Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island has now closed down, but this page will serve as an archive of our memories. Learn more.

Club Penguin Island is an all-new virtual world for mobile devices and desktop, with many activities and many things to explore! Each month, a new update is released and on this blog, you can get plenty of helpful guides!

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There are three mascots currently waiting for you to accept an adventure! These can get a little tricky at times and as such, we have guides to help you complete Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper and Rookie’s adventures!

Aunt Arctic’s Adventures

Rockhopper’s Adventures

Rookie’s Adventures

We also offer guides of Daily Challenges up to June, but this means that you can still find individual challenges by using “cmd/ctrl +f”.

Daily Challenges

Whilst there are many players online to help you with the game, this has the simple basics of the island as well as the more difficult and challenging walkthroughs further on. Simply click a link to view that page!

Levelling Up

The Toolbar, Menu, Emojis & Controls

There are so many things to do on Club Penguin Island, whether you’re a member or a non-member! This page highlights some of them, though we’re working to expand it as there’s s much more to do!

Simply tap it to view it:



Exchanging Collectibiles for Coins





Fishing to Earn Coins

Party Supplies

Starting a Band

These are just some of the things which players can do on our island! There’s so much more from checking out the rooms to designing a super outfit to going on a quest!

We also have a variety of different images and graphics which can be used! It can be viewed here. 

Whilst I hope that these guides help, they may be outdated as Club Penguin Mountains no longer maintains information about CP Island, nor do we blog about it anymore.

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