Ep. 6/Ch.2: Hot Bottle

We have a step-by-step tutorial as well as a video (courtesy of MysteriousAeon) to help you with episode 6 of chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island: Hot Bottle.

Step 1:

Listen to Aunt Arctic and Gary then go gather Hot Sauce. To do this, tap the orange interactive next to the three power stations located on the right of the Exchange, next to the Disney Shop and on the right of the Hot Spring. Then return to Gary.

Step 2:

Collect the Heatseeker Googles and go into the Designer to wear them. Then follow the trail of hot sauce which will lead you to the iceberg by the Migrator. Read the first note.

Step 3:

Now follow the trail over to the Waterslide. Collect the “private golf course” note and continue following the trail.

Step 4:

Follow the trail to the campfire in Coconut Cove and read the “statue” note. Continue following the trail to the Lifeguard Station and collect the “blast” note.

Step 5:

Keep following the trail to the island where buoy 2 is then listen to Aunt Arctic. Herbert will reveal his base and weapon.

Step 6:

Claim your reward! That’s all for this challenge! I hope that this guide helped!

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