Created very kindly by Codey, Club Penguin Mountains now has an Android app to allow the latest news to be delivered straight to your device, and be viewed in a simple format!

This app is an APK file which has been scanned and is completely safe* for you to download! This is what the app may look like depending on your device, and new posts will update automatically!



  1. Click the link on your Android device with your parent’s permission
  2. The app will download. Once the download is complete, go into your File Manager and open the app or click the notification you may have got to say that the app has finished downloading.
  3. Install the app like you would with any other app you got of the Play Store!
  4. Enjoy the app!

I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to Codey from Club Penguin Rewritten for creating this amazing app!

*Does not require special permissions but may vary on device, as Internet may be listed as a permission