penguin for 10 years now! I found Cp Rewritten around 4 years ago and your blog 1 and a half years ago! It seems as if it was yesterday when my friend said to me,”Hey! If you like Club Penguin so much, I found a remake that we could try. This began my nostalgic adventure back into my childhood. The first time I made my account and loaded into the most popular server, Blizzard, for the first time, I almost cried. When I told you at the start of this comment that I was crying, that shows how special this blog was to my. I didn’t cry when I found Club Penguin Rewritten. The tears didn’t come streaming down my face like when I read this blog post. This blog(and you) is more important to me than the actual Club Penguin Rewritten shutting down!

        I’m saying this for the final time(please remember me),

        Waddle on,

        • Torres 126

          Those words mean a lot, and I feel really privileged to hear that this blog meant a lot to you. It’s the magic of Club Penguin, I suppose! I’m super grateful, and I wish you all the best going forward. 💜

  • Caitlin Morrisey

    Torres, I was balling my eyes out reading this. I can’t believe club penguin is gone. And this blog, I’m going to miss you blogging SOOOOO much. I remember the day you accepted my friend request on CPR. I was SO excited. I went around telling my family that ‘The author of Club Penguin Mountains accepted MY friend request! ME!’ It was an amazing day. Even writing this comment, I can’t stop crying. I’m going to miss CPR so much, but more importantly, I’m going to miss YOU so much!!!!! It’s not going to be the same. We aren’t going to be able to connect as often as we did when you posted a new blog post. Everyone has their lives and lives are busy…I’m just going to miss this community SO SO SO SO much. It breaks my heart that this is the end. It really does. I remember when my cousin, Elise, who is 3 weeks older than me, told me about Club Penguin. She helped me sign up and we played together. I remember another time we were visiting, and my cousin Mia, (Elise’s older sister) set the computer up for me so I could play Club Penguon, and she said to me ‘I know how to get you a lot of coins really fast’ and I was like ‘how?’ And she went onto Puffle Round up, and sure enough, she was so good at it that she had gotten me $800 coins in a matter of minutes. I don’t get to see my cousins a lot, so that memory is one I really hold onto. I’m trying SO hard not to cry as I’m writing this, but I’m also smiling haha. I remember that day as clearly as if it had happened yesterday, and not when I was 9. I remember my mum buying me a plush toy of Gary the Gadget Guy. He was, and still is, my absolute FAVOURITE. Although I love them all, Gary, Cadence, JPG and Sensei are my absolute favourites. Cadence connects to music in the exact way I do, Gary is as interested in making things as I am, JPG loves flying and is kind of mysterious, again, like me haha I’m kind of mysterious, and Sensei too, is mysterious and wise. I’m really going to miss seeing the mascots on CPR. Especially Sensei and Cadence, actually all of them. I wish Disney had of continued CP, but because of their decision, everyone has lost something that we will ALWAYS hold in our hearts. This comment is getting really long, but I don’t want to stop. Because that will mean that this is the end. And I don’t want it to be the end. I want it to be a HORRIBLE nightmare that we all wake up from. But I know that’s not going to happen. Thank you for being my friend Torres, thank you for the blog posts, thank you for everything. I’ll be emailing you to see how you’re doing, so I hope we can still be friends, because you are one of the BEST friends I’ve ever EVER had, and I know we don’t know each other personally, but I don’t want our friendship to end. So could we please stay friends and stay in contact by email? It would really mean the world to me.

    Again, thank you for being my friend, for blogging, for absolutely everything. You are such an incredible guy, and I’m REALLY going to miss you. I feel quite honestly, that I’m losing my best friend. I wish only the best for you, and good luck at university! You’ll do absolutely amazing, I know you will. You’re Torres126 aren’t you? 😉 I really don’t know how to end this comment, so I’m going to leave it at thankyou. Thank you, and I love you. You really are an amazing person Torres, and I see great things happening in your future. Until we email, thanks again. ❤

    • Torres 126

      Thank you so, so much for your lovely comment – that’s such a wonderful story, and I’m glad that the mascots were characters who you could resonate with. I think that’s what helped make Club Penguin so special: that sense of connection…and you’re right that losing it has been tough.

      I’m so glad though that I have been able to bring some joy. Please do feel free to send over an email whenever – you’re right that things will almost certainly be busy, but I will always try and reply to them!

      I can’t say thank you enough for your wonderful comment. I wish you all the best, and take care! <3

  • Anonymous

    Practically sobbed at that😭
    It’s so sad cpr has officially gone. I’d do anything for it to come back. It’s helped me in so many ways and now it’s just gone💔it’s definitely effected me mentally, the closure of cpr has just wrecked me. I was getting back on track and then all my happiness has gone straight out the window.
    It won’t be the same without cpr. Nothing will replace it. My heart is permanently torn apart.
    Waddle on friends.

    • Torres 126

      I completely understand what you mean. I remember a similar feeling after the first closure of Club Penguin Rewritten, and although the circumstances are a bit different, I assure you that it will get easier – even without something to replace it. Take care, and I wish you all the best. <3

  • Blue21102 (@Blue21102)

    Really well written, Torres. I’ve popped back here from time to time, despite not getting into Rewritten, but your site and its posts have always impressed me. I don’t doubt that the legacy of Club Penguin Mountains leaves a very special mark in the history of the community, and I’m sure it will help shape your future too, in whatever it is you decide to do.

    I still appreciate all the times, years ago, when you supported me and my projects through your site – thank you. And thank you for documenting a lot of what’s gone on post-shutdown of Club Penguin. Club Penguin Mountains has been and will continue to be a very important resource for the community.

    I’m sorry that your Mountains blogging journey has come to an end pretty abruptly, but you certainly ended it beautifully. All the best, pal.

    • Torres 126

      Blue! Thank you very much for your lovely comment – it’s been a wild rollercoaster over the years, but I still vividly remember your blogs and projects, and the amazing content which you created – an inspiration for other Club Penguin content creators! I wish you all the best too. 🙂

    • KaoSham

      Hi Torres!

      So broken reading this. I remember playing the official club penguin way back with my sister when we were younger. I remember my mum bought us a months membership card and we were so excited. I never thought I’d still be playing it now that I’m approaching my late teens, but it truly was a great game and had an amazing community. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now, and every update would always show in my Google feed. I always got so excited when you posted, and your tips for finding pins or codes or whatever it may be, always helped me. I remember I joined one of your last events. It was soo fun, and I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

      Now that club penguin is gone, I’m really proud to say that I was apart of the community, and that I made great friends along the way. I will never forget this game, It’ll always live on in my heart. So I guess for the final time, it’s time for me to say, waddle on guys 💔

  • Anonymous

    Miss you Torres. It’s been fun. Maybe someone else will have to pick up the torch for a blog if the CPR team makes something that, like they said, “Will never be related to penguins.” Waddle On!

  • r9ostdkgvuusf0vd9k

    Ever since I started playing Club Penguin Rewritten almost two years ago, I have found your blog to be a great guide to the ins and outs of the game. It’s a shame how sudden the shutdown was, considering the Spanish servers had recently been set up, and the Hollywood Party was coming up, but I’m glad that this game, and the original Club Penguin, could be a part of many lives for almost two decades. I’d say it’s been 10 years since I started playing Club Penguin, and I shall cherish those years!
    Waddle on, Torres! 😀

  • OLIJAY2010

    Even though its over, I’m still thankful I got to be a part of this community and I hope you do well in whatever you decide to do next Torres.
    Cya lads

  • Vincent

    thank you for everything torres. without this blog, i would have not met any mascots, no pins, and no penguin style secrets. i thought that you were going to write about CPR’s new games, but i guess thats up to you to make that decision. thank you for everything torres.

    Waddle on!
    -kitty kins (my old CPR username ☹️)

    • Torres 126

      Thank you for reading! I was thinking about it, but to be honest, there were two main reasons: firstly, it’s not exactly known when they will release, and that would mean this blog being pretty empty for a while anyway! And secondly, I’m just not sure it’ll be the same without penguins, or if there will even be a purpose for blogs with whatever game they create.

      Take care, and I wish you all the best! <3

    • Anonymous

      He did provide an input for email on the last post, so he might at least link whatever the team makes next, but that will not be him blogging most likely, and even if he did, it would need a new site!

      • Torres 126

        Yes, I’m afraid to say that I don’t think there will ever be many/any new posts related to future games, especially ones that would require creating a new site – but we never say never!

        • Anonymous

          And that’s fine! Someone will make a blog if it ever picks up steam, you deserve a break. Maybe me (But probably not, haha.)

  • Biscuit 323

    Thank you Torres! I wish you the best of luck in college and I am truly grateful for the work you put into making this post and the entire site.

    Waddle On! And may Club Penguin live in us forever!!!

  • Riccowed

    Wow. What a beautiful post Torres! This is quite a surreal moment indeed. Thank you so much for this blog Torres! All the laughs, meetups, giveaways, cheats and so much more you provided for us. You wrote it so beautifully. Club Penguin is not just a ‘kids game’ but something so much more. Your blog has really cemented itself into the history of Club Penguin. Definitely something to be proud about 🙂 I wish you all the best with your exams, studies, and whatever lies ahead! I won’t be surprised when I see your name working for the New York Times 😉

    Also mini Torres face reveal! So weird yet so cool to see the person behind this blog! (Maybe you’ve revealed before? Not sure)
    Nevertheless, once again, thank you 🙂

    Riccowed 🙂

    • Torres 126

      Thank you very much, both for your kind words (although perhaps slightly too ambitiously hopeful!) and all your incredible support over the years. It’s meant a lot, and I wish you all the best going forward. 💜 And you’re right, I think that’s the first public photo of me available online!

  • Carphonic

    Thank you for everything you’ve contributed to this community, Torres. You’ve certainly made a legacy here. Waddle On!

  • cranberry944

    ah! this has made me so emotional to read! i’ve been coming to the blog basically every week since i started playing cprewritten and have always enjoyed reading your posts. thankyou for everything! i truly wish you the best 🙂

  • Katherine

    There really is no way to put an end to something that was so beautiful to so many people… Club Penguin (and CPR) brought so much joy into so many lives. I understand the decision to step away from the blog. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll decide to come back 🙂

    When I was reading your post, I got a bit emotional because the feeling that everything is gone has just started to sink in. It upsets me how Disney wanted to take away something that not only was fan-made, but something that drew in a community where people could do whatever they pleased. Playing mini-games, throwing parties and fashion shows, talking to other penguins if they needed somebody to talk to, and just the overall nostalgia of the game was just what we all needed in rough times (and all other times too). I’m trying to be optimistic by trying other small CP servers. I just signed up for Club Penguin Chapter 2, but it’s just not the same. It doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of attention by the developers, either. They still have a Christmas Stage room from last year!

    Anyways, I wish you the best of luck in the future. I know that you will succeed at whatever you decide to do! Thank YOU for making this blog. Although I haven’t posted any comments on this blog before (I made my first comment this week) I have been very active on this blog before. I used the mascot trackers, read about updates all the time, and read very helpful information about various aspects of the game. I wouldn’t have had the same experience without you, so for that, I say thank you. Thank you for making the community even greater, and for giving everyone the opportunity for an even more interactive way to play Club Penguin.

    Waddle on,

    • Torres 126

      Maybe there’ll be an opportunity one day to return if something ever happens to the Club Penguin brand! It really started to sink in over the last few days too that this really marks an end for Club Penguin. I know that there’s other smaller servers out there, but as you said, they weren’t quite intended to hold the community that Club Penguin Rewritten was; although CP Chapter 2 is very impressive, I think that it was always intended as a little project instead.

      Thank you very much for reading, and for leaving a comment! I’m glad that I was able to make your Club Penguin experience a little better, and I wish you all the best going forward too. Waddle on! 💜

  • Live Love Laugh

    Even though I’m very sad due to the CPR getting this unexpected end, I’m even more sadder because of your blogs, all of the years writing, publishing and everything just to end in the most random-ish way it’s so… Depressing.

    I wish you continued with other club penguins, but I know you won’t because they almost DON’T update or they’re from the modern club penguin. I still wish you still continued your blogs on here, maybe telling older secrets and stuff. But I’m sure enough this will be the end of the both things that made me happy, CPR and CPM.

    Thanks for never giving up on your blogs, and being a very useful person in the CPR community, you helped me to meet my first mascot, who was Rookie! My favorite one, I sincerely hope your doing well and happy!!

    • Torres 126

      The way Club Penguin Rewritten has ended really is extremely depressing, and I’m sad that there wasn’t an opportunity for a proper send-off too. I have nothing against modern Club Penguin (I actually quite like some of the art style!), but yes, I’m afraid that I don’t see a sustainable future for other servers. 🙁

      Thank you very much for reading! I’m glad that this blog could help, and I wish you all the best. 💜

  • iboypenguin

    AURORUM- I wish you luck with your future “adventures”. I am incredibly proud of all you have accomplished in your 9 years of blogging, and with what you will continue to do outside of it. It is quite unfortunate that things had to end the way they did, but I see it as a sign, it happened with reason. I truly enjoyed things such as CPM’S holiday meetups, being the unofficial Commander in Chief, as well as watching your dedication and loyalty to the readers of the CPM. (despite myself, megan, and rhys telling you countless times that u should close,,,)

    I also wish you the best of luck on your upcoming Latin exam, you will do great, as well as whatever your future holds for you. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR PENGUIN PAST.

  • Caveria

    Goodbye, Torres! I found your blog, when I wanted to find secret items on catalogs probably in late of 2017. Also I would think about ending my adventure with Club Penguin.

  • Kile

    Thank you for all your work keeping up this blog, it became as much a part of my Club Penguin experience as playing the game itself. I think a part of me is still in the denial phase of grief, and yes, I am grieving. I started playing the same year as you, I signed up in April if I recall correctly. Kile28058, that was my name. I am still horribly embarrassed that I misspelt the name Kyle, but clearly some 28057 people before me had as well! I still remember my sole reason for wanting a membership (which, being the spoiled only child I was, I got less than 24 hours after I signed up) was to have a green puffle! Growing up, I wasn’t very popular, and it was hard for me to relate to other kids. Club Penguin gave me a place where I felt like I belonged and could be in a community. It became a second home; it still is a second home, even now.

    I can think of countless moments of joy I experienced on this island. I remember I was so excited when I finally accessed the underwater room via Puffle Rescue, when I realized that brown puffles had been added when I saw another penguin with one while trying to solve the contraption on the cliff during the Wilderness Expedition. I still remember how seriously I took Operation Blackout, because it really did feel like my home was under attack. And I, like millions of my fellow penguins, will never forget how satisfying it felt when all the rumors about Aunt Arctic, which I wholeheartedly believed, finally were proven true. I also still remember how much hatred I had for Disney for “ruining” Club Penguin with their takeover parties. I even wrote an email insisting they were breaking their rule about third party advertisement (I still can’t believe I didn’t know better). It’s strange that now, after what’s happened, I feel justified for all the ire I had for that company. I seriously am thinking of boycotting the whole Disney brand. I know it’s a fruitless gesture, but a part of me feel like I have to do something in defense of my island.

    Club Penguin inspired so much creativity in me. In the obvious ways, of course, decorating my igloo and role playing during parties, but in other ways too. I made up so many stories in my head, some of which I might get around to putting to paper someday. Suffice it to say that I had conjured up hundreds of years of “history” by running with concepts from the Island Adventure, Medieval, and Ninja parties. I remember being so mad when the backstory for Card-Jitsu Snow contradicted my own headcanon about Sensei (obviously, twelve year old me simply dismissed it as “Disney propaganda”). My penguin became a real Mary Sue in my mind. He was a high level agent, an author, a movie director, a general, and the heir to the throne of an “independent” Club Penguin. Looking back, though, I can see that by living vicariously through my penguin, I was giving myself the self confidence I so sorely lacked as a child. Kile28058, wherever you are, thank you for showing me who I could be.

    One of my biggest regrets in life will always be that I wasn’t online on Club Penguin’s final day. I was on spring break and didn’t have a computer with me. So when Club Penguin Rewritten came along, it was a godsend. At first I reused my old name, and gave Kile28058 another year in the sun, but after it closed the first time, in my mind, his days were over. When it reopened, I gave Kile28058 a son, King Kile II, and it’s in that name I made so many new, and in some ways, even more precious memories. I met new friends, I fought the dragon queen (and am still mad the only reward was a pin), I witnessed parties, like the Festival of Lights, that we never saw during Club Penguin’s original run, but felt more like a Club Penguin party than any Disney takeover ever did. And it was just at this past Card-Jistu party that I met Sensei for the very first time, and I even got to play Card-Jistu with him. If Club Penguin Rewritten had to end, what a way to say goodbye.

    I’ll end this post with another experience I had with Sensei during what we now know was the last party Club Penguin Rewritten will ever have. I asked him for a haiku, and he told me this:

    Long is the journey
    With many wins and losses
    We must learn from both

    This has been a great loss for all of us. My heart goes out to the team of CPR, I can’t imagine all the emotions they’re going through right now. They have paid a great price to bring so many people happiness. I thank them for it. Sensei said we must learn from loss, and although I’m still processing, this much I’ve learned: We can never know what tomorrow will bring. I never guessed on April 12th that that would be my last day on Club Penguin Rewritten. Nothing lasts forever, so whatever is good in your life, whatever brings you happiness and joy, don’t take it for granted. For so many years I was embarrassed of how much I loved Club Penguin because I thought I was childish. The real childishness is thinking you should be embarrassed for loving something wholesome that makes you happy. So love without reservation, enjoy without embarrassment. We never know when what we love will be taken away, so love with all your strength.

    And now, in the midst of this great loss, there is only one thing left to do – waddle on.

    • Torres 126

      Such a wonderful comment, thank you. I completely understand your feelings, and it’s definitely been a nostalgia experience for me too! Incidentally, I also have fond memories of the Wilderness Expedition 2011 despite being super young, and being stunned by the Card-Jitsu Snow backstory between Sensei and Tusk. They were such wonderful moments looking back though, and I’m glad to hear that it helped you gain confidence and creativity.

      I’m sorry to hear that you missed the original shutdown, especially given how sudden Club Penguin Rewritten’s was without a proper send-off. But your words (and your haiku!) are incredibly wise and things to live by: be yourself, and make the most of everything. I wish you all the best – take care, and waddle on! 💜

  • Kisaa

    My brain still does not want to accept that this is the end of the best game the world has ever known…. I am literally crying rn. This was the only game i knew, that people where actually nice. On all the other games I have played there was only drama and more drama. But this was like a one big penguin family, even tho it was just online. Club penguin will always be my favorite game, even if I cant play it, I can think and laugh at all the good times i had. This comment may just sound like a one big mess cuz i don’t know what to say really but yeah hahah thank you for everything <3

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres, can’t believe you have been working with the blog for straight up 9 years, this has helped a lot and most definitely helped me too, from clothing secrets to even mascot trackers, I have been following this up for only an year and your dedication never failed to impress me, its hard to say a farewell after all the memories we made in this community.

    Indeed it was shocking for me cause I was taking a break from all my games for a month and when I suddenly tried going on to the site, it just didn’t exist anymore, confused enough I had to rush in here and you made everything so clear. I am still in a shock and deeply hurt to see all the people lamenting in here, indeed this community was fun and one of its kind, even back then and also now, but this beautiful journey has to end for both you and all of us for the greater good. I understood that you are a nice person from all of your words above, and in return I too wish you an amazing future ahead, Hope you have an amazing life with the best of your Health and all the best for your University. I am so proud of you.

    Agh I really hate this, does it have to end this way? I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to my friends who I probably would never meet again, I guess this it and hope we can meet in someway or the other, I will still continue to support this website and will visit from time to time just because this has been made part of my memory and its all thanks to you and the ones that helped you. Once again I thank you for all your efforts and your kind words throughout the blog post. Continue being yourself friend, and take care of yourself….

    Thank you for reading.

    Waddle On 💜
    -Serapha (in-game)

    • Torres 126

      Hi! I’m really glad to hear that this blog was helpful to your experience on Club Penguin Rewritten, and thank you very much for taking the time to read it! I can imagine how much of a shock it must have been to see the screen randomly appear! The lack of a proper send-off definitely is painful, and I’m sorry that it has had to be this way too. I wish you all the best going forward – thank you for your kind words, and take care too! Waddle on 💜

  • Anonymous

    I cried. Thank you so much for your time and dedication over the years. I always loved your trivia, and giveaways.

    Waddle on, Torres 🙁 <3

  • libu (Toelady)

    I’ve been checking in on the blog every day for around 4 years now so it’s definitely gonna be a shift in habit not tuning in when I get off work. I’ve been a silent reader but I want to give you my gratitude. Reading your blog posts and having the pleasure of passing on the news of an upcoming CPR party to my irl friends is something I treasure most. My irl friends usually don’t play a lot of games, but CPR has been a gateway for us to connect on a whole new level throughout the pandemic, and it would most definitely not have been made possible without your blog. I did purchase one of the postcards from you so I’m very much looking forward to receiving it as a physical memory of the blog’s legacy. The whole situation is bittersweet and I wish you the best in the near future (good luck with university!)
    As you say, waddle on!

    • Torres 126

      It means a lot to think that people made it a habit to read this blog – I’m extremely grateful for the time which you’ve spent doing so, and glad to hear that Club Penguin has helped bring more connection between people. Thank you for purchasing the postcard too, and those should be sent this week! I wish you all the best too. Waddle on! 💜

  • XxRAGExX

    hello torres I would greatly appreciate if you told me how you made a website like this… I want to make a club penguin blog of my own Thanks for all the memorys

  • Pingu

    Hey Torres,

    I don’t know what to say… I really enjoyed CPR so much and your blog as much as CP. Though you wouldn’t have seen me commenting much but yeah I do regularly read your posts. Your trackers were awesome too. I was reading your post and it made sad more than CPR. Disney is completely money minded. It’s sad they pulled off such a beautiful community in a matter of seconds without even thinking about so many people who are enjoying it. I was kind of looking forward to the updates and was waiting for Opertion Swamp (if I remember it correctly).

    I wanted to meet you once on CPR but unfortunately couldn’t. Well, I like this phrase ‘Waddle On’ which means no matter what happens keep going forward. So I wish you all the best for your future endevours and please please please keep writing some stuff on the page I don’t know what but do keep writing. Don’t give it up.

    Your friend…

    • Torres 126

      Hey! Thank you very much for reading Club Penguin Mountains, and I’m honoured that it could bring as much enjoyment as the game. You’re right that it’s hard to see Disney take action with such disregard for the community – but we know how special it is. That’s a very wise insight into “Waddle on”, which I never really considered before! I wish you luck too…and waddle on! 🙂

  • ulasgazi09

    I’ve been following your blog since the beggining of 2020. But this was the only post to make me drop a few tears.

    Thank you for everything, Torres!

  • Super107

    I’m gonna miss you Torres! I remember joining CPR and looking for blogs that would give me info on the game, your blog has helped me so much and it’s gonna feel different not checking every days for new posts.

  • Dusan Vicic

    i followed you since the end of 2018 until now.
    I met you once on CPR, and that was really a big deal.
    Now, everything’s gone suddenly, but memories will go on.
    Waddle on.

  • Hstarx

    thank you for reminding me how lovely and interactive Club Penguin as a game can still be after playing on and off for over a decade. Loved reading your posts and looking forward to each new event (even whilst being an adult haha) a game I couldn’t quite let go of…nor one that could be replaced. thank you 💛

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres 🙂 This past week has been way way awful, and a week that ive been hoping wouldnt come for a long time. But… it did. CP in general feels different now between all the arguements and exposing of communities. Still, you and your blog helped me collect items and helped me complete the mascot section of my stampbook! If it wasnt for you, I’d probably have missed lots of things without even realizing it. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts as much as I’ve enjoyed the What’s New Blog! I despise everything about what Disney did to CPR and its community, but I really wanted to thank you for all and everything you’ve done on here!! I hope the best for you in the future… Waddle on 🙂 🐧💙

    • Torres 126

      I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, and that it managed to be so helpful! It’s definitely sad to see what has happened, but I wish you the best too – thank you for your kind comment, and waddle on! 🙂

    • Torres 126

      Please forgive me for removing the videos – it’s just not possible for me to watch them and vet that they’re appropriate. Thank you very much for reading though, and taking the time to comment. All the best!

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOO PLEASE DON”T DO THIS!!!! I HAVE LOVED THIS WEBSITE ALOT. But nothing lasts forever. Thank you Torres for all the memories. And hey, we always have new club penguin. Waddle On everybody. And waddle on Torres. Until next time…

    • Torres 126

      I’m afraid not. I think it’s fitting and right for the community and myself that Club Penguin Mountains ends this way, and I don’t want to neglect that for the sake of profit. There are some things which are invaluable and cannot have a cost ascribed to it, and I think Club Penguin Mountains might be one of those for me!

  • Anonymous

    It feels strange that this really is the end of an era…and a really long, tumorous era with many ups and downs at that. All I can say is…hope somebody else revives at least some part of Club Penguin in some form. It really did make up most of my childhood…

  • Anonymous

    Torres, I know I already said this; but, I just want to say it again. Thank you. You will be missed dearly, along with the rest of the beloved Club Penguin community.

    I never did play the original Club Penguin. However, Rewritten showed me that it was truly a one-of-a-kind game, with a one-of-a-kind community. I never felt left out. I never felt like I didn’t belong. It saddens me that I’ll probably never experience something like it ever again.

    It sucks that greedy corporations wish to tear us apart, especially in a time like this, for a few extra pieces of green paper. I hope to see Disney fall, and our copyright laws reformed, in my lifetime. However, realistically, they’ll probably continue to grow and destroy everything we hold dear thanks to people gobbling up whatever Disney puts out. It’s a shame, really.

    Goodbye, Torres. I hope life treats you well, wherever you may go.
    Or as my father likes to say, “Fair winds, and following seas!”

    • Torres 126

      It’s amazing to hear that people started their Club Penguin journey on Club Penguin Rewritten, and I’m glad that you enjoyed your time on the island! You’re probably right that Disney will continue strong as a corporation without worrying about this at all, whilst it has obviously had a massive impact on the community still around. But either way, thank you for your lovely comment, and all the best! 🙂 Fair winds, as Rockhopper would say too!

  • I.n.k (xXsnowiXx)

    sad to see this happen, but happy that it happened
    it seems odd for club penguin to have such a full community but i see why and i love it. ive loved club penguin since i was young too, and that love will never die

    waddle on torres!

  • Anonymous

    Reading this post, I really did not want it to end. I can relate so much to everything in it, from being way too young on Club Penguin to wondering how everyone you met along the journey is doing in their lives. I joined CPR at the end of 2020, when I learned about Flash ending, I thought this game was going to shut down so I thought I might as well refresh some childhood memories and try it. I would have never thought that I’d get so attached to it. I played almost every day for hours, staying up very late to catch the time when the game was most active, which was not at all aligned with my time zone lol. I would join every maf game I saw, which used to be so many, and have so much fun playing. I also hosted Trivia games in my igloo for a while, you’ll never guess how competitive penguins could get lol. Even though I had stopped hosting them because of how chaotic they could get, I would definitely miss them and the igloo I had built for them.
    Over the past couple of months, I noticed I’d been playing too often for me to actually do anything productive irl, so I started coming on less. However, CPR was always the place I went when I felt down, I guess the little things about the game helped me forget about my sadness, like talking about random stuff or running around for no reason, or just randomly sitting next to someone and the next thing you know you’re both spinning at crazy speed out of boredom lol. It’s the little things that reminded you that you are not alone. For me, this hits a bit harder than the original, maybe because of the fact that it wasn’t just a game I played for fun as a kid, I needed it this time, maybe I didn’t realize it playing the game, but that feeling of connection is hard to find.
    I don’t know what I’m going to do when I feel sad anymore, hopefully I’ll find something, and hopefully I’ll find a way to be able to express myself other than talking to penguins, cause I guess buying a pet penguin isn’t gonna work lol.
    I don’t know how to sum up everything in a comment but I just wanted to send a thank you out to every one I’ve met on the game, thank you for your time, for all the fun, and for all the good talks. I’ll probably never forget it. I hope you have a great life and I wish you all the happiness in this world. Thank you for being my friend when I needed one.

    Finally, thank you Torres for this blog, I guess it had become a routine without me realizing it to check your blog before logging in. Oh the happiness of finding a code for coins lol. Yeah but honestly, this blog meant so much more than the codes or the catalog secrets and reading this post made me understand that even more. I’m sure that the passion and dedication you have will lead you to great things in life. Maybe we won’t be there to witness it, but we all believe in you! Wishing you all the best. Good Luck!

    I’ll miss everyone on CPR, especially all the kind people I’ve met, and the friends I’ve made.

    Thank you

    Waddle On,

    • Torres 126

      Thank you for your extremely lovely comment – you’re right, it’s certainly the little things that mattered and helped make the experience so special, and I’m glad that you found that from hosting games to talking with others. I know that not having Club Penguin anymore will seem a little strange at first, but since you weren’t around for the first Club Penguin Rewritten shutdown back in 2018, I just want to say that it does get easier. I hope that you’ll be able to find new things to spend time, ease sadness, and recreate that connection. 🙂

      I’m very grateful for the support which you’ve shown, and thank you very much for reading this blog. I wish you all the best – take care, and waddle on!

  • Pinguino 1

    thank you for doing this blog. i have been reading it the whole time i have been playing cpr. gonna miss u. I remember seeing you once, but im not going to get another chance.

    Pinguino 1

    • Torres 126

      I’m sorry that we could never meet in-game, but I’m glad that you’ve left a comment so I can say thank you for reading this blog! It means a lot, and I wish you all the best going forward.

  • Trainman1405

    I remember you from the original Club Penguin years. Heck, you have around 50 comments on my blog. You’re no stranger to me. I strayed away from playing Club Penguin before its shutdown and for the years after (though still easily reachable and in touch with community members on Twitter), then got into CPR a little last year after avoiding it for some time. Naturally, I needed a “cheats” blog to stay informed on the happenings in the game to ensure I got all new items, knew what was upcoming, etc — so I used your blog. In a way it’s funny how the roles reversed and it went full circle. You used to come to my blog for Club Penguin news and then I began coming to your blog for Club Penguin Rewritten news. When I type “clubpenguinm” into my browser, Club Penguin Mountains is the first suggested result, not Club Penguin Memories. 😉

    Your blog’s been very high quality, the content and high volume of interaction with commenters and community as a whole is not something every blogger did and I have nothing but respect for all the hard work and hours you’ve put in. I see a lot of similarities in how we both handled our blogs and community interactions. Your blog’s been wildly successful — I thought my 8M views was a lot, but you got double that, and that was in Club Penguin’s later/shut down years. That’s a crazy achievement and I’m proud of you.

    Take care, Torres. Waddle on.

    • Torres 126

      Devin! I still remember writing so many of those comments back then – in fact, I found a couple recently again which were pretty embarrassing! – and you’re right to say how strange it is to see the roles reversed! It’s quite the honour to hear such kind things from you! But I don’t think Club Penguin blogging in general would be the same at all without you being an inspiration for so many bloggers back then.

      Thank you for all you did, and for taking the time to leave a comment – it means a lot! Take care, and all the best. Waddle on! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have been reading this blog for a while and when I saw it shut down my heart skipped a beat and I almost cried

    I will forever remember this and thank you for everything

    Waddle On!

  • Anonymous

    (I’m pretty sure there was a previous shutdown in 2018, also the stuff I entered didn’t get saved so just putting it out here that cinder is currently speaking)

  • BashfulWolf

    It’s been quite the journey, you were the first and only Club Penguin Blog I ever followed. I would check here before playing to see what was happening, it became a daily routine. I wish you, and every penguin out there, the best of luck. Hope to see you post again someday <3

  • Heroguin1

    Thanks for sharing your feelings Torres! I feel exactly the same like you. I met you in game and looking for your blog in end of 2018. This blog thing is very good guide for new beginners of CPR. I’m really upset this is last post of the this beautiful blog. Hits so different and hard. What more can i say buddy? Gracias por todo! Kendine iyi bak.

    One of your buddies 🙂

    • Torres 126

      Thank you very much for reading, and your support over the years! Yes, it’s pretty emotional for me too thinking that this is the final post…but I hope it provided a fitting farewell. All the best! 🙂

  • Eve

    Someone shared this blog post in one of CP discord I am in. I had to comment.
    I’ve left the twitter community ever since CP closed and barely interacted. I play CPR but I didn’t engage with the community like I used to.
    I’ve known you for soooo long, maybe 2013? I used to know you too back when I was active in twitter and I believe we’ve talked a lot because when I saw the name Torres126 I feel really familiar with the name. You are one of the best CP blogger even back in the old times. I honestly can’t believe your blog are still up and running while all other “famous” bloggers back then are nowhere to be found now. And your writing and editorial quality is amazing! Like other people, I wish you stayed and keep writing.
    The game and the community has a big impact in my life too and I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for them. CP is the reason I am pursuing art and studying graphic design in university. I get your feelings too, I made a lot of friends from CP and I only stayed in touch with only 2 people today. Sometimes I wonder what happened to them, what are they doing right now, where are they right now?
    You seriously shouldn’t stop writing. Please continue writing somehow, maybe in other place or other things you’re interested in? You got a real talent!
    Thanks for everything you did for this community 🙂

    (maybe you recognized me? I don’t blame you if you don’t. It’s been a really really long time haha)

    • Torres 126

      Thank you very much for your kind words! 🙂 I must admit that I don’t remember much about you, but your name rings a bell and I think that I can sort of picture in my mind your profile picture from back then. Either way, it’s nice to hear from you again, and that Club Penguin has helped you find your passion! I hope that your university studies go well, and I wish you all the best.

  • Maddie

    Wow, this was such a beautiful post. I was still a kid when the original Club Penguin came out and I have so many wonderful memories from playing it. One of my favorite moments was joining a CP Army and gaining a rank after I joined one of their raids. Looking back, it was such a small gesture, but it meant the world to me. Like Lane Merrifield said in the Ted Talk, Club Penguin was a labor of love and it was the community that really shaped it into what it was. It seemed like Disney never understood this and instead thought that what we wanted were huge crossover events or cool items. It was never about these things, it was about the little things that brought us together, like hidden secrets and fun rumors like tipping the iceberg which actually became a real thing. You’re right; we are the best community online and I’m so proud to be a part of it. I could never thank Rewritten enough for giving me the chance to experience this community again.

    Torres, thank you for creating this blog which is such a wonderful tribute to an amazing game. People like you are the backbone of this community and I could tell you put so much love into every post you make. Every time I log on to Rewritten, I would always check your blog to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything. Though I’ve never commented on any posts, I will always be so grateful for this blog. I bought a postcard and I’m so excited for it to arrive to read your message. I really wish you all the best and I will support you in whatever your next steps will be.

    The end of Rewritten reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” I will always be upset that Rewritten closed so suddenly, but I will always be grateful that it existed at all.

    Much love and waddle on.

    • Torres 126

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment! You’re certainly right about what really made Club Penguin so wonderful, and it’s certainly sad to see that Disney still doesn’t seem to quite get that. I’m glad to hear that this blog managed to be so helpful, and I’m grateful to you for reading – and for purchasing a postcard, which I sent today!

      That’s a really lovely quote. This is definitely for a more serious context than Club Penguin, but it reminds me of my favourite quote by the Queen after 9/11: “Grief is the price we pay for love”. All the best, and take care. 💜

  • Karen Connelly

    Will you still have the playercard generator on your blog? Because that’s one of its coolest features and I’d hate to see it go.

    • Torres 126

      Good question – this blog currently has the WordPress.com Pro plan, which allows me to host custom code such as the Playercard Generator. I don’t intend to renew this plan next year, so when that happens, the Playercard Generator will be removed. I suppose when that time comes, I can quickly upload it to a separate and smaller site just in case somebody wants to ever use it. Until then, it’ll stay up on here though!

    • Torres 126

      Hi, if you mean in relation to the private server, I won’t be moving onto it for three reasons. I’m not sure how safe or secure it is, whether it’ll just be taken down soon as Disney begin to tighten their grip again, and moving to another server just doesn’t feel right when it was Club Penguin Rewritten that was so special.

  • geciszopok

    I was in primary school when I started playing and I made a lot of friends on the internet, even from here in Hungary. We also made moving comic book-like GIF animations with them for several years on the Club Penguin theme. Then it died down and last year I started playing and then my girlfriend and I made it part of our evening routine to play with our penguin a bit. Especially now when Card Jitsu came out. I’m really sorry about all that, and good luck in life to you Torres!

  • Roxy6449

    Thank you for everything you’ve done, Torres. I’ve really enjoyed checking your blog daily for the latest CPR news, catalog cheats, and code releases. And thanks again for hosting fan meet-ups, sending me the giveaway merchandise, and for featuring my photo submission in your first Penguins Around the World post. I think it’s awesome that you were able to involve the community in such unique ways beyond simply providing information to us.

    I’m going to miss Club Penguin sooo much, but I’m glad to have been a part of it all. From the first time I joined the game during the Monsters University Party, to the short-lived CP Island app, and especially the countless hours I spent playing CP Rewritten during the lockdown, I will treasure these memories always. 😌

    Best of luck with all of your future endeavors, and virtual hugs to anyone else who sees this comment. And as always, Waddle On ✌

  • Valennina

    i think i was about to cry-
    i guess im still a bit in deny that cpr has shut down, but whats done is done, and all i can say is thank you for this blog, waddle on :]

  • Anonymous

    Well… Umm… i’m just here to say bye. Club Penguin was an amazing game and although I never played the original, rewritten was enough for me. I’ll miss it a lot but I guess if Disney wants to ruin years worth of work it is what it is. I’ll never forgive Disney for this. It hurts a lot to know that this amazing game is being destroyed by a simple command by people who don’t deserve the right to do so. I hope the club penguin devs can find something else to work on. This blog was amazing and I remember the first time I met a mascot. I was so happy to finally see Rookie that I started checking this blog daily. I did stop in recent weeks due to not enough time but i’ll always remember this blog. I was so surprised when I learned club penguin was being shut down again. I hope someday Disney lets it open again but it’s quite unlikely I think. Thank you for everything, Waddle On.

    • Torres 126

      You may be right about Disney not planning to re-open Club Penguin, but either way, I’m glad that the game helped provide you with more memories. Thank you very much for reading this blog, and even taking the time to leave a comment now. 🙂 I wish you all the best, and waddle on!

  • Lalo

    Hi, Torres. I’m writing from Mexico. I wish you the best in the future. I’ve been feeling nostalgic these last days when thinking about all that Club Penguin meant for me since I knew about the game in February 2010; I really feel some of your words and experiences. I haven’t been so active the last year in the community, but I’m so happy seeing it doesn’t end. Waddle on!

  • Blizzardlily

    Torres 126,
    I just wanted to thank you for this blog. I first started playing Club Penguin in 2009 and I was so stoked to discover this blog and CPRewritten at the beginning of the pandemic. To be able to relive a part of my childhood in the midst of so much uncertainty and fear helped keep me stable. Since then I have loved seeing what the developers have done with parties and mascots as well as seeing this blog and its community grow and come together in support. Thank you for what you built here, you will never know how much you are appreciated.
    Waddle on.

  • Carlos

    Waddle on my friend. Can you keep us updated on your next blogging projects? I’d enjoy it, and i’m sure a few people here would as well.

  • Tyler Harjo

    I remember in 2014 how i would go onto my grandmas computer to play club penguin, and i never thought i would be writing a goodbye note to the game. I’ve been following this blog since January 2020, and i just have to say thank you. 7 year old me would be crying right now, and 16 year old me had tears in my eyes when I read the post. Thank You for your years of Club Penguin service bro,
    Waddle On!
    – tj

  • Trevchris007

    What do I say to the man who kept the greatest blog of all time for the greatest game of all time? Thank you, Torres. You along with the game will be sorely missed.

    Now find your passion and own it. Waddle on, my friend.

    Club Penguin Forever!

    • Torres 126

      Thank you for all your comments, thoughts and support – it’s really meant a lot, and I’m extremely grateful. Take care, and all the best to you going forward. 🙂

  • grandshifu

    Well… All I can say is Thank you, Your blog and your mascot trackers would be the number 1 place to go. If there was a new event of cpr. I would go to your website. It is a shame that cpr has been shut down but everyone knew that it was bound to happen. I remember finding this blog 2-3 years ago and it has never let me down, I remember constantly reloading the page if a mascot was online and typing in any code that was made available for those limited goodies.

    Thank you torres. Waddle on


  • Ifdowajewoa

    I haven’t commented here very much but I must say, it is a sad day. Also, it seems like our community may not have much time left to live with the end of CPR. All the best to you and all the others here.

    Waddle on,

  • Blue0331

    God, it’s been such a journey, hasn’t it? I remember getting into Club Penguin back in 2006 or so… maybe a bit later, like 2008. I was 5-7 years old back then depending on the year in which I joined. I’ll never forget my penguin’s name, for it’s a combination of my favorite color and my birthday (blue + March 31st)– it’s a name that I’ve carried with me for well over a decade now. I used to play all the time with my twin sister, although she lost interest in the game a few years before it ceased to exist, and I continued to play through Club Penguin Rewritten (2018) and then Club Penguin Rewritten (2022). I’m now on New Club Penguin (2022), but I doubt it’ll last very long due to it being monetized via ads. I’m not sure what I’ll do after New Club Penguin is done– heck, I don’t really play it much anyway, so it’s not like it being removed would deal any sort of emotional damage– but I do know that Club Penguin will always have a very dear place in my heart. It’s a shame that my future child(ren) will never get to experience the joy that is Club Penguin, as well as the joys that were Toontown Online, Build-a-Bearville, Bella Sara, Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom, Pixie Hollow, and all the other Early 2000’s online games that I played all the time (yes, I’m a girl, lol). Sure, some Early 2000’s games like Poptropica, Neopets, and Webkinz are still online, but they just aren’t the same as they were back then; there was something magical about the Early 2000’s that just made these games so amazing. I’m 21 now, so I suppose it’s time for me to focus on more mature things… just kidding, I’ll always be a dork! 🙂 Rest in Peace, Club Penguin Rewritten, and Waddle On!

    • Torres 126

      I’m glad that you’ll always continue to find some of the magic in virtual words online! 🙂 You’re right that other private servers feel very different to Club Penguin Rewritten, and it’s a shame about the fact that there will always be that constant uncertainty as to whether it will be taken down. Either way, I’m glad that Club Penguin has helped provide so many memories for you! Waddle on. 💜

  • Anonymous

    thanks for everything torres. its been a while since i played cpr for the last time but I can definitely say ur site helped me a lot and I’m happy to know I wasn’t the only one. Waddle on, friend! <3

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres I think I said this before but can you make a site dedicated to new club penguin? I would imagine the site would be called New Club Penguin mountains.

  • NicxeeNick

    Thank you so much for everything that you have done! If you recognize my name its because I was probably begging when Card-Jitsu is gonna come back! Thamk you again for everything you have done for all of us!

    Waddle on,

    • Torres 126

      Thank you for reading! What I’d give to be able to go back to those days of asking when Card-Jitsu would be out instead of being greeted by the current screen on Club Penguin Rewritten…

      All the best. 🙂

  • Tessa

    Hi Torres126,
    I cannot express enough how grateful I am for you and your blog. From the mascot tracking to the party guides, the catalog updates to the fun quizzes. You became a major part of my cpr experience, and I definitely feel as though a big part of my online experiences is lost. I will never forget cpr, or you, and the friends I made there. I joined in late 2020 because i was bored during covid and boy oh boy was i suprosed at the amazing community i was greeted by. someone in the game recommended your blog for all the latest tips and updates and then it became a routine part of my cpr visits to see if anything new was going on. I would like to wish you all the best in you future and hope that you do amazing, just as you have with this blog. Well, actually i dont hope you do amazing, i KNOW you’ll do amazing. I have heard that the cpr team are hoping to release new games and i cannot wait for that, i might see you around.
    all in all, i want you to know that you played a massive role in the cpr community and many people were grateful for your incredible efforts to make this blog as awesome as it was. Im sure everyone will miss cpr and you along with it, but am also hoping that ill come across you again via another blog or article, it is a small island after all.
    I hope this reaches you well and want to again remind you of how much help you were not only when i was a new little penguin roaming around the island, but as a penguin with over five hundred days and still using your blog to help me out along the way, and to know that there is such a cool community to penguins out there. I do feel as though you were a friend, even if i hadnt met you on the servers. (i wish i did)
    anyways, this is a bit more than i thought id write, thank you again, you will never be forgotten

    Here’s a pizza slice made by the Pizzatron3000, a voucher for the Coffee Shop, a snowball to throw or to keep and a massive virtual hug from a penguin that will miss you
    Waddle on,

    • Torres 126

      Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and even though we never met in-game, I’m so glad to hear that you had a wonderful experience on the island. It’s hard to believe that 2020 was two years ago now! The fact that this blog was something that helped add to that experience is amazing, and I’m grateful to have been able to play that role. Thank you very much for reading, the pizza and the coffee (!), and I wish you all the best. Look after yourself, and waddle on! 💜

  • Jickaleenie


    Thank you for all the hard work you put into this website. Thank you for all the help you gave all of us when we all needed it. Keep moving forward no matter what life brings you with hard times and unexpected obstacles. It is evident you are smart and talented, so I know you will do many more great things in life!
    We will miss you! Maybe our paths will cross again, perhaps in a future game!
    Take care and good luck to you, Torres!
    (Hugs back to any of my buddies who are reading this, I miss you!)

  • Robbierobott AKA Robin

    Hello Torres!
    Your site helped me too many times to count. I wanted to tell you thank you so much for all you have done. I would have been lost without your helpful posts. I would have missed out on so much. 🙃
    I joined the game for friendships, fun, silliness and escaping and I found it and you and all my buddies will all be in my heart forever. 😌♥
    Thank you for all your help in a world where good souls like you can sometimes be so hard to find when life can be so hard and unkind. Thank goodness for awesome people like you, Torres! Take care and I wish you the best! You deserve it! Reach for your goals, don’t ever give up and you will succeed. 👍
    I think I’ll have to put Cool in the Cold by DJ Cadence back on my cell ringtone. 🤭
    Robbierobott AKA Robin
    P.S. I always liked to hug my buddies, so… wait for it…
    🤗🤗🤗 HUG ATTACK !!! 🤗🤗🤗 MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH !!!

    • Torres 126

      Hi Robin, thank you so much for your lovely comment! 💜 I’m really glad that this blog could be helpful, and it means a lot to hear that it had a positive impact for you. I wish you all the best going forward too – your words of advice are very wise, and take care! 🙂

      Cool in the Cold is brilliant, by the way – I’ve been listening to much of the old songs lately while reminiscing about the island, and it’s definitely an under-appreciated track!

  • PENCIL988

    The thing I hate the most is that I missed ONE mascot out of all of them! Sad that it lasted this long, I wish several more years!😭 If only it would open back up another day. But I don’t have that light of hope by now😂.

    • PENCIL988

      Well in conclusion, It was truly amazing the years it lasted! The mascot meetups were the most fun parts and the different custom parties! I also would be surprised if you replied to this omg! I guess my favorite parties were the Halloween and maybe the fair… My favorite mascot was um… Gary and Herbert, and Shellbeard. I was even surprised for the 1st time to add you as a friend! all other mascot appearances I didn’t!

      • Torres 126

        Hi! I’m definitely going to miss the different parties and meeting the mascots too, but it’s cool that you (almost!) met all of them. It’s definitely going to be very strange this October when there’s no Halloween Party!

        Glad that we were able to meet on the island, and that you enjoyed the mascot meet-ups! I always found it great to see Herbert too, since he had some pretty funny lines. 🙂

  • Berd

    I remember having so much fun playing the original CP back in 2011-15.
    Then i started playing CPR after the shutdown of CPO in May of 2020.

    So my story with this site doesn’t go too back.
    But even then, i remember finding this website through the mascot tracker and waiting in excitement for them to arrive, just like a kid!

    Everyday the first thing i did before joining online classes was checking what was going on.

    Anyways, after reading some of the older posts i was amazed with all the memories
    Good luck in life Torres, i hope you can achieve your goals 🙂

    Waddle on!

    • Torres 126

      I’m glad that Club Penguin has given you so many memories, and that this blog added to your experience even a bit! I totally remember refreshing Mascot Trackers for classic Club Penguin in excitement when I was a kid too – it was a great feeling seeing one come online…

      Thank you for your kind words, and I wish you all the best too! Waddle on! 🙂

      • Perrythepal

        Hi. I’m not sure if you remember me, but we used to talk to eachother many years ago. I was Perrythepal on Club Penguin and typically known as Keeby elsewhere. In fact, I believe it’s been well over four years since I last saw you. I haven’t talked about Club Penguin regularly since Island shut down, but I feel a strong need to leave a comment here telling my story.

        I joined the original Club Penguin in 2010. The name ‘Perrythepal’ comes from Perry the Platypus, a character from the ever-popular Disney Channel cartoon Phineas and Ferb. I played on and off but I’m pretty sure I had forgotten all about Club Penguin by the end of 2012.

        But then in April of 2015 people on Miiverse raided a Club Penguin server. I missed it because I was either asleep or away from Miiverse at the time, but hearing about the aftermath peaked my interest in Club Penguin once again, and from that point forward I constantly went on the game until the Halloween party in October. Some of my memories from this time include emailing the support team asking if the pizza chef outfit would return, and accidentally misspelling ‘shirt’ by forgetting the r and almost getting banned because of it.

        I stopped playing post-October for reasons I cannot remember, likely just lack of interest.

        Roughly a year later in October/November of 2016, I started playing again, likely due to the hype of Project Super Secret, revealed to be Club Penguin Island. It was exciting! But it really frustrated me that they kept quiet on a release date, only revealing a vague March release window later on that they hyped up for no reason. I was also mad about the secretive beta stuff to the point of just straight up joining Island in January/February.

        In late January 2017 when they announced the original game’s shutdown, I was a little sad but mostly understood the reasoning behind it.

        Enter Club Penguin Rewritten.

        That’s right. While I was not a beta tester, I was one of Rewritten’s earliest users. I had discovered the game through DadTed’s video about it (he left the Club Penguin community shortly thereafter I heard, saying that Island and Rewritten ‘just weren’t the same’), and decided to join. I had attended the 2017 Puffle Party! I had the Feather Pin! I even attended a Puffle Handler meetup that I got footage of!

        Late March arrives. For some reason, they wait until the last day of Club Penguin to release Island. Bad move for publicity as it just fueled the hatred of Island. The game launched in a poor state, with Disney’s executive moves showing clear as day due to the smallest things being locked behind membership (you needed a membership to RIDE THE ZIPLINE) and there being hardly anything to do. I was unhappy with the game, and it didn’t help that my mom’s slow iPad couldn’t run the game well and I had nothing else to play it on.

        In April Rewritten became BIG thanks to the original shutdown. Previously it had just been a few thousand penguins. Now it was much larger. Much, MUCH larger. I joined the Discord server, too.

        But over the coming months I would express dissatisfaction with how things were run. It was mostly petty complaints but I can’t really blame my past self now in hindsight.

        In late 2017 I would return to Club Penguin Island, because starting around this point, the game would improve significantly. The two notable additions the November/December 2017 update would bring are igloos and the PC version of the game. Other things had been and were being added too. If I recall correctly, membership restrictions had become looser and much more fair. You could obtain nonmember clothes (shirts and hats) through parties similar to the original Club Penguin in its early days, for starters. Previously, nonmembers could wear NO clothes. Some other restrictions were lifted too, I think. If I had to theorize on why, maybe Disney saw how horribly the game was doing financially and finally cut the team some slack.

        As for Rewritten, post-Codey drama and initial shutdown, I was done. And was baffled at it suddenly reopening. After that, I visited rarely. I’m glad I quit when I did, because there was apparently a heck of a lot more drama involving staff after that.

        I enjoyed playing Island throughout 2018. I got my own phone that June which allowed me to play the game on mobile again. But then, right after the Medieval Party, the game was announced to be shutting down. It had turned out in a cruel twist of events that ALL of the staff had been laid off without warning. Even worse is that they were MEANT to move to a different project, but that never happened.

        The reason for Island’s shutdown was likely due to Disney Interactive’s shutdown not too long prior, and Disney wanting to outsource all of their licensed video games from that point forward. Island was their last obstacle, and was easy to kick to the curb due to its soured reputation. Some people even CELEBRATED it shutting down. You know, despite the team that was ALSO behind your supposed holy grail getting laid off.

        I took lots of screenshots during the final days. It was very sad because there was nothing to look forward to. Disney was done with the Club Penguin property, but wouldn’t give it up, either. It was over.

        After the Island shutdown, I mostly stopped talking and thinking about Club Penguin. There wasn’t really a reason to.

        Post HTML-switch, I checked the Rewritten blog occasionally out of interest. I remember seeing the blog post introducing Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure and being disgusted, with some other penguins expressing their distaste as well, but these complaints were shrugged off by staff. It’s kind of satisfying to me in a petty, pathetic way because it’s very likely RHDT was one of the major reasons Rewritten shut down for good. It’s funnier when you realize Rewritten was copying one of Island’s features but making it worse, as Island had a daily rewards gimmick but without any ads to speak of as that was what membership was for.

        And that’s where we are today.

        You know, I’m sad. In the end, Rewritten did its own undoing, despite being warned several times. Meanwhile, Island is still very much hated. Island is constantly misunderstood by most. Even I misunderstood it initially, but I eventually grew to love it during its final year. Don’t get me wrong, it still had its flaws such as overly long parties, but it had improved significantly overall. But here’s the thing. Most people think that it was a scummy membership locked mobile-only barebones game its whole lifespan, when that is far from the truth. To this day there are widespread misconceptions about Island. I think the lesson here is, ‘First impressions are important, because they stick’. Seeing as outsiders only know Island for how it began, and not what it ended as, I think this is true.

        Although I’ve mostly moved on from Club Penguin these days, I think I want to make a documentary about Island someday, whether it be in text or video form. The true story about Island deserves to be told to a wide audience. From CPNext’s development to the lack of time AND budget to develop Island to how the game changed overtime, I think it’s a story that needs to be heard. Seriously, some people think Island shut down just because of a streamer’s raid of it due to coincidental timing. That’s just sad.

        With that said, the tale of Club Penguin is pretty much over. And it did not end happily. If anything, it was multiple depressing endings, each worse than the last.

        But I had fun back when it was just that; for fun. Back when the community wasn’t split and people had fun, playing minigames and using their imagination to become anything they wanted on a party-loving island. It was called CLUB Penguin for a reason; People were united.

        But it’s just a distant reminder of how things can go wrong now…

        As an afternote, I still have most of my Club Penguin merch. Most of it is stored away somewhere (likely the basement), but some of it is in my bedroom, the very room where I am typing my comment right now. I still have the Golden Viking Helmet Penguin Plushie in the box right beside me.

        Torres, I miss you, and I’ll continue to miss you. This comment took a long time to type, but I do not regret. In fact, leaving this comment here makes me more accepting of Club Penguin’s unhappy ending. I hope you’ll do well with whatever hobbies you share with the world next.

        By the way, were you into any other games or just Club Penguin related projects? I’m curious.

        I hope you reply back with something. It would mean a lot to me.

        That is all.

        Stay safe and happy.

        Waddle On~

        ~Keeby, formerly Perrythepal

        • Torres 126

          Hi! I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your comment – don’t worry, it did go through (!) but I’ve just had such a busy week (exams in two weeks…) and I wanted to take the time and read your comment properly. I definitely remember you, and it’s great to hear from you again. Some of those old stories, like many of the events back in 2017/8 such as Codey being overthrown or even just Dadted making videos, feel like a lifetime ago now, and I’m glad that I’m not the only one still around who remembers them!

          But I also entirely relate to some of your memories as well, not least the vivid membership screen on Club Penguin Island. Even your mention of Miiverse brought back so many memories! I reckon that you’re right in your assessment that it was misunderstood with poor first impressions, and I still wonder how the game would be know if Disney would have been willing to give it the space and time it needed to progress. No doubt there were probably some incorrect decisions taken over the years by the team, but it still had so much potential that was never unlocked. I hope that Club Penguin Island won’t just go down as a mere footnote in the Club Penguin story.

          In regards to your question, I never really was into games as much as Club Penguin. I’ve played a range over the years – I remember Clash of Clans was the other big one back in primary school – but certainly nothing with the community of Club Penguin; mainly just Nintendo games or those such as Phoenix Wright.

          Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your comment and share your Club Penguin story, but also for checking out this blog over the years. I appreciate your kind words too, and I wish you all the best going forward. Take care, and waddle on! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres, what are you going to do know that CPR closed down? And yes, for your comment if it is a private server, it is. Disney will not take down NCP for some unknown reason. I know for the community it has been hard for alot of us. And Torres, would you happen to know TigerOfWind? He is an awsome youtuber and part of the CPR community. And Gravix, thank you for friending me and thank you Moo for also friending me. I remember when I played the OG club penguin. Well, I mean, the last memorie of Club penguin was tipping the iceberg. I heard countless people say it was possible. Back then, I was five years old so I was kinda dumb lol. But when my sister and brother said there was CPR I really did not understand. I thought it was just OG club penguin but the changed the name. Thank you for everything Torres.(=

    • Torres 126

      Hi! This post contains more details about what I intend to do in the future, but in summary, probably nothing related to Club Penguin. I still find that upsetting, but I’m afraid that I just don’t believe that any other major private servers will be exempt from Disney – the shutdown of Club Penguin Rewritten shows that there no longer needs to even be concerns about safe-guarding for them to stage an intervention, and even copyright infringement would suffice for them to intervene. By their very nature, that puts all CPPSes in a very precarious position.

      I am aware of who TigerOfWind is, and have seen some of his videos! Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you all the best! 🙂

  • Yourbestfry

    Thank you for all of your wonderful posts! they were very helpful and well written. I am very sad to see club penguin and this blog come to an end. I hope you continue to write blog posts, even if they’re not about club penguin.

  • Perrythepal

    Hi. We talked many years ago. I was Perrythepal on Club Penguin.

    I made a really long comment on here but it appears it didn’t go through. : ( The good news is that I screenshotted it beforehand so if you didn’t see my comment I could still share it with you if you want.

    Thanks for everything.

      • Perrythepal

        Hi. I saw your reply to my comment.

        I’m sorry for being so impatient. I saw other comments get replied back to within a day or two and just assumed the same for mine. I wish you good luck on your exams!

        I’m not really sure what to reply back with, but it does amaze me how many of the same things we remember. I STILL miss Miiverse as I, quite frankly, loved it that much. Club Penguin really does bring the world together, doesn’t it? Well, it did. But nothing lasts forever.

        Unfortunately, I think the general public opinion has sunk in, and that Island will always be remembered through lies and its rough start. Most of the top videos about it on YouTube are the negative rants and raids of it still.

        You have great taste in games, by the way. Ace Attorney is awesome!

        I think this will be my last reply. I don’t really want to go back and forth on things, you know? But I’m glad you’re doing well in your non-penguin ventures.

        • Torres 126

          No worries, things have just been a bit busy as of late! Thank you very much for your warm wishes too. And you’re right in Club Penguin helping connect the world together…fully understand about not going back and forth, but thank you for leaving the time to leave a comment – it’s much appreciated. Take care! 🙂

  • Siri (PumpkinPi714)

    This post made me sob violently. I think I just realized 100% that it’s really over. I started playing this game when I was extremely little, maybe 5 or so, and now I’m 17 and not ready to be an adult. I’ve been following you ever since 2017 when CPR started, and I think we’ve actually talked a few times in game. I believe I even still have postcards that you sent me when I asked cause I looked up to you so much haha, of course I can’t go back and find them anymore since the game closed. I don’t want to grow up, but I suppose I have to now. Thank you sincerely so much again for all you have done for us.

    P.S: I kinda hope you do keep posting and checking in because it’s breaking my heart that you’re going to stop posting. I guess its because it means everything really is over.

    Thank you so much again.

    Waddle on,

    Siri (PumpkinPi714)

    • Torres 126

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and your support for five (!) years! I can’t believe that it’s been so long, but I’m extremely grateful for you to reading. Even if I don’t post, I will always try to check in – so do always feel free to say “hi” and I will respond! You’re definitely right that it feels odd in saying that this marks the end of the Club Penguin journey.

      But if there’s one thing I can add, there’s never too late a time to “grow up” – just make the most of everything, and find joy along the way. 🙂 Take care, and all the best!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres, I have a quick question. Will you ever leave the CPR community? I mean, its kinda dead no offense but are you going to move on to a new community or stay in the CPR community? I mean, just for nostoliga???

    • Torres 126

      Hi! I suppose it depends what you mean by being part of the community. I don’t play any sort of Club Penguin games anymore, which some might say means I’m not really part of the community anymore, but I’ll always be around and accessible online – not least because it’s how I keep in touch with many friends.

    • Torres 126

      I haven’t really looked into it much at all, I’m afraid. Glad to see some form of Club Penguin still going – but not sure how sustainable that will be.

    • Torres 126

      I’m sorry that you didn’t get a postcard; it simply wouldn’t be possible for me to have sent one to everybody who reads this blog, as much as I would’ve liked to. But as I have always said when receiving comments like this, there will always be occasions in life where you are disappointed, and some more serious than a Club Penguin Mountains giveaway. As such, I hope that you will come to recognise that rudeness is not an nice outlet of such disappointment!

  • Tessa Leach

    Hey Torres, it’s only been about two months but it has felt like an eternity without cpr. I guess i never actually realised how much it became part of my life over the past few years. I’ve still been on a mission to find my friends that i had within the servers (I never gave out personal details because i never actually knew who i was talking to-and i partly (well, a lot) regret it now but i guess i nver saw the end of cpr coming) but havent had much luck unfortunately…
    I hope you are doing well, i still have my notifications on for the website so i dont miss anything haha 😀 now the only thing i’ll miss is the servers and the amazing community, however, in my heart i know that the incredible community of multicoloured penguins still exists, even if we dont all have club penguin to be together anymore.
    Thanks again for everything you did over the years, i know you helped out a huge amount of people for their experience on the island. I’m sure you are still helping people out there in the world.
    Keep waddling,

    • Torres 126

      Hi! I hope that you’ve been keeping well too, despite the closure of the game – I fully understand what you mean, and it’s hard to appreciate what you have until it disappears. It definitely didn’t help how sudden it all was too. I hope you manage to reach out to some of your friends from the island. It sometimes surprises me when I hear from Club Penguin friends which I made almost a decade ago after so long, but I’ve often found that the community is a little smaller than we sometimes think, so don’t lose hope!

      Heh, thanks for keeping notifications on. If I’m honest, there are many times where I wish that I could write a new post, and I do miss the routine of blogging too. It definitely still is a shame that Club Penguin Rewritten is no longer around, but you’re right that the community is still out there! Thank you for your kind words too. 🙂 Wishing you all the best, do keep in touch, and take care!

  • Harmonystar

    I know you might not ever see this, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for posting updates, for doing meetups, for tracking mascots, for showing that there is still a community. I found your blog in February 2019, when I first started playing Cpr. I was looking for sites that was active with the community and was up to date with any new things. With your blog posts, I was able to see if I missed any updates, was able to use your tracker as well as others to meet all the mascots (and build up my collection of mascot backgrounds), and see that others were just as interested in this penguin game as I was. i met the most amazing people through cpr, was able to get over my shyness and start posting my own pictures and art on twitter and elsewhere, and just experience my childhood again. Although Cpr is gone, I’m still grateful that I was able to play the game until the very end, and I don’t regret any of it. Although there was drama and a lot of ups and downs, the community was still amazing, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. Waddle on -Harmonystar

    • Torres 126

      Hi! I still check comments and get notifications for them, so I do see whatever you say! Thank you so much for your kind words – I really appreciate them, and I’m glad to hear that I could help provide memories and help around your time on the island. You’re definitely right that there were ups and downs, but it truly was an amazing community with some amazing people, and it’s great that it was able to help you build confidence. I hope you’ve been keeping well since the shut-down, and I wish you all the best. 🙂

  • Jordan82679

    I tried to post a comment before but the page accidentally refreshed and I lost everything! ;-;;

    It’s sad to see the game go for real this time. To be honest, I speculate the main reason for its shutdown was the ads on the site and how they were earning money on the side to keep it up. But there’s no worries about it now; what’s done is done.

    Club Penguin was one of the first games I played often when I was younger and consistently kept me going during harsh times throughout my years in childhood. There were other virtual worlds that I’d played previously (Binweevils, Webkinz, Roblox, etc) but none were equivalent to CP. When it originally closed down, I was devastated at first, but then happy to know that there was a private server hosting the game with a lively community and frequent updates. Starting out fresh was perhaps one of the best experiences I had in a long time with gaming, no joke.

    I discovered your blog around mid-2019 and used as my source of news up till the very end. I found it very sweet when you’d regularly host giveaways for your viewers and encourage them to take pictures with their CP Merchandise outside around the world! There’s rarely blogs nowadays that interact with their audience than you do and I applaud you for the effort that you’ve done. I hope that you have a wonderful day, whatever time it is currently. Waddle on! :]

    • Torres 126

      Hi – thank you very much for your kind words, and for checking Club Penguin Mountains over the last three years! I had such great fun with the giveaways and Penguins around the World, and definitely loved interacting with readers, so I’m glad to hear that others enjoyed them as well. You’re definitely right that nothing will quite compare to Club Penguin. Despite the sadness of the closures, it’s still lovely to hear that it kept you going though, and I can definitely relate to that. I hope that you’re well, and wish you all the best. 🙂 Waddle on!

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for your dedication throughout the years and waddle on, I have migrated to Club Penguin Legacy because it is so similar to CP Rewritten and it is getting very popular too. Hope to see you guys around there one day too!

    • Torres 126

      I have looked into other servers, but I’m afraid that it just doesn’t have the same feel as Club Penguin Rewritten to me! Hope you’re enjoying your time around there though, and thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  • manschizoid1

    Hello Torres! How is life treating after so many months? I hope you are doing fine, and as always, I wish you the best and happiness. Take care!

    • Torres 126

      Hi! I’ve been well, thank you. I currently have quite a long break with school ending, which has been relaxing – albeit a little strange without Club Penguin to fill the time! How have you been keeping?

  • Anonymous

    Torres! I might be a little late to the party, but did you see that there’s a new club penguin?! Just created a new account.

  • penguin

    Hi Torress, Not sure if you will see this, or remember me. I’ve been randomly checking your blog sometimes over the past few years and I was amazed by how big and great it has gotten. This time seeing that its the last post I decided to say Hi. I think I used to go by the username Dr_Pufflespy on the Penguin Lodge chat (If you know you know :D) and we were friends kinda back in the day, and I believe you even wrote on a blog of mine for a while. (Penguin Castle). I really miss the lodge chat days, and you always make me reminisce it given that youre like, the only person I can still trace from it haha (everyone else, like myself, left the CP community). Hope youre well. Cheers!

    • Torres 126

      Hi! I definitely remember both you and the Penguin Castle blog pretty well, even though that was many years ago. It’s great to hear from you again, especially since you’re right that there aren’t many people still around from the Penguin Lodge chat days. How have you been keeping – where are you now?! I wish that chat was still around, and I definitely feel very nostalgic for it! It would be amazing to have an IRC reunion one day, but that’s obviously quite difficult since everyone’s gone their own separate ways. Thanks for getting in touch, and hope you’ve been well. 🙂

  • Spidermany9

    I haven’t been following any Club Penguin servers after the closing of CPR, but I have been checking this site just in case a new worthy contender is out there that you might have picked up on. Would you jump on a new server if it was up to similar standard that CPR was?

    • Torres 126

      It’s hard to say, but I do miss blogging greatly. If I’m honest, I think we would be very lucky to see another server meet the standard that Club Penguin Rewritten did though.

    • Torres 126

      Hey, thanks for checking in! I’ve just started university so things have been pretty strange and difficult over the last few days, to be honest – but I’m still alive! How have you been keeping?

  • Bost611

    Damn, I’m actually impressed how long you actually managed to run this blog and to be honest, I respect that level of dedication for this game and blogging. I don’t know if you still remember me but I remember you from the good old days of IRC on Penguin Lodge.

    • Torres 126

      Hey! Your name definitely rings many bells and I remember you from the days of IRC and Penguin Lodge too. I really miss those times! Nice to see you around – how have you been keeping? Have you still been in touch with anyone else from those days?

  • Arf2008

    Hi Torres, i know you probably don”t care but i found this online fan made remake of club penguin called newcp or new club penguin i was hoping you would start blogging about that one and/or make a mascot tracker on it. I used to play the original club penguin before my dad died but i have always found new ones but when i found your blog i got so excited i could finally learn about leaks and mascots and just fun things. i am hoping you find this message. sincerely Arf2008 (if the anser is yes or you just play it for fun you should add me my name is Arf2008)

    • Torres 126

      Hey! I’m really sorry to hear about your dad, and I hope Club Penguin was able to provide some solace when times were difficult. I’m really sorry, but I don’t have any plans to blog about other private servers at the moment.

  • Trevchris007

    Hey Torres,

    It’s that spooky time of year and no one celebrated it like the folks on CP, so I thought I’d drop you a quick note. How I wish this blog were active, but I am glad it still exists. I hope you are doing well. “I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.”


    • Torres 126

      Hiya! Great to hear from you, how have you been keeping? I really miss Club Penguin around this time – you’re totally right that Halloween just isn’t the same without a party on the island. It felt really strange this year not logging on for the Anniversary or writing a blog post to celebrate (though I did a little message on Twitter, in case you missed it!). Hope all well, and happy Halloween! 🙂

      Brilliant song, by the way – I got a Purple Rain poster for my university accommodation this month!

  • PENCIL988

    Indeed Happy Halloween soon🎃👻! I guess I completely forgot about this for a really long time. I’ve just been OK Ig, not the most to do everyday and it doesn’t make everyday that fun

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