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Club Penguin’s Holiday Tunes

It’s the first Monday of the month, where a Club Penguin tune is shared here on this blog! Generally, the tune will tend to be a little less-known one, but part of the excitement for the annual Holiday Party revolves around nostalgia for certain Christmas tunes, of which Club Penguin produced a significant number of lovely melodies for. πŸŽ„

As a result of that, I’m actually going to include two tunes for this post! The first one is Santa’s Mix, which includes a variety of familiar festive tunes within it.

I always love this one for the nostalgia it returns; there’s many fond memories people, including myself, have of playing Club Penguin and exploring the different Holiday Parties. That track always brings them back!

The second tune is Snowy Holidays – it’s short, but one of my favourites. It just evokes some really magical vibes which feels lovely. Some people might also find it nostalgic too; it was played in a lot of rooms during past Holiday Parties!

These are just two which I’ve selected, but there’s a ton more soundtracks, and Cool in the Cold remains a December favourite for many! Part of the enjoyment for Christmas on Club Penguin really revolved around the music, so I hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting some of it.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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