Ep. 7/Ch. 2: Double Click

We have a step-by-step guide for episode 7 of chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures: Double Click! Along with that, we have a video courtesy of MysteriousAeon. Let’s get straight into it!

Step 1:

Listen to Aunt Arctic who will ask you to learn crab from Rookie. To do this, head over to the island where buoy 2 is in Coconut Cove.

Step 2:

Listen to Rookie and watch the slides. Then he will tell you to jump to say “hi”. Do so!

Step 3:

When Rookie asks you if you’re a penguin, open your emoji bar and tap your new emoji, the one with a crab and a tick.

Step 4:

Watch and listen to the rest of Rookie’s presentation. He will ask you to ask for a fishdog. Do so by using the fishdog emoji then the crab yelliw exclamation mark emoji.

Step 5:

Now head over to the Foodtrekker in Beacon Boardwalk to grab a fishdog. When you’re there, Klutzy will be there! You need to talk to him so say “hello” by jumping.

Step 6:

Klutzy will ask if you’re a friend. Say yes by using the crab green tick emoji. Once he asks if you’re royalty, use the crab red cross emoji.

Step 7:

Take out or buy a pizza from your inventory. Klutzy will take it but then Herbert will call Klutzy. He will run away but leave a checklist which you will read!

Step 8;

Claim your reward! I hope that this guide helped!

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